Are Baby Wipes Safe for Dogs?

As a dog lover, you will find out that bathing your dog can be such a stressful exercise. However, for some people, they prefer the ease of using baby wipes to clean up their dog. Although using baby wipes may not be the best substitute for a dog bath nevertheless it cleans surface dirt especially when there’s no alternative and you need to quickly remove dirt from your dog’s skin.

While you make use of baby wipes, you need to take note that not all baby wipes that you see in the stores are safe for your dog. Even though they may be cheap, however, bear in mind that when using baby wipes on your dogs that some areas are more sensitive to chemical contents. Therefore you can choose from these options of safe baby wipes for your dog. 

Are Baby Wipes Safe for Dogs?

Here are the Reasons why Baby Wipes Are Considered Unsafe for Your Dog

While baby wipes and dog wipes can be used to clean your dog, the difference between them is what makes the dog wipes generally safer for your dog.

The pH level

There’s a difference between the pH level of babies and dogs. Using the wrong wipes for your dog can disrupt their skin pH level and consequently skin reactions like irritations, dryness, and even skin infections for your dog if baby wipes are used on them.

Dogs generally lick their body especially when they feel some discomfort on that part, which may cause them to take in these harmful chemical contents and make the skin reactions worse. You don’t want to deal with such complications and the bills.

The dog wipes, on the other hand, are specifically made for dogs and they don’t include such chemicals or any substance that can be harmful to dogs. They are even relatively larger and stronger. 

The Content of the Wipes

Baby wipes contain different chemicals that aids absorption and dryness. It also produces fragrance and other advantages. These substances may be great on your baby’s skin but that’s not the same for your dog. Baby wipes contain for instance a chemical called propylene glycol and it is obtained from antifreeze, a chemical that is quite harmful to dogs or any animals with fur. 

Can I use dog wipes Instead of Bathing my Dog? 

To be honest, the answer is simply no. You cannot replace the essence of bathing your dog with cleaning your dog with wipes. While wipes clean off the dirt from the surface of your dog’s body, it does not reach the deeper part of the fur or some other closed off parts of the dog – like inside the paws. Bathing is how you remove harmful ticks, dirt, and odor from the skin of your dog. 

Bathing helps to avoid scaling and dryness and also infections from your dog’s fur and skin. When you bath your dog with dog shampoos it helps to reduce the chances of infections, rabies, or ticks.

Shampoos will help to keep their pH level balanced, revitalize and increase the shine of their fur. Apart from using a regular shampoo, you can also use conditioners that are hypoallergenic which can nullify the dryness effect of shampoos after use. 

Picking the Best Wipes for Your Dog

The best dog wipes has the following features; 

Versatility in Use

Quite different from using baby wipes for your dog, there are different conditions required to determine the suitability of a dog wipe, they include age bracket, ingredients, and chemical contents. A good and versatile dog wipe must be fit for use for all these conditions. 


Different essential oils that are considered safe for human beings may be harmful to pets. Some of these essential oils include; peppermint, cinnamon, and so on. Aside from organic ingredients, synthetic fragrances are also very toxic to dogs. 

Best Safe Dog Wipes to Check out

OUR BEST DOG WIPE: Burt Bees Multi-purpose Dog Wipes

Product Name: Burt Bees Multi-purpose Dog wipes Dog Wipes

Product Description: Burt Bees multi-purpose dog wipes is a made from 100% natural products that is not harmful to the environment. As a result, these wipes use honey as a cleaning agent among other health benefits to your dog. Burt Bees dog wipes regulate the pH level of your dog's skin, it is fragrance-free, with no chemicals, and produced using a veterinarian prescribed formula.

Brand: Burt Bees Dog Wipes

Offer price: $$

Availability: InStock

  • Scent
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Once you have cleaned your dog with Burt Bees multi-purpose dog wipes, they will feel comfy and freshened up. Be it emergency or whatever the case may be, Burt Bees dog wipe is the best.


No side effect

Not pricy


No bad reviews


Nature’s Miracle Deodorising Bath Wipes

Dog wipes

You can get nature’s miracle deodorizing bath on Amazon. These deodorizing wipes come in honey sage and spring water fragrances. They contain a high level deep clean, no alcohol, and not harsh ingredient formula that is very suitable for dogs. You can easily clean up dirt, remove odor while retaining the dog’s healthy coat. Use these wipes across all ages for your dog and you can find them from between 25 to 1200 pieces per pack. 

Earthbath Hypoallergenic Grooming Wipes 

Dog wipes

Earthbath makes extra thick wipes which can be purchased packs of 100wipes per pack. The wipes are from vitamin E and Hawaiian extract including a variety of fragrances. You can find the wipes in several flavors including cherry, green tea flavors, and several other hypoallergenic no fragrance varieties.

Additionally, the wipes do not contain dyes, fragrances, and other skin irritants that make them the most suitable for any breed of dog. 

Pogi’s Hypoallergenic Pet Wipes For Dogs

You can purchase Pogi’s dogs wipe are plant-based and odorless which are made from 100% natural ingredients. These ingredients cleans out your dog’s paws and furs. You can find them in 100 to 240 wipes per pack which comes in 8inches by 9inches which are ideal for large dog breeds that have thicker loans.

They are purposely made to quickly clean up your dog before the next bath. Because the wipes are hypoallergenic with organic contents they are quite appropriate for almost all breeds of dogs. 


Are Baby Wipes Safe for Dogs? No. However, just because baby wipes work fine for human beings doesn’t mean it is not toxic for dogs. Use the dog wipes that contain the most natural contents for your dog, to ensure better safety. However, no matter how efficient a dog wipe is, it does not make it a better substitute above bathing. 

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