Best Chew Toys For English Bulldogs: 2021 Picks!

The English Bulldog is one of the best dog breeds. They’re known to be goofy, affectionate, and even great with kids. If you own an English Bulldog, you know that these dogs are typically very laid back. Playing with an English bulldog is pretty fun, especially if you have the right toys. That’s why I’ll be sharing my top 2021 picks of the best chew toys for English Bulldogs. This article will also include facts and basic care tips for the English Bulldog.

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The English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is a brachycephalic dog. That means they have short snouts and an almost-flat face. Sometimes, they have a hard time breathing. A brachycephalic dog typically has problems breathing, which explains why your English Bulldog might be snoring. However, it’s easy to prevent more problems from arising in your dog’s ability to breathe with enough exercise.

English Bulldogs originated from the British Isles. Their main physical characteristic is their short, stout features, and thick neck. It’s said that they were already in existence even before the 13th century.

English Bulldog Health

The English Bulldog has a number of health concerns that you need to take note of. I suggest that you bring your English Bulldog to the veterinary for a yearly check-up. The veterinarian will fill you in on the information you need to know about your dog’s breed. They will also make sure that your dog isn’t displaying any symptoms for the following:

Dental Disease or Abnormalities

Your veterinarian will check your dog’s teeth for any abnormalities or growing diseases. Sometimes, your dog will have a bad bite, oligodontia, or misaligned teeth. Your dog can actually get braces to correct the alignment of his teeth and jaw.

Infections and Skin Diseases

Your vet may detect some underlying skin problems that your dog is suffering from. Vaccines will actually help you prevent these infections. You may schedule an appointment for your English Bulldog to get their shots for infections like parvo and rabies.


Even though English Bulldogs are stocky kinds of dogs, they are still susceptible to becoming obese. If you don’t take your dog on a walk every day for at least 20 minutes, you may need to find other ways to give your bulldog the necessary exercise he needs. 

Just like in humans, obesity can trigger a lot of other health problems for the body. Your English Bulldog could form other kinds of diseases like heart disease, brachycephalic syndrome (breathing problems), and bone and joint problems.

English Bulldog Diet and Exercise

English Bulldogs need a healthy diet so that they can avoid becoming obese. Depending on the age of your dog, you should at least feed it twice a day for adults and around 3 times a day for puppies. Feeding your adult English Bulldogs will prevent obesity and other health concerns. Your dog’s diet should consist mainly of proteins. These proteins can be found in meat such as beef, chicken, fish, lamb, turkey, and others.

Scheduling the feeding of your English Bulldog will help them digest their food better. The consistent schedule of their digestion promotes healthy eating habits.

After feeding your English Bulldog, you may take him on a 20-minute walk. Each day, English Bulldogs should get at least 20 minutes to 40 minutes of exercise otherwise he will become overweight.

If your English Bulldog is overweight, you may put him on a diet and couple it with regular exercise. I suggest that you do not feed your dog until meal times or only during training sessions.

Playing with your English Bulldog

Speaking of exercise, one way to exercise with your English Bulldog is by playing with them. Engage them in fun physical activities such as playing fetch, running, swimming, jogging, or hiking. You can also let your English Bulldog play with your other dogs as long as he isn’t being aggressive.

By nature, English Bulldogs can be very lazy and may not like to exercise or move around. That’s why you can get them toys to keep them preoccupied such as chew toys or ropes. I’ll share with you how I pick out the best chew toys for English Bulldogs.



When I look for any products that my dog is going to use, I want to make sure that it’s made of a safe or durable material. I don’t suggest that you get Nylabones or Nylon Chew Toys for your dog. Those kinds of chew toys are too hard for your dog to chew. It may cause your dog’s teeth to break or become brittle.

Color or Design

This is more of a personal preference, but I like toys that are aesthetically pleasing. The more colorful, the better! I noticed that I also tend to buy chew toys that look funny or cute. The appearance of a chew toy would not matter to a dog, of course. However, my English Bulldog likes her bright purple squeaky chew toy more than the rest.

Squeaky Noise

The squeakiness of a chew toy may bother people with sensitive hearing. If you’re out shopping for a chew toy that makes a sound, I suggest that you give it a good squeak before deciding to buy it.

English Bulldogs (and dogs in general) like the loudness of a squeaky toy. It sparks excitement for them as they try to make the chew toy squeak. There are some chew toys whose squeaking isn’t that loud, and I have included some of them below.


Lastly, before I purchase something I read the reviews that other people have given. After all, word of mouth is still a reliable method to determine if a product is working or not. I also like to ask my friends or colleagues who have the same dog breed I do for advice or their personal opinions. 

Good or bad reviews can affect your judgment but at the end of the day, it will depend on the product if it will work with you or not. Let me now share with you my picks of the best chew toys for English Bulldogs so far!



Product Name: FRLEDM Dog Squeaky Toy

Product Description: Product Description: The first product on my list of the best chew toys for English Bulldog is the FRLEDM Dog Squeaky Toy. It’s made of a very durable yet natural rubber. When I opened my package, I made sure to disinfect the chew toy before handing it over to my English Bulldog. She absolutely loved it! My dog isn’t that much of an aggressive chewer (thank goodness) but munched on this chew toy like her life depended on it. She just couldn’t let it go and you can almost always find the purple toy within her vicinity. The toy itself is very squeaky but it isn’t hard on the ears. In fact, I find myself amused whenever I hear the distinct squeak it makes. It just means that my English Bulldog loves it.


Offer price: $$

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Squeakiness
  • Dog's Enjoyment
  • Material
  • Price


This chew toy has been with us for almost 7 months. Even though I buy my English Bulldog other chew toys to try out, she always comes back to this one after a while. After 6-7 months of intense chewing, the toy has a few teeth marks but none of the pieces have shucked off. It’s an incredibly durable chew toy. No chew toy has lasted that long without being torn to shreds by my English Bulldog. I would recommend this great squeak toy to anyone who has a medium-to-large dog.


Cool design

Squeak doesn’t hurt the ears

Very durable

Good for large dogs up to 60 lbs

Made of natural rubber

Non-toxic rubber


No bad reviews!


BUIBIIU Assorted Chew Toys

The next on my list is the BUIBIIU Assorted Chew Toys. When my English Bulldog was still a puppy, I got her these assorted chew toys to teethe on. The product description says that they’re only good for small dogs, which I completely agree with. As my English Bulldog grew older and bigger, she outgrew and out-chewed these chew toys.

However, when she was still a small puppy she highly enjoyed playing and sometimes cuddling with these toys. The ropes are made of cotton and polyester fiber, which I suppose is just like any other stuffed animal you can find in a children’s toy store. However, I think it’s better to spend more money on a couple of chew toys than spend the same amount of money for just one.

I do like that they didn’t squeak too loudly. The chew toys also came in a lot of cute and funny designs. I especially like the turkey leg that they sent. It was the fan favorite of my English Bulldog when she was a pup.

  • Best bang for your buck
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Toys
  • Soft and Safe Material
  • Squeak doesn’t hurt the ears
  • Durable for puppies
  • Not recommended for big dog breeds


I wanted to add another squeaking chew toy to my English Bulldog’s toy collection, so I got her the NOUGAT Dog Toy. When the package arrived and I attempted to squeak it, I was very surprised by how loud the volume of the squeak was. My English Bulldog came running to see what the loud sound was. As I gave her the NOUGAT chew toy, she began to rave over it. She loves making it squeak more than anything.

In the little ridges of the alligator teeth, I put some peanut butter in it to see if it would encourage my English Bulldog to chew on it more. It did! She loves to really get in there and try to reach the peanut butter. It has really massaged my dog’s gums but the material isn’t hard enough to break any teeth.

Personally, I love that the chew toy is made out of eco-friendly natural rubber. I try to make sure that the products that are going in my dog’s mouth are safe and won’t cause her any harm. Truth be told, I was quite concerned that the chew toy was going to start falling apart, but a few months in and there are only a lot of bite marks. I feel like that is inevitable as the toy is only made out of rubber.

Otherwise, I would recommend this chew toy to pet parents whose dogs are average chewers.

  • Cool design
  • Loud and powerful squeak
  • Made of natural rubber
  • Non-toxic rubber
  • Environmentally-friendly material
  • Not good for aggressive chewers
  • Squeak may be too loud for sensitive ears

Monster K9 Dog Toys Store Chew Toy

Perhaps one of the sturdiest chew toys that I have bought for my English Bulldog is the Monster K9 Dog Toys Store Chew Toy. I don’t think I’ve ever come across something this durable. I couldn’t even bend it in my hands. When I presented it to my English Bulldog, she regarded it with curiosity and interest. It was a bit hard for her to pick up because of her short snout, but when she was able to chew on it, she seemed to enjoy herself.

I like going to the park with my English Bulldog in one hand and this chew toy in my other. It’s fun for throwing (like a discus) and letting my dog fetch it. There is no squeak either that will draw unwanted attention from other dogs or humans.

The material is made out of a very hard, unique, natural rubber. Although they don’t splinter, I did refrain my dogs from getting in a tug-of-war contest with each other. I was a bit worried that their teeth might loosen. Otherwise, there seemed to be no problem with the chew toy.

In fact, I still recommend this chew toy to my friends who have aggressive chewers and big dogs.

  • Very durable material
  • Best for large breeds
  • Best for aggressive chewers
  • Safe and non-toxic material
  • Not good for tug-of-war contests as it may loosen your dog’s teeth

HESLAND Dog Chew Toy

The next on this list of the best chew toys for English Bulldogs is the HESLAND Dog Chew Toy. I got it as a gift for my pet after she was feeling a bit down in the dumps. I knew that a squeaky chew toy would be the thing to lift up her spirits. I’m glad that I bought this one because it helped cheer up my dog immensely.

This has quickly become one of my English Bulldog’s favorite chew toys. It’s very durable and the squeak coming from this toy is pretty loud. If you’re bothered by loud noises, I don’t recommend that you get this chew toy. If you do want to get this chew toy, you can always take the squeaker out by using a pair of pliers or tweezers.

It was actually a lot bigger than I expected, so that makes it quite good for big dog breeds. My friends who have big dogs have also recommended this to me and shared their same sentiments regarding this chew toy. They agree that it’s pretty loud and that their dogs love chewing on this.

A tip that I caught from a friend was to put dog toothpaste on the grooves of the chew toy. It will help keep your dog’s gums healthy and clean. I typically use peanut butter but that’s only to make my dog love the toy even more. After a few weeks of aggressive chewing, my English Bulldog has only managed to punch a few holes into this chew toy, which was incredibly surprising but welcome.

  • Very durable
  • Squeak is very loud (can be a con for some)
  • Good for big dogs
  • Made out of natural rubber
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Milk-flavored
  • Cleans a dog’s teeth, gums, and tongue
  • No bad reviews!

Zeaxuie Luxury Medium to Large Dog Toys

I wanted to start a collection of different kinds of chew toys for my English Bulldog. The Zeaxuie Luxury 12 Pack Dog Toys was the one I bought to add volume to my collection. In the package, I was surprised to find 8 knot ropes, 2 squeaky chew toys, and a bonus of 2 poop bag rolls. I was quite a sweet deal.

My English Bulldog is quite a big fan of chew toys that make a squeaky noise. I believe that she herself has favorite squeaky toys that she prefers over others. When she found the toys that squeaked, she wouldn’t leave them alone and would try her very best to have them make sounds. It was quite entertaining to see her so joyed. One of the toys was a ball that would squeak, but it didn’t last very long. She managed to pop the squeaker off. However, the duck is still in good condition after several weeks of use.

The ropes are very sturdy. My dogs like to play tug-of-war in the backyard with these ropes. None of the ropes have started to break even after several intensive chewing sessions, which I appreciated.

I recommend this for people who have a lot of dogs but want to purchase a bunch of high-quality toys.

  • Many different kinds of chew toys
  • Bang for your buck
  • Durable material
  • Some items are only good for large puppies or small to medium-sized dogs

Bojafa Best Dog Puzzle Chew Toy

The last but definitely not the least chew toy is the Bojafa Best Dog Puzzle Chew Toy. I absolutely adore this chew toy. It’s really fun to watch my dogs get the kibble out of the small designated grooves. I like to either put kibble in the grooves so that my dog can really get his teeth in the ball, or use peanut butter to fill them up so he can lick it. Of course, afterwards I would just use an unused toothbrush to clean the ball.

At first, I was worried that my English Bulldog would break the toy or somehow rip it, but it looks like it’s still fine.

Another feature that I like is that it’s not made out of a hard material like plastic. It’s made of a non-toxic rubber material that your dog can safely chew.

I do recommend this for medium-to-large-sized dogs, but not for aggressive chewers.

  • Non-toxic rubber
  • Safe for your dog
  • Puzzle chew toy
  • Durable material
  • Not good for aggressive chewers


Q: Why does my English Bulldog chew a lot?

A: Your English Bulldog probably chews a lot because he is teething. Teething is an important phase in any dog’s puppy life because it helps correct their teeth alignment. If they don’t teeth properly, it may cause your bulldog some dental problems as he becomes older.

Q: How do I keep my English Bulldog entertained?

A: A great way for you to keep your English Bulldog entertained is to get him a chew toy. Chew toys are great for dog breeds who don’t want to move around as much, such as an English Bulldog. It not only gets rid of their boredom, but will also help clean their teeth and gums.

Q: How old is a fully-grown English Bulldog?

A: A full-grown English Bulldog is 12 months or 1 year old. It can be considered an adult when it reaches the age of 12 months, but its body will still grow and develop until the dog is at least 18 months old.


After reading this extensive review of the best chew toys for English Bulldogs, I hope that you’ve found the perfect toy to give to your beloved pet. Remember that playing together with your dog is one of the best ways to strengthen your bond. Happy chewing!

What is your dog’s favorite chew toy on the list? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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