5 Best Dog Sweaters for German Shepherds

One of the healthiest dog breeds is the German Shepherds as they may encounter a few health problems. Generally, heart issues are one of the canine’s problems that necessitate you, as a pet owner, to buy them a sweater especially during the cold seasons. However, you do not really have an idea of what dog product to buy. Well, that’s not a thing to worry about as we have here suggestions of dog sweaters for German Shepherds.

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As we go along, we will give you a buying guide in choosing the appropriate sweater for your pooch. Moreover, we also have here the reasons for needing a dog sweater by the German Shepherds. Important considerations are also here to help you filter the best dog sweater products in the market.

Do German Shepherds Need Dog Sweaters?

The most frequently asked questions by many when they saw you walking your German Shepherds out the park is “Why your dog does not wear a sweater?”. But, pet owners make to think twice if dog sweaters for German Shepherds are really needed. Actually, dogs really need to wear a sweater or jacket, especially during the cold weather. Yet, the need for needing one generally varies on the dog breed.

PetMD discussed that French bulldogs, Chihuahuas, and other small or short-haired dog breeds highly require winter clothes as they can get colder quickly. This also applies true with the short-legged dogs such as the Corgis and Dachshunds. Their stomachs get in touch with the ground and have the possibility to brush the snow.

Moreover, the immune system of the older dogs tends to get weaker which means they generally need to wear sweaters. In addition to the list of dogs that usually necessitate wearing a sweater are the senior dogs, those with illnesses, or those who have kidney or heart problems. Wearing a sweater especially on colder seasons basically helps to protect the dogs in experiencing hypothermia.

Meanwhile, dog sweaters for German Shepherds, Saint Bernards, Siberian Huskies, and other large dog breeds with a thick, short-haired coat are not actually a must. Those breeds have coats that are basically intended to give warmth during the winter. Meaning, providing them with the additional sweater will only subject them to discomfort.

However, please bear in mind that no matter the size and age of the dog, letting the dog wear a sweater still needs strict monitoring of the dog’s behavior for any signs of overheating. The signs of overheating include too much panting, scratching on the clothes, or feeling uncomfortable while wearing the sweater.

Things to Consider When Buying Dog Sweaters for German Shepherds

Generally, the most crucial things to point out when searching for the dog sweaters for German Shepherds are the weather, dog’s health, and shedding capacity. The good thing is that there are numbers of selections to connect the sweaters with the status of the dog and the particular needs of the pet. Basically, below are the factors that you should look for when buying for the dog sweaters for German Shepherds.

1. Material

The dog’s comfort and care for the dog are highly dependent on the material being used in making the dog sweaters for German Shepherds. Generally, the most budget-friendly material for winter clothes is Acrylic and its blends. This is a perfect choice especially when it is the first time for the dog to wear a sweater.

Another material of choice is the wool that basically provides warmth. However, there are some animals that tend to have an allergic reaction with this clothing material or they may even find wearing it is so uncomfortable. Polyester and nylon are synthetic materials that seem to be additional options. These materials may not be easily degraded by various washes.

Generally, German Shepherds are dogs that shed too much. Due to this, the choice of fabric also becomes very much important. Aside from that, the color of the fabric also helps in the shedding condition of the German Shepherds. Basically, the darker sweater is highly suitable for standard coat color of the dog to cover the hair.

2. Size and Sweater Dimensions

When choosing the dog sweaters for German Shepherds, it is important to know that their body composition also contributes to the challenges of buying one. Basically, the body length of the German Shepherds is comparably longer than the height. This body ratio provides a curvature to their torso. Moreover, this also means that you should look for dog sweaters for German Shepherds that make fit equals to comfort.

Moreover, you may also see that dog sweaters for German Shepherds have a lightweight version which is a much better option. Why is that so? It is actually due to the thick coat of the German Shepherds that keeps them warm. Aside from that, measuring the dog twice is highly recommendable to positively confirm the size.

There is actually a broad coverage of weights of the German Shepherds. And it is at the largest size where the starting point is way better. The dog sweaters for German Shepherds, like any other products, have measurements variation that serves as a user guide.

3. Fit

There are actually lots of sweater types available in the market. Yet, it is still the distinct body structure of the German Shepherds that generally makes a point. Aside from that, the coat also contributes a lot in the snug fitting of the dog sweaters for German Shepherds. Remember that the colder seasons make the German Shepherds coat really thick.

In making some measurement, include the girth to give way for the fur. It is also highly recommendable to choose dog sweaters for German Shepherds that include leg openings.

Top 5 Dog Sweaters for German Shepherds

OUR TOP PICK: Chilly Dog Sweater

Product Name: Chilly Dog Sweater

Product Description: Basically, winter season would never be complete for the canine world if there is no outwear gear for your furry buddy. Small clothing for small dog breeds is actually the cutest trend, but how about the large doggies? If you have large dogs like German Shepherds, jackets and sweaters could also make them cuter like the small ones because of the stylish Chilly Dog Sweater. This dog sweater is generally perfect for big dogs. The material of this one example of dog sweaters for German Shepherds comes from 100% wool. Due to that, the dog will totally be protected from hypothermia and from the cold weather. It is very trendy as it resembles the stylish designs of human sweaters. The color shades that it has can match any coat color and dog personality. Chilly Dog Sweater can hold large dog breeds having a weight of 60 to 85 pounds. And the thing that this dog sweater can boast for is that it is hand-knitted by Quechuan Indians.

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  • Warmth
  • Comfort
  • Material Quality
  • Accuracy
  • Softness


Generally, the Chilly Dog Sweater has the ability to cover the dog’s back and rightly run down into the tailbone. The underside is protected as well while keeping the arms snugly fit on the short sleeves of the dog sweater. Washing this one example of the dog sweaters for German Shepherds is also very easy. All-in-all, larger breeds can be as stylish as the smaller ones with the Chilly Dog Sweater.

Product Features

  • Made from 100% wool material
  • Highly suitable for large dogs weighing 60 to 85 pounds
  • Created through the process of hand-knitting by the Quechuan Indians


  • Perfect for large dogs
  • Stylish design


  • Too strong chemical odor


Namsam Hoodie Dog Sweater

dog sweaters for German Shepherds

Namsam Hoodie Dog Sweater is one of the sporty dog sweaters for German Shepherds due to its hoodie attachment. It has a sweatshirt made from cotton material with soft and breathable sleeves that keep the dogs warm. Moreover, the sporty design gives a more active and energetic look to the German Shepherds as they go out for running, cycling, or riding. Additionally, this dog sweater helps in preventing the fur and skin to get hurt.

Another great feature that this dog sweater can boast is premium quality press buckles that are very easy to put and release. For added durability, the hoodie is made with a double stitch pattern in all places. A leash hole is also present on the back of the dog sweater for better use of the leash.

Product Features

  • Design is inspired based on a human sweater with hoodie and sweatshirt cotton.
  • Highly suitable as a medium to large dogs outwear
  • A cozy dog sweater in red color with wool lining and hoodie
  • Generally designed to prevent the fur from getting hurt
  • With high-quality press buckles
  • Sweater measurement: Neck – 27.5” / Chest – 37” / Back – 26”


If you are looking for dog sweaters for German Shepherds, you can never go wrong with the Namsam Hoodie Dog Sweater. It has a very sporty design perfect for large dog breeds. It is made out of super comfortable cotton material that your German Shepherds will surely love. The hood and the wool lining are good attachments in keeping the dog warm during the cold seasons. Additionally, the red color that has makes it a perfect gift item.

  • Comes with hood
  • Made with wool lining
  • Sporty design
  • Small sizing

PUPTECK Dog Hoodie Sweater

dog sweaters for German Shepherds

If you want to keep your German Shepherds additional warm during the winter, then PUPTECK Dog Hoodie Sweater is a perfect choice. The front fabric material that it is made of has strong elasticity which gives an ease of cleaning and drying. Aside from that, the bright color that it features does not easily fade.

This one example of the dog sweaters for German Shepherds has an easy snap button for the purpose of convenience in using and wearing. Another excellent feature is the reverse fabric material that is made of warm fleece on the inside. Because of that, it is generally better in absorbing moisture and gives warmth and comfort to the dog while wearing it.

Product Features

  • A sporty design that is very applicable for dog sports, training, and outdoor walking
  • Has buttoned front opening with very strong fixing effect
  • The inner fleece is made from lamb velvet fabric that offers the soft, fluffy and elastic feature
  • With strong air permeability and hard to cause wrinkles or deformation
  • Convenient to use
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Easily gets damage

InnoPet Adidog Winter Dog Sweater

dog sweaters for German Shepherds

InnoPet Adidog Winter Dog Sweater is a dog sweater with good quality hoodie made out of 100% cotton. Due to that, it features a highly durable and comfortable finish. This one of the available dog sweaters for German Shepherds is generally suitable for them as the sizing coverage ranges from 3XL up to 9XL. Aside from that, the InnoPet Adidog Winter Dog Sweater relieves dog scratching especially for those suffering from skin problems.

Product Features

  • Very convenient in wearing and taking off because of the presence of two-legged elastic holes
  • Made of premium quality cotton material which makes this dog sweater somehow comfortable and soft to wear keeping the dog warm
  • With extremely fashionable design perfect for your pet’s photoshoot
  • Generally suitable for any kinds of activities and events
  • Very comfortable to wear by the dog
  • Size is too small

SPOT Ethical Products Turtleneck Dog Sweater

Generally, SPOT Ethical Products Turtleneck Dog Sweater is one of the dog sweaters for German Shepherds that is excellent to wear all throughout the winter season. Basically, when compared to other dig sweaters available that can only cover the backside of the dog, this dog sweater offers an entirely complete coverage until the dog’s bottom. There is actually a hole opening at the tail part which guarantees extreme comfort. This dog sweater basically stays in place while the belly area can be widely opened for easy bathroom purposes.

The material is generally sourced out from 100% acrylic material having maroon red or deep blue color. It is also machine-washable in cold water through low tumble drying. Due to that, this SPOT Ethical Products Turtleneck Dog Sweater is perfect for large dogs including the German Shepherds.

Product Features

  • The design is made of knitted cable material which gives additional warmth to dog in conjunction with the turtleneck style
  • Uses 100% acrylic fiber that offers soft, lightweight, easily washable, and dries out easily
  • There is a presence of a leash hole perfect for a safe and warm outside walks
  • Offers convenient washing as it can be washed through machine and dries out on air
  • Generally perfect for all dog breed and gender because of the various colors and sizes available
  • Sizes perfect fit on small, medium, and large dog breeds which offer XXXS to XXL
  • Colors come in four shades including red, pink, cobalt blue and black
  • Very artistic design
  • With a leash hole
  • Machine washable
  • Available in various colors and sizes
  • Inaccurate sizing

Frequently Asked Questions:


A: Generally, when it is already 40degrees Fahrenheit and below, the temperature may be too cold for the German Shepherds to go out. And, if the temperature comes down below 20degrees Fahrenheit, the German Shepherds may begin to experience hypothermia and frostbite. Moreover, outside elements like cloud cover, exercise, wetness, and wind chill will contribute to the way the German Shepherds get cold.


A: Basically, because of their thick coat, the German Shepherds can handle the cold weather outdoor but for just a little while and they should not stay in the outdoor cold 24/7. Yet, they can stay on the outdoor cold in a longer period of time if they have shelter. In fact, the German Shepherds is a great dog breed to have when you are living in a cold place.


A: Compared to other dog breeds, the German Shepherds are more resistant to cold. However, they can still freeze to death. Keep in mind that once you leave the German Shepherds without any coverings such as shelter in the freezing temperature, they will generally freeze to death.


A: Actually, the temperature is one of the factors that reduce the ability of the German Shepherds to manage to be on the outside. On his prime days, the dog can easily manage temperatures within 20degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, this dog breed can also tolerate the temperature below -10degrees to -15degrees Fahrenheit in short time exposure provided that they are dry.


A: Generally, German Shepherds do not require a cold climate for living. They are actually a tolerant dog breed which makes them suitable to live in a place with a temperature ranging from 18degrees to 35degrees. However, if the place is hotter it is advisable to keep the dog in an air-conditioned room for about an hour. Aside from that, give him lots of water.

Final Thoughts

Dog sweaters for German Shepherds generally keep them warm especially during the winter season. Despite their thick fur that covers them from the cold, German Shepherds still need this outdoor wear for added protection. However, there are things that you may have to consider before buying like the material, size and sweater dimensions, fit, and other features that may come with it.

Moreover, when we speak of the dog sweater, it is actually a good idea to go after a high-quality one which your dog can use for a long period of time. So, rather than to buy an affordable dog sweater, look for the one that keeps its durability in the long run. Aside from making this dog product as part of your investment, dog sweaters can also make your German Shepherds happy and satisfied.

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