Best Dog Cages for Your Pitbulls

Do you have a Pitbull and you are looking to get a dog cage for it to keep it safe and secure while you are away from home? Well, finding the best Dog cages for your Pitbulls often is difficult because of its nature. 

Pitbulls are very energetic, and they don’t like to be locked up when they can’t exert their energy. If you pick the wrong cage for your Pitbull, it would do them more harm than good. They can become anxious and irritable from being in the cage. Getting the right cage for your dog will make them feel comfortable and confident when you leave them on their own for some hours. 

Best Dog Cages for Your Pitbulls

There are several factors you need to consider when choosing the cage that will fit your Pitbull. You will have to evaluate the cost, the kind of materials, construction, the quality, and importantly how you want to use the dog cage.

If you need a cage for your Pitbull to keep them inside while away, you will also need a different cage to move your Pitbull from one place to another in vehicle. Check out this page to see types of dog cages for your Pitbull

Do not leave your Pitbull in a cage the whole day either when you are still training them on how to live in a cage or they are already fully trained. They can become quite irritable and can show some harsh behavior like excessive barking, biting the cage, and so on.

However, unexpected situations may call for an extension in the time your Pitbull will have to spend in the dog cage, for this reason, you have to make sure that the cage for your Pitbull will keep them secure and comfortable at the same time. 

Therefore Check out the Following Guide to Know the Best Dog Cages for Your Pitbulls


If your Pitbull is still a pup, you can get a medium to large size cage for them. You must make sure that your Pitbull has enough room within the cage movement. Although they need room, it must also not be too much.

That said, consider the size of the parent Pitbull; as this will determine the potential size/growth of your dog when going for the Best Dog Cages for Your Pitbulls. However, the size for the cage of your Pitbull should be within the range of 32 inches to 42 inches. 


You can further create a more comfortable space for your Pitbull in the cage if you line up the inside of the cage with the proper cage bed. To achieve this, you need to choose the appropriate dog crate, which allows and makes it easier to pad up the cage. This will make your dog feel at rest, more at home inside the cage while you are out of the house.

It is hard to get any cage that comes with the luxury of extra padding, you get to choose the padding materials which will include an extra cost and can be expensive. 


It is important to consider pricing when planning to buy Best Dog Cages for Your Pitbulls. Just like every other things, price is going to be a major factor for you to decide on the cage to choose for your pitbull. Since it is not an investment to get a cage, it is better that you acquire one strictly on a budget. You don’t need to spend above the top for a cage. However, the higher the price of your dog cage, the better the quality, the durability which can be up to the lifespan of your dog even beyond.

Although you may be able to get what you need from a cheap dog cage, they are often not durable and can do more harm than good. You may have to replace it sooner if your dog will not stop testing it which can even cause more harm for your dog adding the cost of vet bills. So agreeing and buying on an average price for a dog cage, seems more like a way to go to prevent mishaps and unexpected bills. 


Durability should be crucial when planning to buy the Best Dog Cages for Your Pitbulls. To be honest, Pitbull’s will fare better inside dog cages that are designed to withstand heavy use. Although there are cages that are built to last for a lesser time. Choosing the right one that will fall apart from depend largely on your Pitbull’s temperament. If you have a very active and energetic one, you need to upgrade your budget and get a durable cage.

When you have a calm Pitbull with less energy, the standard wire cage is a valid option that would do the work and save you money on cost. You must make sure that you don’t purchase a soft or flexible material cage for your Pitbull only if the purpose of the cage is to move them from one place to another because of their ability to chew materials. 


Just like when considering durability, it is recommended that you buy a very thick gauge steel dog cage for your pitbull. This will prevent your dog from biting the case, injuring themselves, and saving you from the cost of replacement early. Metal will be the most suitable dog cage material, especially if your pitbull is less energetic. Also, keep in mind that a more durable dog cage made from steel or any other heavier material may not be ideal if your purpose for getting a dog cage is to move your dog because the more durable the material the heavier and less flexible it is for moving.


You must consider this factor as very important. Your dog cage needs to allow for easy cleanup. They should be built in a way that allows for the tray to be pulled out easily when cleaning the cage. It should have a removable tray. This will prevent you from being frustrated from the difficulties of cleaning up when your Pitbull messes up the tray. With an easily removable tray, you only need to pull it out and just clean it with water from a hose. 

Best Dog Cages for Your Pitbulls You Should Consider

Below are some dog cages for your Pitbull that will help out with your dog cage needs. These cages have their distinct benefits, some are constructed using durable materials that are heavier while some are meant for those who are on a tight budget.

I encourage you to choose base on quality and not the price. Also, you must measure the dog cage and the space you have provided for it in your home. You don’t want a barely fitting in cage so that your dog can be comfortable and safe in their cage. 

Check out these Best Dog Cages for Your Pitbulls 

Frisco Double Door Cage

Available at Chewy.

  • 360-degree caster wheels
  • Double locking mechanism
  • Y-pattern to deter biting
  • Quite heavy, and the latches can be made tougher

The Frisco double door cage has the following features that make it a favorite among dog owners:

  • Very popular choice
  • Ease of assembling
  • Does not require any tool to assemble
  • The divided panels do not stunt growth
  • Easy to fold for storage or transport
  • Has a variety of sizes

Very cost-effective, Frisco double door dog cage is a popular choice if you are just starting to train your dog. Although it may not be as long-lasting as other dog crates on this list, it is suitable for pitbulls that are less energetic. It has about six sizes, and most likely your pitbull will be comfortable to a size range of 32 inch which is 36 inches in length, 23 in width, and 25 inches in height to 42-inch size.

The 42 inch which is 32 inches in length, 28 inches in width, and 30 inches high. Also, ensure that you keep track of how your pitbull grows and also consider their parent’s size so that you can pick the right size.

Pro Select Empire Dog Cage

Best Dog Cages for Your Pitbulls
  • Single door design
  • Made of 20-gauge steel
  • Removable bottom pan
  • Will slide around laminated floors. Make sure that you use a mat.
  • It has only one entrance 
  • The best choice for escape artists
  • With locking casters to prevent it from moving or being unstable
  • An easily removable tray
  • Sturdy and long-lasting 
  • Made with gauge steel
  • With a stylish design made with hammer tone finishing 

The features of the Pro select empire dog cage includes:

You can get it from Amazon. Pro select empire dog cage is considered to be a very strong and durable cage.

This dog crate is made with a 5-inch steel tube and 20 gauge steel. You can find them in medium or large sizes. Also, your dog size will determine the size that you would choose. 

Frisco Heavy Duty Cage

  • It is made from 22 gauge steel
  • Easily movable around your house
  • It is quite heavy and is immovable when tightly locked.

Frisco heavy-duty cage has the following features; 

  • Considered as the most secure dog cage for a pitbull
  • Should have a stylish looking hammer tone furnish
  • It is a bit more pricey due to its durability. 
  • Must have sturdy latches with dual secured locks. 

Frisco heavy-duty cage can be purchased on Amazon if your budget is between the cost of getting a pro select and a regular wire cage then you should consider purchasing a Frisco heavy-duty cage for your pitbull. The average price is between the price of these two cages. This cage is also durable and cost-effective, it will serve you for a long while. There are medium or large. 

Midwest Homes Cage

  • Double point of entry
  • It is a quite popular choice
  • Secured bolt latches

    The features of the Midwest home cages include; 

    • Built with a slide-out plastic material tray
    • Growth is encouraged with the divider panels
    • Easily assembled and to disassemble. 
    • A foldable and easily transportable design

    You can purchase a Midwest home dog cage on Amazon. Commonly used for pitbull pups of different sizes. Midwest home dog cage is like a standard wire cage, it is very easy to assemble, and breaking it down is not complicated and could be done in less than 30minutes. It is a wise choice for dog owners if you are on a budget and it doesn’t matter the size that you bought, you would get a cage divider with it so it still usable even as your dog is growing.  

    This cage has two points of entry, either on the side or from the front. It is very flexible to provide space for in the cage to put your dog, wherever you decide on, can be comfortable for your dog. They have a plastic bottom tray that can be removed easily, so it is not difficult for you to clean up in case your dog messed up the tray. The Midwest dog cage has quite many sizes that afford you options with affordable prices for you to choose from.

    Your Pitbull will be comfortable in the 36 inches to 42 inches according to their size. The 36 inches can comfortably accommodate Pitbulls that weigh about 40 to 70 pounds. A larger pitbull would require that you purchase a larger size. 

    Frisco Double Door Cage Check Price
    Pro Select Empire Dog Cage Check Price
    Frisco Heavy Duty Cage Check Price
    Midwest Homes Cage Check Price
    • Made of 20-gauge steel
    • 0.5″ steel tube diameter
    • Hammertone finish
    • The door latch slides smoothly, so you need a lock


    In case you have different species of dogs and would like to find more cages to accommodate each dog, look at a comprehensive guide that will help you make a decision. If the Pitbull is the only dog that you have, consider the above-mentioned cages.

    They will provide what you need for your Pitbull. The perfect cages for your dog will depend on the amount you are willing to spend, the size, the quality of materials, and the activeness of your pitbull. 

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