5 Best Things For Teething Puppy

Puppies are born without teeth just like babies. Anyone who has a dog and raised them to know the feeling of a puppy teething period. It is amazing how a puppy’s teeth are showing off even just for a few weeks or two. This initial stage of dog life is crucial, puppies are known for their bursting energy and they will chew whatever they see. And that can be troubling for you and the puppy as well. In this article, I have tried to bring to you the best things for teething puppies. You are going to need this because this is very important especially if you have a young baby pup.

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Teething Puppies

Puppies’ teeth are tiny but they are sharp and have an uncontrollable desire for anything. They are young pups, just like babies, they are bound to chew. It is a natural behavior for dogs to undergo teething. It is their kind self-exploration of what to chew versus not to chew later on as they continue to mature.

But bear in mind that we owners are the gatekeepers and even guardians of our dogs and pups. So, be sure to control the uncontrollable chewing desire of puppies by restricting access to things you do not want to be chewed.

The teething puppies span for about 8 months on average and some even further. So be sure to satisfy their need to chew by giving them the appropriate things to chew so they become used to things that are for chewing and not for chewing.

What to Consider When Looking for the Best Things for Teething Puppy


If you are looking for a toy for your puppy, it is best to look out for its durability that can able to last for several gnashing. That means, do not use stuffed toys, tiny plastic toys, loosely braided ropes. These can be destroyed easily and the fragments are not safe for them which is dangerous to their health.

A Size Bigger Than A Puppy’s Mouth

So that the chewing toy can not be easily swallowed or destroyed by their powerful little mouth. Puppies naturally destroy things until they are completely satisfied. You use this option if your puppies are aggressive chewers than the normal one and also it is more durable than the smaller size and safer.


This should be automatic to you when buying a product for your pets. Research, compare and contrast the differences of products and determine whether it is good or not. Try to read product reviews first for you to gain knowledge about the quality. Ask your vet for a recommendation for a better insight. Buying a high-quality product will put your dog into safety and it will be your conscience if you buy low-grade chew toys.

OUR #1 CHOICE – Of The Best Things For Teething Puppy

OUR TOP PICK: Best Bully Stick Edible Dog Chew Toy

Product Description: This the best welcome gift for your puppy. Giving this to your little pooch will give an advantage as to what to eat and what not to eat. This is perfectly safe and a puppy friendly. This six-inch bully stick will last long for the puppy as he spends more time chewing and even preoccupied. Even their mother's dog will approve of this and I bet she will have one also. This is good to develop their teeth and at an early stage of dog life, your puppy's teeth are cleaned because this contains oral dental care.

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Overall, this is a brand of choice when it comes to dog treats/edible chewing toys. I have been buying this for a long time now and it is a favorite treat for my dogs. They love it and they even recognized the packaging which makes them so excited every time I am giving them a treat, even my puppy too!

Pro tip: Freeze them to let the puppies chew for a longer time.




Good for all life stages

All Natural Angus Beef


No bad reviews


Indestructibone Dog Chew Toy

This indestructible bone is the ideal dream of every dog owner. From the word itself, this piece of superior bone is perfect for assertive puppies who do not want to calm down chomping and gobbling. I bet that this thing will last for years and I swear.

The bone has a similar feel to a nylabone. This is safe for dogs who have sensitive teeth. But it lasts much longer.

I have one of this product and I cannot believe myself that it is still intact with major bite marks. This, I think my indestructibone has been passed from generation to generation of my dog’s lineage. I will definitely recommend this to all types of dog owners.

  • Very Sturdy
  • No bad reviews


Pet Factory Dog Chew Sticks

Pet Factory braided chew sticks are similar to Bully Sticks but this is much sturdier. This is made from natural ingredients. It comes with beef and chicken flavor. I am sure that your puppy will drool on this as it tastes the natural flavor embedded in these chew sticks. It can be very enticing to dogs and pups alike.

In addition, this also promotes dental care because of the nutrition coming from rawhide. This is perfect for the chewing development of the puppies. It will exercise the jaw, mouth, and gums. Moreover, it helps clean the tartar build-up.

Puppies will have a long time to get through this chew stick.

  • Good flavors
  • Promotes oral care
  • Good for all life stages
  • It can stain on your carpet if a light color


KONG Chew Toy

Of course, KONG is famous everywhere in the United States. They are great and versatile. Who does not love this? They are built for stronger teeth and they can withstand gnashing through the test of time.

I love the fact that it is cleverly designed. You can put any treats in the hole such as peanut butter, chew sticks, and anything that you like.

Dogs and puppies know they recognize the KONG. So if ever you bring out you KONG them, be prepared to be attacked by them in a good way. They become more excited because there is also a treat in the middle.

Overall, I just love the KONG because it is inexpensive and it is fun to watch my puppy lick the peanut butter inside. Another best things for teething puppy

  • Dogs approved it
  • Provides comfort to them
  • None so far

N-BONE Edible Chew Toy

N-Bone teething is also a great thing for puppies to have when in the teething stage. They are edible and good for their digestive system. The teething toy will make your puppy feel good. Like any other chew toys, this product is great for distraction so they may stay away from your precious furniture.

The teething ring contains calcium for stronger bones and teeth. In addition, it has fortified DHA and omega 3 fatty acids like the one contained in premium quality dog foods.

All in all, this is great for puppies. I am sure they will love this because it is edible and good for their health also as they are still in their developing stage.

  • Strong scent
  • Flavorful
  • Have Glycerin

Commonly Asked Questions for Teething Puppies5 Best Things For Teething Puppy

What should I do for teething and chewing?

You should give him a toy to chew or chew treats (at least 3-5 sticks) regularly or at all times. Give him bully sticks, antlers, and natural bones. You can also refer to the list above and see if there is something you like. All of the products above are recommended for teething puppies. Giving him something to chew on will buy him time and it will prevent them to chew your personal things.

What Should I Do To Control My Puppy’s Chewing?

Nothing. Like I said earlier, chewing is part of natural behavior. You can train them to stop chewing your furniture by your voice. By the time they are mature enough, they will obey you and know what to chew and not chew. In the meantime, give him chew toys or bully sticks for them to be distracted at all times. Also, remember to supervise them and train them so they will not become irresponsible dogs.

Do I need to Worry About My Puppy’s Teething?

Teething is part of a natural process of dogs and most of the time their teeth will be corrected. If you want extra care, much better if you will bring your pup to the vet so they can examine the teeth and even have dental care for better teeth.

Final Conclusion

Watching puppies and playing with them is very valuable. But you should take note that you must not tolerate puppies eating wood, cork, shoes, and the sofas because when they reach their adult life, they will eat those out of habit and boredom. So be sure to have the best things for teething puppies, that way, they are able to enjoy their natural behavior of chewing from appropriate items but a disciplined one.

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