Best Chew Toys For Yorkie Puppies And More!

Yorkshire Terriers, also known as Yorkie, are the most adorable species on the planet. Yorkshire terrier is actually my most treasured lap dog. You cannot seem to appreciate their distinct cuteness overload. Besides that, they have a lot of energy and I can even compare their energy level to a large breed of working dogs. Most especially when you give him a chew toy. My beloved Yorkie pup loves toys so much as if he devotes his precious time to chew toys. I am going to review some of the best dog toys for Yorkie puppies. I am sure you will definitely love this list I have prepared for you. This is also based on my personal experience and lots of research in order for you to be persuaded.

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Types of Toys for Yorkshire Terrier

Aside from the best chew toys for Yorkie puppies, there are other varieties of toy types that you might be interested in. I have listed down some of them which might be helpful for your dog if ever you are trying to buy another toy and have some insights about its various kinds.

Companion Toys for Stay At Home Yorkie

Just like humans, even dogs suffer from separation anxiety. Companion toys are designed to help the Yorkie to have a companion that will keep them busy while all alone.

  • Companion toys that can distract them from being lonely. Some products copy living creatures serving as a “companion” to your pet. They are usually stuffed animals that produce sounds like a heartbeat when pressed. This alone is a great help for a dog in order for him not to feel lonely allowing them to be comforted.

Moreover, interactive webcams can help your dog combat loneliness.

  • Interactive webcams— take advantage of the technology and set up a webcam and a screen for your dog. Allowing you to play, hear, and see your dog while you are away. This is not a toy but it can help alleviate and keep them from boredom while they are alone at home.

Stay Busy Toys

They are toys that make the Yorkies keep busy especially when you are doing another tedious task. There mainly two reasons why this is an important toy collection for the Yorkies.

  • To keep your Yorkie happy while they feel alone. This is perfect while you are out for few hours. And also, to keep them a little occupied when you are working.
  • Stay busy toys are designed to get the attention of your dog. In addition, to keep the dog occupied and focused in her own little world. Particularly when the toy has a speaking function. This will help them untouched and busy for a while, while you are attending to other stuff. You can scroll down to see the best chew toys for yorkie puppies.

Treat-Dispensing Toys

Treat dispensing toys are made to make the Yorkies’ play experience more fun. It is a combination of playing as well as feeding. This kind of toys makes dogs become more interactive as they tend to play more because there is food involved. This kind of toy is a great way to feed her midday meal. Another aspect of it is that it can help alleviate dogs with separation anxiety.

This type of toy is also a good way for obedient training which is a good way for positive reinforcement. In addition, it is also excellent for mental stimulation that can boost a dog’s mood.

My Best Chew Toys For Yorkie Puppies My Top 6 Picks


MY TOP PICK: Wickedbone Smart Bone Chew Toy

Product Description: If your Yorkie pup can speak and ask for something, I bet this is what she will wish for her birthday present or special treat. This is not just any ordinary bone. This toy alone can do tricks that can entice your dog's playful mood. It could not be more exciting with this super high-tech and trendy toy product. Because it is supported with any smartphone device. This is my top choice and favorite. I have bought one of these recently and it was worthy of my investment. My pup really loved this. This chew toy can pace up with my Yorkie pup's energy level. I could just place it on the ground and let the toy do the action along with my Yorkie. This is highly advisable for me because sometimes I get too busy with work and sometimes my Yorkie pup wants to play. In order for her to avoid boredom, I just let the Wickedbone Smart Bone play with her.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Funtionality
  • Durability
  • Battery Life
  • Value for Money


Overall, this is an excellent product for busy people like me. The toy itself is easy to clean and suits to every dog puppies and even adult dogs. This can help your dog to ease their sense of boredom and loneliness.

Keep in mind, never replace this toy as their companion. It is true that this has an interactive function (auto play mode), but nothing beats the natural relationship and strong bonding with the master and the dog.


Interactive function
For cats and dogs alike
Automatic features


Short Battery Life


NWK Chewing Ring

NWK Chewing Ring is great for my Yorkie pup. This is made with non toxic materials. Perfectly safe for puppies who want to munch much. Absolutely compatible with my little fellow. You can just fill it with water to make it freeze. There is also an area where you can put dog treats. And this is so superb! Another plus for mental stimulation

What fascinates me with this product is the fact that it can withstand even large breeds which are strong chewers. Another fact is, this toy is not just a “toy”, it also has an extra benefit. The chewing ring can clean teeth and also it strengthens the bones of a puppy.

Overall, this is a multi-function product. It not only acts as a toy but it functions as an anxiety reliever, can cool off my pup, it even has dental care for teeth cleaning. I have a great experience using this product. Actually, I ordered this product again.

  • Dental care
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Fit with treats
  • Non toxic
  • Coldness may not last long

KONG Classic Toy

Nothing beats the classic Kong dog chew toy. Really. They are really great for any puppies and every dog owner loves this classic dog toy. The design is simple yet cleverly designed. You can put the treat on the hole to make this toy becomes even more interesting.

This is a perfect practice to develop the dog’s sniffing ability. It is no wonder why the majority of dog owners have this.

KONG chew toy is actually an excellent choice for your first-ever gift to your puppy. Right off the bat, the pup will surely munch and chew this KONG toy. No doubt about it. That’s why I have picked this for one the best dog toys for Yorkie puppies.

  • Good for aggressive chewer
  • Very thick
  • Good for teeth
  • No bad reviews at all

Petstages Dog Chew Toy

This chew toy is a great alternative for chicken bone. Since it is not recommended for Yorkies to eat chicken bone, this will suit your young pup. This has a natural blend of bone and chicken flavor. A suitable alternative for a real bone.

Petstage toy chew bone is perfectly safe as this does not have any splinter, unlike real bone which can harm your Yorkie puppy. The durability is okay with this one so they will not even split. Your dog will inevitably become preoccupied with this chicken-flavored toy bone.

The toy has different sizes for different dog sizes which is also great. Ideally, this is excellent for outdoor activities such as playing fetch.

  • Chicken flavored
  • Good for puppies
  • Foam may come out if worn out which can be dangerous to your puppies’ health

Best Bully Sticks Edible Chew Toy

If you want an edible chew toy bone, this is exactly what you need for your Yorkie puppies. But sometimes, most of the chew bones do not smell nice. This product here a game-changer, it is an odor-free rawhide stick.

In addition, this is an all-natural chew bone. Best Bully Sticks make chew sticks dried longer removing the moisture for less odor. You can put this in the freezer to make your dog chew this for a long time just to buy him some time. Your little Yorkie’s dental care is got you covered with this good product also.

Overall, this is another mouthful chew toy that your puppy will really like. A premium quality toy chew bone that is designed for young pups and small dog breed for a nice and delicious treat. This is a great alternative and I can’t think of any better way than this one. That’s why I consider this as one of best chew toys for yorkie puppies.

  • Odorless Oral Care
  • Excellent treat
  • None so far

SMART DOG Toothbrush and Dog Chew Toy

The SMART DOG Toothbrush and Dog Chew Toy is a clever way to brush your little furry friend’s teeth. Not only it gives them preoccupation for chewing, but also it brushes their teeth so the tartar and yellowish teeth can be removed while playing with this fantastic toy.

I have one of these and it actually helped my pup’s oral health and nice breath well maintained. It is actually friendly to their gums because the spiky designs are so soft enough. The spiky design is able to help clean my Yorkie’s gums.

Overall, this is very well suited for my Yorkie. Just add some dog toothpaste to it to make sure their teeth are being cleaned while chewing and munching for hours. I just wish it would be more durable for a more longer time of having this product.

  • Keep dog’s oral hygiene
  • Perfectly fit for my dog
  • Multifunctional
  • It does not last long

Why You Should Own/Adopt A Yorkie Puppy

Yorkshire Terrier became famous when the upper-classmen of England in 19th century adopted it as a pet and they became the trend. Now, we can see them anywhere in the world. Today, Yorkies are known for their miniature built, they have a great personality, they are also hypoallergenic, a big plus because they won’t shed a lot.

What is fascinating to them is that they possessed amazing character traits such as affectionate, attached, smart, and alert.

Suitable To Anyone

Yes. They are suitable for any type of family and even place (because of their small stature). Yorkies are great for people who want to get started to owning a dog. They are fun and easy to play with and most of all, Yorkies are one of the kindest dogs, ever. Ideally, they are good for children and to anyone even to first time owners. Overall, amazing personality, plus the size, plus the cuteness. who wouldn’t want to own one?

Budget Sized Dog

Because they are petit size creatures, you don’t need to spend too much on their food and maintenance. This is actually perfect for people who want to own a dog but have a tight budget. This is also one of the common dog breeds. You can bring them everywhere you go, as you will have less time to sign for papers or the application process. It is because of their mobility that made it possible to become a common dog breed.

Because You Can Often Mistakenly See Them As Live Stuffed Toy

In short, they are so adorable and resembles like a stuffed toy. It is no surprise why people cuddle and play with them. Even strangers to the Yorkies will treat them as a friend. But if ever you are owning one, always be mindful of how you walk as you might step on your cute Yorkie. They can even camouflage as a stuffed toy (kidding aside). So, just be careful and be watchful at all times. After all, they are fun to have and amusing to play with.

They Are An Intelligent Dogs

You can easily teach a Yorkshire Terrier any tricks which is fairly easy for them to follow. They are also good for obedience training as they are very attentive and interactive dogs. They are intelligent and easy to please which makes them an outstanding student with 70% success rate of learning.

Tips For Playing With Your Yorkie

Spending time with my young Yorkie helps me to alleviate stress and wind down a bit. They are really fun. What more could I say to that? It would be perfect if you have quality toys with them. So, if you bought some of the best chew toys for Yorkie puppies that I have reviewed, it is time to put them to test. But here are just some tips for having an enjoyable bonding moment with your Yorkie. And also, they love squeaky things.

Challenge Them With Hiding And Tracking Games

You can use your toy and put some treats in it and hide them. Better if you have a squeaky toy with you. So, your Yorkie will be forced to find it because it has a treat and strange sound in it. Yorkies are actually good for tracking smell mostly small animals and also curious about their surroundings. It will also help them develop to have a good sense of smell and alertness.

Play With Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are a good thing for your dog. This will enable them to find the treats with some puzzle games. It is good for fast eater as it will slow down their eating habit. This is Recommended if your Yorkie is a fast eater and needs to slow down a bit.

Moving Toys For More Fun

Any dog will surely love to track down moving objects because of their weird movements. This is perfect if you have a Wicked Smart Bone with you. They can move fast which for sure, dogs will really enjoy it. Bouncing toys are also quite fun for them. Especially if it bounces erratically, dogs will just naturally chase them all over the place because of their instinct to catch small prey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Toys Are Good For A Yorkie Puppy?

Toy with a squeaky sound. This kind of toy is particularly effective because dog breed like Yorkshire Terrier is bred to catch small animals. Their instinct of finding some weird sound and strange thing for them is what they want and they will hunt it at all cost.

Can toys eliminate chewing for my Yorkie?

Every dog is prone to chewing and it is completely natural for them to chew. While it may not entirely eliminate the chewing, A chew toy can help minimize the chewing behavior especially when your Yorkie is an aggressive chewer. Chew toys are designed as an alternative for chewing dangerous materials and it also keeps them from boredom.

How can I keep my Yorkie safe during playtime?

Every time your Yorkie is playing, you should always be there to supervise during her playtime. It is best if you always make a watchful eye on your Yorkie so there will no trouble or you are there for protection when trouble comes. Watch him at all times especially in an outdoor setting. Inside, be sure to check her toys and avoid any other materials.


Buying the best chew toys for Yorkie puppies will depend on you at the end of the day. But always remember when choosing chew toys for your adorable Yorkies, you will need to buy the quality standard on the market and avoid toys with strong chemicals. They can harm your wonderful pet and we do not want to make him suffer in just poor quality toy.

In addition, even if it is just a toy, it can really help develop the young pup to grow and have a good character trait. Be wise to carefully select the best chew toy. You can just read this and gain insight for a better understanding.

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