6 Best Dog Grooming Shears For The Money

Fancy grooming your dog’s overgrown furry? Keep in mind, there are different types of best grooming shears for the money. Each of them has a specific use. But, with so many grooming shears out there, you may be overwhelmed by the wide-ranging selection. Fret not, I will discuss some of those types and review them for you. So, you know which to pick that is suitable for your dog.

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Different types of grooming shears for dogs


Chunkers are mainly used for heavy curls for greater speed and efficiency. Sizes are typically 5 to 7 inches with a minimum of 10 large teeth. It is good for whatever style you want to do with your dog. Using these scissors in the deeper area of the dog’s coat is easier and it is a perfect substitute for normal scissors. Fantastic for creating angulations and styles for dogs.

Straight Scissors

These scissors have sizes from very small to very large long blades (4 to 10 inches). Straight scissors are commonly for trimming the dog’s hair. Scissors with large blades are best on Bichons and Poodles. The medium blade is commonly for Shih Tzus’ hair. Meanwhile, the smaller blades are for cutting the hair around the eyes, feet, legs, and the tips of the ears; and for precision cutting. Ideally, it is suitable for dogs who have rough coats king poodle, Portuguese water dog, bobtail, and cocker.

Curved Scissors

The normal and the supercut curved scissors and their sizes range from 4 to 10 inches also. They are great for angulations to get the detailed cut of the scissors. Super carved is for forming little balls or in the dog’s mustache. They are great and easy to work with. This kind of scissors is for the tail of a poodle, or bichon because this can do the job for most kinds of dogs.

Thinning Scissors

Good choice for dogs with a heavy coat. Thinning scissors have a teeth blade. Not really for cutting but for trimming in the deeper part of the dog’s coat making it look thinner.


Blenders have a different blade, a straight edge on one side, and teeth on the other. Generally, made for blending the short and long transitioning lines. Moreover, this is good for smoothing out the sharp edges left by an awkward cut of straight scissors. This is more of a final cutting phase that is only applied in modeling, and styling the hair.

What to look for in Best Dog Grooming Shears for the Money

Sharpness. Scissors when dull can be a problem for your dog. It might ruin his or her precious hairstyle and it can slip at your hand. Choose a finely sharp blade. Look for a stainless steel material to ensure the long lifespan and durability of the shears.


Now you know the different kinds of dog grooming shears. It is time for you to select the excellent type for your dogs. Pick something appropriate to your dog’s coat whether if it is thick or thin, the curliness, and some kind of style of haircut you want to cut for your dog. The basic type you would want to have must possess speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Look for these components and you will know the answer to yourself.


Identify first your purpose before buying a great pair of scissors for your dog. Curved scissors are good for the precise cutting of hair in the body. Curves are good for making a ball or mustache and even for right angulations. Straight scissors are multi-purpose and they are also the basic grooming scissor for dos. Thinning scissors is for thinning the heavy coat.

Blade Material

The two most beloved types are stainless steel and titanium-coated grooming shear blades. These are sturdy and can be used all day long. Top quality shears are often composed of these two materials.

Blade Type

There are common three types of blades in dog grooming shears – beveled edge, convex, and semi convex. Beveled edges are basic and they are very cheap among the three. Convex is great for advanced grooming techniques making them more precise and smoother in cutting. Semi convex is similar to a beveled edge but more durable and sharper.


Various sizes are available for dog grooming shears but each size has a specific purpose. Shorter grooming scissors are ideal for small dogs, while longer ones are used for larger dog breeds. 8-inch scissors are good for starters. 9-14 inches are recommended for thick coats and a large amount of hair. While 5-7 inches are great for Poodles and Shih Tzus. When you want some precision cutting and use it for hard-to-reach areas, 4-inch shears are suitable for you.


For a start, you must be comfortable enough in picking the right weight for you. Normally the weight of grooming shears is 4 to 6 ounces. Take note that you need precision and accuracy for your hands. Remember, not too light or too heavy when you pick the shear. Find the right balance for your hand.


It does not mean you need to buy overpriced products when you are just starting. You need to choose what fits according to your budget. Dog grooming scissors have competitive pricing in the store. Weigh in your options first. Research, research, and research. Then, select the one that matches your style and even your pocket. For a start, better to choose a product with 30 days of return. This will test out if it is good for you or not.

Consider Professional Recommendations

If you are still clueless but eager to learn more about dog grooming shears, then you can ask for advice from a professional dog groomer you know. Ask what is best for you whether intermediate or beginner. You could also ask about the proper technique and style of cutting.

OUR TOP PICKS! 6 Best Dog Grooming Shears For The Money

OUR TOP PICK: Andis 8" Curved Shears

Product Description: Our finest best pick. To any left-handed out there, this is your time to shine. The world is dominated by right-handed, right? The Andis 8 inches Curved Shears are here for you and let your professional grooming career bloom with this one. A professional-grade and cutting edge (no pun intended) scissor provides a nice and smooth cutting performance. Specifically designed to curved surfaces on your dog. Also, perfect for medium ad long hair dogs. Ideally, this is for finishing touch in body parts such as rib cage, head, and chest. Perfect for all-day work and thicker coats. So, to the struggling left-handed who uses right-hand scissors, do yourself a favor and invest in these magnificent high-quality scissors that are specifically designed for you. Finger holes are relatively small which is great for more accurate and efficient cutting and it allows you for more control and better grip.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Design
  • Durability
  • Accuracy
  • Value for Money


Overall, this is intended for left-handed dog groomers. Overall, all performance is excellent and the design is sleek and professional looking. The dog grooming shears seems sturdy. I think this can withstand the test of time. It is also lightweight. Very convenient when using.


Made especially for left-handed long term usage
Professional grade
Superior control


Price point is relatively high


Kenchii Sue Watson Signature Series Shear

Feeling inspired every time you groom your dog? You will become more inspired and more determined to cut when you have Kenchii Sue Watson Signature Series at hand. It is undoubtedly the ultimate choice of master groomers. One of the most precious dog grooming shear for the money can buy in the market today.

Sleek in style but superior in performance. Kenchii Sue Watson is curated for producing the impressive outlook of dogs. With its accuracy and efficiency craft to perfection, you can never go wrong with this one.

Primarily made of level 3 molybdenum which is built to last. You can even pass this from generation to generation without losing its excellent quality and cutting power.

One of the best ergonomics in grooming shears. The offset handle is designed for comfortable hands and to ease hand positioning making your fingers rest permanently. A great selection for best dog grooming shears for the money

  • Best design
  • Silent cutter
  • Built to last
  • None so far

Moontay Dog Grooming Shear Set

The appearance is indeed ravishing. But, performance-wise? Definitely yes! This product is wielded for excellent performance and designed for a stylish outlook to your furry friend. It includes curved, thinning, chunkers, and straight scissors.

Moontay Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set is one of the best-looking grooming shears in the market. This rainbow-colored, titanium coated, and made from Japanese stainless material, is a nice set. The sheer displays a good-looking convex blade made with ice tempered and hand-forged. Another high-end quality scissor for a perfect makeover for your hair dog.

If you want to fancy your dog with an impressive outlook, this is the perfect grooming shear you should use. It is fancy looking design but even the performance is built with a grand design. Its ergonomic is carefully engineered to make your hand comfortable and to prevent hand strain. We bet you are going to love the Moontay Professional Dog Grooming product. Probably this is one best dog grooming shears for the money if you are picking a bundle shears.

  • Ice tempered Rainbow colored titanium-based
  • Very Sturdy
  • Bundled shears
  • None so far

SmithKing Dog Grooming Shear Set

Another premium stainless steel for your best selection. Who wouldn’t want a bundle for a better grooming experience, right? If you want to upgrade your dog grooming shear, SmithKing is here for you.  You will have the best experience of grooming your dog professionally or as a hobbyist.

These scissors are incredibly sharp. Add extra care when using this Smithking Grooming Scissor Set. Furthermore, this is made of stainless steel with hardness making it more durable. This comes with straight, thinning, curved, and chunkers. 4pcs in 1 Set plus the comb.

Another interesting feat is its elegant design with colors of black and purple on the fingerhole sides. It has smaller finger holes for a classic approach and ease of use.

Overall, this is perfect if you want to invest in dog grooming shears. The price point is likely attainable for this kind of quality plus it comes with a set. Your cutting performance will surely change and will become more precise, impressing your dog even more.

  • Great after-sales experience
  • Great design and colors
  • Very sharp
  • Small finger holes

HASHIMOTO Curved Scissors

This elegant style of professional grooming shear for a dog might suit you. Hashimoto curved scissors are designed with good ergonomics and a fancy symmetrical craned handle. The finger holes are large perfect for more space in the fingers for reduced hand strains when working all day long. Besides, the scissors allow you to comfortably cut both inward and outward at ease.

This is ideal for contouring your dog’s body. The sheer design will make it easier to cut the edges and a perfect finishing touch for cutting edges. It cuts smoothly. Able to last for several years due to cryogenically tempered material.

Built from Japanese stainless steel and made specially by handmade for more care in making this product. The scissors have 3 types 6.5 inches, 6.5inches has a rounded tip and 7.5 inches.

All in all, this is the best pick for curved scissors. It is a Hashimoto brand. Nothing can defy their stylish design and handmade way of making one of the best dog grooming shears for the money.

  • Handmade for larger hands stainless steel
  • A bit pricey

Dragon Riot Thinning Shear

An extravagant design with a bluish and gold finish. This dog grooming thinning shear is ultra-light which reduces the weight allowing for more control and precise cutting. Good for longer hours of working without getting strains while cutting for longer hours.

Made from premium Japanese stainless steel material. The handle is made from vacuum plating making the colors last and does not fade. The symmetrical handle is designed for making your hand comfortable. This absolutely works for both left and right-handers.

Capable of adjusting the screws for more accurate cut and comfortability. Moreover, it features a silent cut which is good for not scaring the dogs with the sound of scissors cutting.

Overall, this is perfect for heavy hands as this can compensate the weight of your hands for a smoother cut and longer working hours given its lightweight feature. It is made of Japanese stainless steel which makes it sturdy and durable. The after-sales is also great. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Stainless steel
  • Lightweight
  • Cuts silently
  • Excellent for right and left-handed
  • Finger holes are not adjustable

Frequently Asked Questions

How to properly maintain grooming scissors?

Grooming scissors is like a knife that needs to hone regularly. You can hone them on a professional sharpener tool. Sometimes you can use whetstones if you do not have any grooming sharpening tools at hand. When honing, apply just the right amount of pressure for better sharpness. 

Lubricate the blades once in a while to maintain their precision.

Always clean the blades with a clean cloth and alcohol before and after using them.

More Scissor Maintenance Tips

Is okay to use human scissors on dogs?

No. It is not advisable to use human scissors on dogs. Human scissors have different design and features which are not designed for dogs. While dog grooming scissors are specifically designed for dogs which have all the safety features that apply only to dogs. Besides, every dog breed has sensitivities, so you must use dog scissors with the utmost care. Not human scissors.

Should I invest in a dog grooming scissors kit or buy them separately?

If you have a different dog breed like Poodle, Shih Tzu, or Labradors, it is wise to invest in buying a dog grooming scissors kit. The scissors kit contains most types of scissors which can leave you many options to choose from and that are appropriate for different dog breeds. On the other hand, if you have dogs who do not grow much hair like pugs, basset hound, or Chihuahua. You only need to buy one pair of shears. They don’t need to be cut regularly. But a pair of two will do for them.

Why are some dog grooming scissors so expensive?

It is because of the materials that are made of. This is why some grooming shears are expensive. Expensive dog grooming scissors are also built to be able to withstand for several years. The process of making the scissors is also a contributing factor to this. Some materials came from abroad and they undergo many processes just to arrive at the store. They are expensive because it is also the experience you are buying when it comes to a high-quality grooming shear. You can buy an inexpensive shear but the quality is not the same as the costly scissors.

Final Thoughts – 6 Best Dog Grooming Shears For The Money

There are many best dog grooming shears. Each of them has its specific purpose. You may want to research some more if you are going to select your first dog grooming shear, but if you are already experienced, you should check out our Kenchii Sue Watson or the Monty Scissor set, these are great products and specially made for professional and hobbyist dog groomers alike. Also, you should check the affordability that matches your budget.

What interests you in these selections I have reviewed? Also, check this one out: Best Allergy Meds Dogs Plus Tips!

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