6 Best Dog Food For Bloodhounds

Bloodhounds are one of the fiercest working dogs. Their usually big floppy ears and fearsome face makes it look so intimidating. But they are one of the most lovable species of a dog on the planet. That is why they deserve to have the best and excellent food in exchange for their sworn loyalty and services to you, the rightful owner. I have reviewed the top-notch and best dog food for bloodhounds and I bet they will surely love it.

These dogs must be fed with richer protein for their strong muscles to keep in shape, and with additional fat in order to supplement their strenuous activities. Some dogs are picky eaters. So, you must pay attention according to your dog’s needs.

Natural Balance
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Bloodhounds’ Dietary Guide

Like many dogs’ breeds, bloodhounds need adequate fats and proteins. They are important as part of their nutritional meals and balanced diet. It is a crucial component for the dog’s daily needs and healthy growth.

The anatomy of the bloodhound’s body heavily relies on more protein and fats. They give proper nourishment to the dog’s entire body as if they are built to eat meat. Their sources of nutritional requirement normally come from chicken, meat, and fish. These animal-based meats are the building blocks of bloodhounds for more power in their muscle and keep their lives healthier.

Bloodhounds also needed carbohydrates which provide boosting for their required energy all throughout the day. There should be at least %5 of dietary raw fiber. Make sure that your dog has to drink plenty of water on a daily basis.

So, when looking for the best dog food for bloodhounds, they must contain high dietary ingredients and animal-based fat and protein-rich. Dog foods that have these qualities will probably ensure the growth and well-being of your bloodhound to be healthier.

Rough Guidelines For Servings

  • Puppy Bloodhounds. Your bloodhound puppy will be needing as much as possible, more protein in order to boost the development of their muscles and more fat which will fuel their growth. The puppy’s diet should be 22% protein and 8% must be fats. But these percentages are just the minimum requirement as you can increase the puppy’s dietary plan according to its built and need.
  • Adult Bloodhounds. Adult bloodhounds ideally needs a minimum of 6% fat and 18% protein. One of the best for acquiring these percentages is to seek your local veterinarian for consultations in regards to proper proportions. The food for your dog should have around 20% -30% protein and 12% -18% fats. You must also look for high-quality dog food for the adult bloodhounds that contains adequate requirements for the dog’s dietary meal.
  • Senior Bloodhounds. Dogs with 7 years and above will need to have a careful number of dietary meals as their metabolism becomes slower and their aging results in a weakening of the immune system. Be sure to reduce the amount of food you feed to your dog or provide a dietary meal plan for your aging dog. Much better if you consult the veterinarian for more insight and more confidence in what you will do to your dog’s nutritional requirements.

If you don’t have any idea of the proper proportion of pet food, you can see the suggested servings that are usually found in the dog food packaging. Or if you really want to make sure, consult your vet for more accurate measurements.

6 Best Dog Food For Bloodhounds


Natural Balance Dry Dog Food

Product Name: Natural Balance Dry Dog Food

Product Description: This product is a dry dog food with grains. It has everything that your bloodhound needs. An animal-based ingredient such as lamb meal and contains important nutrients such as brown rice formula that is needed for your dog's health and to fuel their growth and boost energy. The dog food has guaranteed that there are no allergens that can lead to health problems. Natural Balance dog food has picked carefully essential ingredients that will not only satisfy the mouthful taste but also contained high-quality nutrition for their protein and carbohydrate sources. This is perfectly healthy for all bloodhounds’ puppies, adults, and even seniors. But be sure to adjust the proportion accordingly. The special ingredients include lamb meal, brown rice, canola oil, and rich in vitamins suited for your dog's good health and daily activities. The bag has 12 lb, 14 lb, and 26 lb option.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Flavor
  • Ingredient quality
  • Value for Money


Overall, I have a wonderful experience feeding this Natural Balance dog food. My dog loves this and he does not any problems with digestion at all. It is because this is really carefully picked from healthy and all-natural ingredients that focus on the energy need and nutrients of any dog including mine.

This is a well-balanced diet product without any harmful ingredients. My dogs have no hard time finishing their bowl of kibble. Will definitely buy it again


Good for sensitive digestion

All-natural ingredients

Good for balanced diet


Dogs may not get used to it at first which causes them to vomit


Nulo Freestyle Limited Plus Puppy and Adult Dry Dog Food

Sometimes high protein does not need to be in the red meat. If your bloodhound has allergies to things like vegetables and chicken you can use fish as an alternative to a protein source. That is why Nulo Freestyle has a dry dog food recipe that comes mainly from salmon fish. Salmon is one of the great sources of rich protein source which can be compared to venison, lambs, and usual red meat-based ingredients. What’s even great is, it is grain-free! Great for bloodhounds that have allergies to it.

This is also great for digestive health because it contains a probiotic called GanedenBC30. The active ingredient will help your bloodhound to absorb all the nutrients they needed from the kibble food. Really perfect for your dog especially for the puppies. But they can be fed for both puppies and adults.

Few dog foods have maintained a high-quality single source protein like Nulo Freestyle. Our top pick for the best dog food for bloodhounds. So, if you are planning your dog to have a pescatarian diet meal or you want to improve your dog’s body condition, this is surely what you need!

  • Suited for Digestive issues
  • Grain free
  • Good for dogs who have chicken allergies
  • Non GMO
  • Dog’s breath may smell fishy
Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Dry Dog Food

Taste of the Wild brand is one of the best dog food brands across the US and mainly produced in the United States. Most of the dog owners I know have a positive review about this excellent product. They produce top quality grain free.

Most of the ingredients came from roasted meats such as bison and venison; also, with high vegetable protein. 32% of the ingredients are protein rich which gives your bloodhounds more energy and a healthy digestion system.

They have a well-received customer review as well as dog owners that I know. Their products are carefully researched which is well proportioned in nutrition and dietary measurement for your dog’s needs. The price point is average and they truly have my recommendation for bloodhounds and every dog breeds.

  • Grain free
  • Probiotics
  • Not for all dogs especially underweight
Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Dog Food

Another fish-based protein source featuring with an oatmeal recipe. Blue Buffalo contains “REAL MEAT FIRST” as their primary ingredient from real deboned whitefish. This also includes vegetables, fruit, and wholesome whole grains.

This is the perfect match for your bloodhound’s kibble food. They are designed for large breeds which has an ingredient of chondroitin and glucosamine to strengthen joints and helps maintains their flexibility and overall well-being.

Moreover, the Blue Buffalo dog food has Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and also with fish. This keeps your dog maintaining its healthy skin and coat. It also has vitamins for immune system boost.

The bag has a 15 lb or 30 lb option.

  • Omega 3 and 6 good for skin
  • Good for large breed
  • Excellent quality
  • Plant based dry food
  • Can caused diarrhea to some dogs if not used to eating
Wellness CORE Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Bloodhounds have a very active lifestyle and always love the outdoor. Wellness CORE Grain-Free offers a wholesome ingredient. A perfect kibble food for an active dog who always wants to hang out and go for adventures.

There is also antioxidants, probiotics, and taurine for their healthy heart. A fascinating fact is that it is made from natural ingredients and free from preservatives and additives which is really bad for your dog. While this one has an all-in-one package of affordable price with organic and protein rich ingredient that will satisfy your dog’s appetite.

I bet it would please your dog if you ever buy this high-quality product and your bloodhound will gobble down all in the bowl because of its great taste and healthy recipe.

  • Made from fresh chicken
  • High in protein
  • Gluten free
  • May trigger allergies for some dogs
VICTOR Active Dog & Puppy Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

The product highly features 77% of high-quality protein meat excluding chicken. This is what your bloodhound dog needs. It is allergy friendly and dogs with sensitive stomachs towards grain foods.

What I like about this dog food is that it has a beef meal, peas, chicken fat, and fish meal. When I try this product, I was amazed by the growth of my dog. The muscle got leaner and the ribs are not showing off. My dog really likes to gobble this excellent pet food.

This fits puppies and any dog who has an active lifestyle. The Victor dog food brand supplements the overall muscle development and also the digestive well-being of a dog. All the essential needs of the dogs require are packed in every kibble food.

  • Ideal for pregnant and lactating dogs
  • Suitable for active dogs
  • Can be fed to puppies
  • No bad reviews!
Orijen Dry Dog Food

One of the most popular pet food brands across the United States. While the price may not be budget friendly, but the freshness and the premium quality of this product are superb. The ingredients were never frozen.

The sources of meat came from quality farms, fishermen, and ranchers. It is also a grain free pet food which is really impressive.

I think this needs no further introduction as the name itself is synonymous with the word premium quality. If you have a decent amount of budget, I will certainly recommend this to you. Make no mistake in buying this well rounded product

  • Fresh quality ingredients
  • Contain organic ingredients
  • Improves digestive system
  • Expensive yet worth it kibble food

What to Look for Before Buying the Best Dog Food for Bloodhounds?

Actually, the best dog food is really up to you to decide. Plain and simple. You are the owner and you are the gatekeeper for your bloodhounds and you really, really know what’s best and appropriate for you. But, if in some cases, you forgot what qualities to consider, I have curated a list for you.

✔️Grain free food. Although not necessarily required, Bloodhounds are used to eating grain free food and their diet must have balanced protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Because of their breed as a scent hound and an active dog, see to it that you check the nutrient label and see if it fits to your dog needs. As for me, always look for the best choice do not sacrifice the price over quality. NEVER!

✔️Single Source Protein or Multi Source Protein. If your dog is a picky eater who does not eat meat, you can also opt-out for red meat and feed you bloodhound fish-based protein instead. That is if you want your dog to have a more healthy eating lifestyle and diet. You may also need to get a few bucks from your money because fish-based dog food is fairly expensive than the regular lamb, veal, and chicken meat.

✔️Check the overall quality. Always examine the contents of the product. See if it is best for your dog or not. See if the nutritional contents aligned with your bloodhound’s needs. If ever choose a dog food that contains vitamins and a plant-based source. Be sure to check the food approval and other quality control assessments. This will ensure the health of your dog.

✔️Check Dog’s Age, Activity, Breed, and Gender. Some dog owners consider only the age when buying dog foods. It is also a must to consider your dog’s gender and breed. There are dog foods that are good for lactating female dog, there are some need higher protein more than the required amount of a particular product. So it is very important to know and consider also all aspects before buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should my Bloodhound eat dry or wet food?

They can possibly eat both types of pet food. Wet foods usually have a stronger smell which provides more flavor notes and taste. Also, if your dogs do not drink water a lot, this can be your best option for your dog food because it contains water and minerals.

While dry pet food has a less pungent smell and leaves no mushy residues. They are good for the convenience of cleaning the bowl where you can easily wipe off the leftovers or vacuum it.

Some have to mix both wet and dry dog foods in order to maximize their dog’s full potential and give a well rounded health. Have your vet provide some insights if you are still unsure.

Do Bloodhounds eat vegetables?

Of course. But take a note, there are some food that you must not feed to your bloodhounds for reasons of allergies, irritation, vomiting, and can be toxic for them. However, training your dogs to eat vegetables is the best way to make your bloodhounds stay healthy. It also complements the dog food you are giving to them.

These are possible vegetables your bloodhound can eat.

  • Pumpkin
  • Green Beans
  • Sweet Potato
  • Cucumber
  • Brussel Sprouts

Are Bloodhounds lazy?

Contrary to the media portrayal and popular belief of bloodhounds as “lazy”, as a matter of fact, Bloodhounds are considered an active dog. These breeds are used to hunt down animals during the middle ages hence the name bloodhounds, not because it seeks blood, but it is known for its hardworking trait. In short: They are not!

Final Thoughts

Dogs, regardless of breed, needs a proper nutritional requirement that is depending on their age and size. They must be properly fed at all times and always have spare money for a few investments for their maintenance in order to maintain their well being. So, they may maximize their health and able to be your side and can even protect you in times of trouble. You must know their preferences and always ensure that they are well taken. Make sure to regularly let your bloodhound be scheduled for a checkup in case of something might happen.

Which one of these best dog food for bloodhounds interests you? I hope you like my recommendation and I hope you find this review useful for your bloodhound needs.

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