Best Allergy Meds For Dogs Plus Tips!

Does your dog experience allergies? I have listed some of the best allergy meds for dogs. Dogs who suffer from allergies can be painful to watch even for the dog owners. That is why it is best to know the remedies and how to properly treat them. So that if allergy occurs, you already know what kind of treatments are available in the market that is appropriate for your dog’s allergic reaction and know how to use them properly.

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The Common Causes of Allergy to Dogs

Sometimes it is hard for dog owners to diagnose their dog’s sources of allergy. Itchy skin, watery eyes, and sneezing are some of the common symptoms of allergies in dogs. If you ever felt this kind of experience, then you know how very irritating it is, what more to dogs who cannot speak?

Figuring out the cause of the allergy is a top priority first. Change the diet meal plan if you suspect there is an allergic reaction to it or something else that causes the dog’s allergy. You can consult with your vet for further diagnosis and possible treatment if there is something serious. But in the meantime, you can apply some treatment for temporary use.

Here are some of the common causes of Allergy to Dogs:

Environment – Just like humans, dogs are susceptible to allergies depending on the environment. This is the main issue for dogs having allergies and it is because of the following things that might cause them to have an allergic reaction such as Pollen, Weeds, Grass, Flea saliva, Mold, and Fungi.

Seasonal Allergies – Although this one cause is difficult to diagnose, it is best for the dog to undergo an intradermal skin test to check the findings if it is really a seasonal allergy. But noticing the symptoms like reddened skin, bald spots or discoloration, and excessive itching is a common sign that the dog is having an allergic reaction.

Food Allergies – Dogs have an allergic reaction to foods such as poultry, grains, meat, etc, these specific foods are common allergens for dogs. You can change the diet plan if you suspect there is something wrong with the food that made your dog allergic when eating.

All of these common causes of allergies often have the same occurring symptoms, and all of them have only one possible problem that is, Allergy.

Common Allergy Meds for Dogs

Hydrogen Peroxide

This is typically used in flesh wounds for cleaning the affected area to prevent possible infections. It can also use orally when your dog is vomiting from something swallowed such as toxic plants, rodenticides, and others. Furthermore, this is a handy first aid kit for dogs who have allergies. This is generally safe for dogs but there are a certain amount of dosages according to dog size. So, consult your vet first if you do not know what you are doing.


Antihistamines are generally safe for dogs but they can make a dog drowsy depending on the effect. It is commonly used as an allergy treatment for dogs. Claritin (loratadine), Zyrtec (cetirizine), and Benadryl (diphenhydramine) are the commonly used antihistamines for dogs. Also note that before buying the over the counter, be sure to stay away with antihistamine which containing decongestants as they are harmful to dogs. So, check the label first and ask questions also.


Although they are not a steroid or antihistamine, they help ease the inflammation by working on the brain signals to alleviate the itching and inflammation. There are common side effects when ingested by the dog i.e., diarrhea and vomiting. What is good about this medication is that it can quickly react and alleviate the dog’s allergy within 4 hours after taking the medicine.


This steroid is a powerful drug. Corticosteroids act as an anti-itch agent that fights the dog’s common allergies. But this is just for a short-term dosage. There are also harmful side effects when dogs take this medicine, side effects include restlessness, heavy breathing, and worst agitated. When considering steroids for dog allergy medicine, be sure to discuss it with your vet thoroughly.

Antibiotic Ointment

The common antibiotic is Neosporin which is used for cuts and scratches. This is very safe for dogs. But before applying it to the affected area, be sure to clean the affected skin first and then apply this. Then, cover it so your dog will not lick it. Make sure that there are no steroids included because they tend to slow the healing process.

Artificial tears

These are common at the over-the-counter shelves. You can use this if your dog’s allergic reaction includes swelling and extreme redness. Applying this will heal the dog’s temporary suffering from eye irritation caused by an allergy.  

Are over the counter meds safe for my dog? Check for more info

Besides these best allergy meds, you can also give these allergy immune to your dogs.

OUR TOP PICK: Zesty Paws Allergy Immune Supplement for Dogs

Product Name: Zesty Paws

Product Description: My number one choice is this excellent Zesty Paws Allergy Immune Supplement for Dogs. It features grain-free, prebiotics and probiotics, and Alaskan salmon fish oil. Added that there is also apple cider vinegar which soothes the inflammation when allergy occurs. This is my ultimate selection when it comes to allergy relief supplements. This a powerful booster for the immune system also. The stronger the immune system your dog has the less allergic reaction will occur in your dog. Zesty Paws brand is one of the reputable brands in dog supplements, I also have their probiotics in my other review. The Zesty Paws Allergy Immune supplement with my probiotic supplement helps my dog to become more resistant to allergy. I love this product because it extremely complements my dog's diet meal plan and this supplement gives a boost to his immune system as well as protected against allergens that can trigger an allergic reaction. Even my dog loves this chewable supplement.

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Overall, this is actually an extremely helpful health supplement for my dog. I am really amazed by the result. His skin became perfectly healthy and more resistant to allergic reactions. Another amazing factor is it promotes the gut health of my dog which is a winning bonus for me.


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PetHonesty Anti Allergy Supplement

PetHonesty Allergy Relief uses natural ingredients for more powerful effects on the allergy immunity of the dog. This can reduce the dog’s seasonal allergy, food allergy, and even an environmental allergy. The natural ingredients in the supplement have an anti-itch factor preventing inflammation and skin allergy occurrence.

With omega 3 fatty acids included, this is the perfect go-to for dogs who have bald spots and discoloration due to excessive scratching from an allergic reaction. Awesome treat for your dog friend also because it is flavorful and nutritious.

Both dog owners and veterinarians have been prescribing this allergy relief supplement because of how fantastic is the product. It not only prevents allergies but also promotes the overall well being of the dog. This is actually 100% made from the USA with the assurance that no artificial fillers, chemicals, or any additives.

All in all, I definitely recommend this product worth it product. Investing in this kind of premium quality supplement will strengthen your dog’s immunity system and fights off allergens coming from their furry.

Improving the dog’s health will also improve your quality of time of spending with him. So, by giving your pet friend a premium allergy immune supplement, I bet your dog will be thankful enough for this treat.

  • Contains turmeric for anti-inflammatory, natural ingredients
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PREMIUM CARE Anti Allergy Supplement

As the label suggests that it relieves 99% of dog allergies, well, this is actually true. I have tried one of these as prescribed by my local vet because this is the only one available at hand.

So, I tested it with my dog and after a few days passed, the result has been showing. My dog’s excessive scratching is cooled down and after a week of consistent supplement intake, the bald spot and reddened skin of my dog is slowly healing.

I am delighted by the result with my careful diet plan for my dog and regular intake of Premium Care, the results have shown and it is nicely restoring. No more itchy skin for now. It is effective for my dog and I am very grateful for the outcome.

What I like about the product is they ensure a risk-free guarantee in 30 days. That is how they are confident with their great product. Another thing is that they added all-natural ingredients with no artificial fillers and additives.

Overall, I am content and happy with the outcome the name says it all, it is premium in caring for the dog’s allergy and even other beneficial formulas added.

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FurroLandia Allergy Relief Anti Allergy Supplement

There can be a number of ways of acquiring allergies in dogs. FurroLandia is a way of preventing those pesky allergies to ruin your dog’s precious skin and undisturbed sleep because of scratching. Whether seasonal or environmental, this product will prevent those allergens and maintain good and healthy skin for your dog.

This is jam-packed with many other beneficial formulas for a better immune system and also digestive system.

This has all-natural ingredients and it includes omega 3 from salmon oil, turmeric for anti-inflammatory, apple cider vinegar, etc, this is all 100% natural. No sugar, corn, wheat, and preservatives. Making sure that this supplement will make your dog healthier more than ever.

This is flavored with bacon. Absolutely great if you have a picky eater dog. Another great way of treating your dog with nutritious and mouthful supplements. It comes with 170 chewy tablets.

  • Great treats for finicky dogs
  • Non-GMO, with salmon fish oil, bacon flavor
  • No Bad Reviews

More ways to prevent your dog from having allergies

Treating the Environment

If the environment is the source of an allergic reaction to your dog, then cleaning and maintaining a clean environment is probably an effective method to reduce the source of allergens.

Also, the number one enemy of dogs are ticks and fleas and they can harm your furry friend without noticing it. It is best to clean your household regularly especially the corners and where your pet sleep. Better if you use flea control that is specifically formulated for each pet type.

Changing Dog Food Meal Plan

Most often food can be the cause of your dog’s allergy. But when treating the dog in their food allergies, it might become difficult because it uses a trial and error method just to figure out the source of your dog’s allergy to food.

So, consult with your veterinarian and discuss what might be the best food option for dogs with food allergies. This will involve several weeks for the transition period of changing the meal plan and only then may determine if it has shown good results.

Bath Your Dog More Often than Usual

According to a study, washing your dog twice a week can lessen the dog’s allergen which means it reduces your dog’s allergic reaction especially in the environment.

Bathing your pooch might be the other way to reduce excessive itchiness and to become fresh and clean especially for dogs who are suffering from skin allergies. Even this simple method largely helps your dog in preventing skin allergy or other allergies because of maintained fresh and clean.

Giving a bath to your dog will help remove the allergens from the skin that he collected from playing outdoor.

There are also natural remedies to treat your dog’s allergy

If you opt out of buying some of the best allergy meds for dogs, you can choose a natural remedy to treat your dog’s allergy. Although their healing time is slower than the prescription allergy medicine, they still effectively heal your dog’s allergy from time.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is famous for its multi healing purposes and one of them is treating allergies in dogs. You can put the apple cider vinegar mixed with water and just spray it to the affected area. You can also put a couple of cups during your dog’s warm bath. But be sure to carefully rinse their fur so the bitter smell will not remain on them.

Coconut Oil

Another versatile natural remedy that can be used both for pets and humans. Coconut oil helps alleviate skin irritation as it tries to relieve the inflammation. Just apply this to the affected skin area and gently massage it. It will temporarily soothe the irritation but it actually helps plus it is inexpensive.

Frequently Asked Question

Can Allergies Be Inherited in Dogs?

According to Vet Help Direct, allergies can be both be acquired and also inherited. The type of allergy is called “Canine atopic dermatitis” a condition of having a skin hypersensitivity and this can be genetic and also can be acquired from the dog’s environment.

They also named some breeds that have a high chance of inheriting them namely:  Golden Retrievers, French Bulldogs, Jack Russell, German Shepherds no name a few. Furthermore, even these dog breeds are mentioned, all dogs can acquire allergies.

How to help prevent an allergic reaction?

Sadly, there is no real cure for allergies in dogs. The best possible way to do this is to prevent it so they may not suffer so heavily. You can also keep the allergies in control by identifying your dog’s symptoms for allergies and give them proper treatment if ever your dog showed some common allergy symptoms.

Can I use both Natural Remedy and Allergy Supplement?

Yes, you may, there will be no side effects when you use both of them. Besides, there are no specific studies regarding using both. In fact, they can even boost the time to heal the dog’s allergy and even the reddened skin and excessive scratch. They will work fantastically great and also safe as well.

Which allergy medicine is best for dog allergies?

The best medicines out there is a matter of preference. There are many best medicines and supplements out there that work fine and even here in my reviewed products, these are the best. But, make sure to identify first the root cause of allergy because even you have the best meds for dogs, it may not work on them but some will work on them. Sometimes it is on a trial and method basis. So in short, you are going to select the best allergy medicine for your dog out of these premium quality products I have listed.

Final Thoughts

While I have laid out all the different options and the best treatment you can have, it is in your hand to choose them wisely and apply it to your dog. Unfortunately, allergies in dogs can never be completely healed. There will come an instance that it might show up but the important thing is that you already have the means and the knowledge on how to combat them. when it comes to dogs, health and wellness should be your top priority in order for you to maximize your bonding time with your furry best friend.

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