Best Food for Belgian Malinois Puppy: 3 Nourishing Choices!

If you were to consider a dog that is high-energy you would surely find that one of your options will be the Belgian Malinois if you research online. These extremely active and intelligent dogs are favored by police as well as rescue departments all over the world. They are excellent at almost everything they try, and they live life with vigor. Because of this, a dog such as the Belgian Malinois will require high-quality best food for belgian Malinois puppy with sufficient amounts of protein and the right balance of fat to have its never-ending zeal for action.

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Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Food for Belgian Malinois Puppy

Best Food for Belgian Malinois Puppy

Get to know your Malinois

It is critical to spend the day with your Belgian Malinois, so you will know that it is not an average dog. Compared to other breeds, it is active and enjoys playing. Because of this, their dietary needs are going to be above average too.

The Belgian Malinois is a different breed

The Belgian Malinois is a muscular dog that is extremely active. Meaning it is a dog that requires high levels of protein to keep those muscles flexible. Additionally, they need a fat-rich food to ensure high levels of energy all day long. The thing about this unique combination is that you need to be more conscious about their nutritional needs. Each calorie matters, and every ingredient can make a huge difference.

That being said, it is best to keep your Malinois puppy on a large breed puppy diet because it is suitable to their growth requirements. Their food will have all the calories to make them playful and active all day. They may well be hitting all those marvelous growth milestones without risk of malnutrition or obesity.

The Calories and Requirements of Belgian Malinois

The number of calories you provide your Belgian Malinois will depend on how active they are. Although it is not odd for Malinois to lose interest in activities as they enter their senior years. You will need to monitor their activity cautiously as well as their energy levels and adjust the calories optimally.

When it comes to daily feeding, it is critical to divide your puppy’s food into 4 to 6 meal portions per day. Make it 3 to 4 meals for adults. 

When it comes to Malinois, it is in your best interest to search the formulas rather than reduce the amount of food they consume every day. Mitigating their food may result in malnutrition, while weight control formulations will mitigate weight without having to cut down critical proteins and other vital nutrients.

What Are the Ingredients You Should Look for in Commercial Dog Food Brands?

Best Food for Belgian Malinois Puppy

Animal protein

It is critical to look for animal-based proteins as the first top 5 ingredients on the label. Ideally, the food should have over 35% protein coming from real meat. It is never good to resort to byproducts and meals for protein. If budget is an issue, look for animal protein such as rabbit as well as venison.


Fat is not good to be included in the nutrition when it comes to the human diet. But when it comes to dogs, it is a slightly different issue. Fat provides a mechanism to convert energy in dogs. Because of this, active breeds such as the Belgian Malinois will require 10% fat. Good fat is also vital for optimal joint mobility and healthier skin. 


When it comes to greens in dog food, it will mean fruits as well as vegetables. You may be surprised to know that the ancestral line of dogs will eat lots of fruits and veggies. They are an optimum source of vitamins and minerals and are essential for the healthy bones, brain, and vision development of dogs. Additionally, they are also rich in antioxidants that keep the immune system healthy.


People ask if they should include probiotics in the diet of their dogs. It is an ideal ingredient in dog foods, especially those with sensitive tummies. Probiotics are enough to keep stomach troubles away. Since Malinois is vulnerable to allergies, it is a good idea to provide them with dog food that is good for the digestive tract.

Essential compounds

Essential nutrients are limited to protein vitamins as well as minerals. There are specific compounds such as glucosamine that ensure optimum growth and also prevents common health condition such as hip dysplasia.

What Are the Ingredients to Avoid in a Belgian Malinois Diet?

Finally, there are numerous low-quality dog foods out there filled with ingredients that are going to create trouble for your Belgian Malinois. They have ingredients that include fillers. In most cases, these will have zero nutritional value but are also known to trigger allergic reactions.

Ingredients to be vigilant about including the following:

  • Grains such as wheat, soy, corn as well as white rice
  • Meat by-products
  • Flavorings and colorings

You must always prioritize buying top-quality dog food for your Belgian Malinois. Subpar quality foods will result in lower prices, but the long-term effect on your Malinois’s health can be costly. There is no point in saving money if you will end up paying huge vet bills.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Diet and Nutrition of Belgian Malinois Breed

Best Food for Belgian Malinois Puppy

What do Belgian Malinois dogs eat?

A Belgian Malinois is considered a medium to large-sized breed and will require plenty of meat. Since it is also an active breed, it is critical to fit in a high amount of proteins, around 25 to 30% protein. Additionally, there should be more than 10% fat to make sure that your Belgian Malinois is getting adequate energy levels.

What is the ideal amount a Belgian Malinois should eat?

They will require 4 to 6 meals per day. At 6 months they will require 2 to 3 meals per day. Adult Belgian Malinois should be fed once or twice a day. Every meal should amount to 1 to 1.5 cups daily. However, you need to adjust the quantities according to the activity of your dog while keeping an eye on its optimum weight.

How much exercise does my Belgian Malinois require?

Since Belgian Malinois are hunting dogs, they are highly active and should be exercised at least 20 to 30 minutes per day. This should be done 3 times a day. In addition to this more than hour-long exercise, they also need plenty of cognitive stimulation to stay in the best mood and optimum health.

Is raw food diet ideal for Belgian Malinois breed?

A raw diet can be a healthy option for any dog, especially for an active breed such as the Belgian Malinois. The raw diet is close to the natural ancestral diet of dogs. In many cases, Belgian Malinois enjoys the taste of raw food, especially if it is properly prepared. It is especially safe for them. However, you need to be cautious that you choose only premium options since low-quality raw food can result in health risks.

Is Belgian Malinois considered a large size dog? 

Belgian Malinois is considered a medium-sized dog, but many consider them a large size dog more often due to their sturdy and athletic build. In many cases, they are mistaken as a German Shepherd. The male Belgian Malinois can grow up to 24 to 26 inches tall, whereas female adults are usually 22 to 24 inches. Females are distinct for their narrow or more slender structure in comparison to males.

Top 3 Best Food for Belgian Malinois Puppy



Product Name: Air-Dried Dog Food

Product Description: This best nourishment for Belgian Malinois puppies is one-of-a-kind to aid your Belgian Malinois puppy by enhancing its energy and muscle tone. It utilizes a unique air-drying process that safely mitigates the ingredients to a stable shelf food without sacrificing the nutrients to extreme heat. It is a more considerable investment, but serving sizes are tinier than cheap kibbles. You will likely save money in the long run since you will not have to visit a vet as often. The recipe utilizes 6% meat, and the drying process eradicates harmful bacteria while making the food as close to raw food as possible. If you have been struggling to find time to prepare raw foods, it could be an alternative option for you. The ingredients utilize meat for protein, and good fats are added for cognitive health, skin health, and a healthy coat

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  • Nutrition
  • Ingredients
  • Taste


Holistic ingredients provide numerous essentials to support the immune system. There are zero peas or potatoes and grains that can impact sensitive digestion. It should provide your Belgian Malinois with plenty of energy and focus during the day without having to resort to extra calories or empty fillers.


  • Supports the immune system
  • No peas and potatoes added.
  • Provides your Belgian Malinois plenty of energy


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

Nutro Ultra Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

Best Food for Belgian Malinois Puppy

A large breed formula such as this best food for Belgian malinois puppy can help your Belgian Malinois maintain its proper weight and mitigate injuries. The ingredients are carefully studied to work together to support your large breed’s unique needs, which include joint support weight control as well as its energy levels.

It utilizes complete protein from chicken to provide a healthy source of protein. Chicken meal is an optimum source of glucose, salmon, and chondroitin, so you’ll begin building joint health from a young age with this awesome recipe.

It has zero artificial ingredients as well as no cheap fillers. The recipe contained will have no peas or potatoes but utilizes holistic ingredients for the immune system and digestion of your dog. It provides excellent value and has smaller portion sizes than typical cheap kibble.

Additionally, it utilizes a holistic ingredient that includes vitamins and as well as sunflower oil to support a healthy coat. The recipe utilizes farm-raised chicken with no added hormones and overall is an awesome improvement over cheap kibble without the high cost. 

This premium dog kibble is made with high-quality ingredients and gives your dog complete and balanced nutrition in every bowl.

  • Made with high-quality ingredients
  • Give your dog complete and balanced nutrition.
  • Supports a healthy coat
  • No negative reviews so far

Blue Buffalo Adult Life Protection Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe


This best food for Belgian Malinois puppy utilizes a protein source with balanced glycemic carbohydrates to provide 24 hour energy while building strong muscles. Plus, Blue Buffalo’s exclusive blend of vitamins and antioxidants is added, which are life source bits.

Brown rice is also an optimum source of fiber along with fruits and vegetables. Together these help balance and regulate digestion and control weight without leaving your dog feeling famished. The same fruits and vegetables also provide crucial vitamins to support the healthy immune system of your dog. Strengthening the coat may help mitigate the threat of injury in the joints of your dog.

This recipe is also for pets who are acting active but not sporting dogs or working dogs. It is a highly affordable blend without sacrificing premium ingredients. Additionally, the kibble is suitable for various dental conditions.

Advantages of this product, lean proteins as well as excellent fiber sources help improve digestion.

Blue Buffalo will always feature real meat as one of the top 5 ingredients. The high-quality protein from real chicken helps your dog build and maintain healthy muscles. Additionally, they contain wholesome whole grains, garden vegetables as well as fruit.

  • Real meat is a top 5 ingredient
  • High-quality protein from real chicken
  • Builds and maintains healthy muscles
  • No negative reviews so far

Final Thoughts – Best Food for Belgian Malinois Puppy

Provide the best nourishment for Belgian Malinois puppies for your growing dog. It would help if you examined the food label whenever you buy commercial dog food brands. Keep in mind that the top 5 ingredients must be a protein source. Make sure that there are no ingredients that will trigger allergic reactions in your dog. Compared to other breeds, a Belgian Malinois will require more nutrition and calories per day since they are considered medium-sized and active dogs.

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