Best Food For Doberman Puppies: 2021 Picks

There are many joys of being a dog parent. Any dog can become your absolute best friend. Along with their friendship comes loyalty, protection, intelligence, and companionship. A dog that is well taken care of offers all that and much more. As a pet parent, you want to provide your pet with the proper nutrition that will keep them healthy. Each dog has a specific diet that they need to follow. Even as a puppy, you’ll need to watch what you feed your pet. In this article, I’ll be answering the question, “What is the best food for Doberman puppies.”

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The Doberman

The Doberman is revered to be one of the best security dogs. This is because they were originally bred for the purpose of creating the best dog for securing safety and protecting.

They first originated in Germany around the late 1800s or the early 19th century. They were first bred by Herr Karl Louis Dobermann, where the breed got its name.

No one really knows what the exact mixture of a Doberman dog is. Many speculate that it’s a mix of Rottweiler, German Shorthaired Pointer, Manchester Terrier, Great Dane, and other Greyhound breeds.

The Doberman’s coat is very dark and sleek. Their bodies were built for athletic activities that need a physical effort like police work, search and rescue, scent tracking, and guiding. 

Since Dobermans are very active dogs, you have to make sure that your dog is well taken care of. One of the ways to take care of your Doberman dog is to feed it properly and maintain proper grooming every once in a while.

Even as puppies, Dobermans can be very active. Don’t expect them to laze around all day. They’ll want to keep playing with you or their other companions. Doberman puppies love being around the people they love and will grow a fierce attachment to you. Even though they look a bit intimidating, Dobermans can also be affectionate and loving.

Basic Doberman Care and Grooming

One of the key features of a Doberman is its pointy ears and short, clipped tail. This is called “docking,” and it’s a precautionary measure that pet parents do to their Dobermans for various reasons. 

Back in the day, Dobermans were used for dogfighting, which was a sport that is now commonly seen. The owners would clip a Doberman’s ears and tail so that the opposing dog in a fight could have less to hold or bite off. 

Now, docking is now done for health reasons. The ears of a Doberman are clipped to avoid a lot of air coming into their ear canal. This will lessen ear infections. Meanwhile, the Doberman’s tail is clipped because they’re pretty sensitive and it makes sure that it doesn’t bother the dog while it’s working. If you want your Doberman puppy’s ears and tail docked, you should approach your nearest veterinarian so that they can perform the procedure safely. 

It is not recommended that you dock its ears and tails on your own as it might cause infections if done incorrectly.

Dobermans are actually very easy to groom. However, even though they have a short coat, Dobermans do shed a lot so you should get a de-shedding tool from your local pet store. 

They’re pretty easy to bathe. Once trained, they can be very well-behaved dogs during bath time which makes a very enjoyable bath experience for both the pet owner and the pet!

The Doberman’s Diet and Exercise

Since Dobermans are very active, they need a good diet to keep them healthy. Additionally, they also need a lot of exercise so that they won’t become grumpy from lack of exercise. They have a lot of energy and they need to expend that energy on walks or runs so that they won’t be destructive in the home. In the case they lack exercise, they might run amock in the house or start becoming aggressive to other dogs.

A healthy Doberman can live up to 13 years. You can be friends with a Doberman for life! 



When I try to look for food for my Doberman puppies, I want to make sure that I read the ingredients. Spotting out the specific meat will reassure you that it’s made of what it’s supposed to be. If the meat isn’t specified then you’re not sure if it’s a quality product or not.

I also make sure that there is more meat in the product that I’m buying compared to other ingredients like starches. These starches include grains like corn, soy, or rice. Additionally, fruits and vegetables can also be a replacement for grains. That makes the food healthier.

There are many high-quality pet foods that are sold in pet stores. The pet food typically found in groceries is not that reliable when it comes to quality pet food.

Artificial Colors

I typically avoid foods that contain anything artificial. These can come in artificial colors, artificial flavors, or added preservatives. You want to especially stay away from preservatives like BHT, BHA, Propyl Gallate, and Ethoxyquin.


Luckily, my Doberman isn’t allergic to any kind of food so picking his food is a lot easier. Unfortunately for other pet parents, that isn’t the case. When your dog suffers from allergies, they tend to have inflamed skin (especially the area around their eyes and mouth), itchy patches, and diarrhea. Some unlucky dogs suffer from vomiting, weight loss, and lethargy. That’s why it’s really important that you take note of what you’re feeding your puppy. Once you see these symptoms, you can opt for home remedies or take them to your nearest veterinarian to have them treated.

In the case that you don’t know if your dog is allergic to anything, the common food allergens for dogs come from one thing: Proteins.

Proteins can come from dairy products. It can also come from meat like beef, lamb, chicken, and chicken eggs. Lastly, proteins can be found in soy or gluten from wheat.

Dry or Wet Food

There are two kinds of dog food that you can feed: Dry Food or Wet Food. Dry food contains a different number of nutrients as compared to wet food. The main thing that differentiates the two is the water content. Wet food has a water content between 60 to 84% as compared to dry food, which only has 3 to 12% of moisture. 

If you want dog food that lasts a long while, you should get dry food. Wet food spoils faster as compared to dry food.

Additionally, dry food contains a higher energy content. That’s why it doesn’t take a lot of dog food for a pet to become full.


How much dog food will determine how much you’ll need to pay for a bag or a can of dog food. Personally, I don’t mind spending a bit more on a quality bag of dog food for my Doberman puppy. It gives me reassurance that my puppy will grow up strong and healthy.


When it was my first time owning a Doberman puppy, I didn’t know what kind of food to get. I asked my friends and family for any recommendations that they might have. Before purchasing anything, I also researched the different possible food that I could feed him. 

Personally, I think that reviews are the best way to tell if a product is, in fact, doing its job. That’s why now I’ll be sharing the best food for Doberman puppies. I threw together this list to give you several options to choose from. Down below the review itself is the pros and cons that I found when I tried to feed it to my beloved puppy.


OUR TOP PICK: Purina Pro Plan Brand Large Breed Dry Puppy Food, Chicken & Rice Formula


Product Name: Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food

Product Description: My top pick for the best dog food for Doberman puppies is the Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food. It’s simply my (and my puppy’s) favorite dog food because I noticed quite a number of things, which I’ll be talking about. When I read the ingredients list, I loved that it was made from real chicken and that it gives the option between grain-free chicken or chicken and rice. I had chosen the grain-free variant. My Doberman puppy had become more energetic than he already was and didn’t give any bowel complications. The kibble is also big enough to use as treats for when I train him. Of all the dog food he’s tried, he gulfs this down like he hasn’t eaten all day.

Brand: Purina Pro Plan

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  • Taste
  • Shelf Life
  • Nutritional Value
  • Price


There are many fresh and natural ingredients in the Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food. It’s made from real chicken and includes a lot of high-quality proteins. My pup comes running to me whenever he smells his favorite kibble during mealtime and you can see from his face that he enjoys eating this dog food.


Comes in Grain- Free Chicken or Chicken and Rice

Many bag sizes to choose from

Many great reviews

High-quality protein

Includes real chicken

Puppy became more energetic

Puppy’s coat became softer

Can be used as treats


No bad reviews!


Royal Canin Large Breed Puppy Food

There aren’t many dog foods that target good bone and joint health. The Royal Canin Large Breed Puppy Food is one of those. I like that it includes a lot more antioxidants and vitamins than other puppy dog food that I’ve tried. There have been no bowel complications from my dog, which is a good sign. The only con that I would note down here is that it’s a bit more expensive compared to other ones, but I would definitely repurchase this again.

  • Made for large breeds
  • Healthy bones and joints
  • Includes antioxidants and vitamins
  • Digestible ingredients
  • Has a feeding table for your pet’s size
  • Pricey

BLUE Wet Puppy Food

BLUE Wet Puppy Food is one of my puppy’s favorite dog foods to eat. I assume that it tastes really good to him. I did notice that his coat became shinier. For some reason, my puppy sleeps a lot deeper with this as well. I assume that it’s because of the many natural ingredients that are included in a single can. While I have no problem with the quality of the dog food, one of the cans that I had ordered from the pet store came with dents. I suggest that you look for this wet dog food on Amazon instead so that they can assure a safe delivery.

  • Amazon’s Choice
  • Made from real chicken
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Wholesome ingredients
  • Puppy finds it delicious
  • Can came with dents

Hills Science Diet Dry Puppy Food

My puppy became so much more active after eating a bowl of Hills Science Diet Dry Puppy Food. It was entertaining to see him zip around the lawn and around the house. I am glad that I ordered this dog food because it was recommended by my veterinarian when we went for my Doberman puppy’s check-up after he was feeling a bit sick. When I switched to a portion of different dog food, I could see that my dog wasn’t as energetic as he used to be when he was consuming the Hills Science one. When we switched back to Hills Science, he became bouncy and playful again (which I prefer).

  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Encourages healthy brain and eye development
  • Promotes strong bones and teeth
  • Has natural ingredients
  • Recommended by veterinarians
  • No bad reviews!


Below are some commonly asked questions about Doberman puppies. It’s perfectly normal if you’re curious to know more about your Doberman. After all, researching whatever information you can find will help you become a more responsible pet parent.

Q: How much should a Doberman puppy eat in a day?

It depends on the gender of the Doberman puppy and how old the puppy is. A 9-month-old male pup should eat an average of 4 to 7 cups of dry dog food while a female should eat an average of 2.5 to 5 cups of dry dog food. If you feed them too much, they will become slightly overweight or obese.

Q: At what age is a full-grown Doberman?

A: A full-grown Doberman is 12 months old or 1 year old. Most of the growth will have already finished. However, your Doberman will not reach its prime until it’s 3 years old. As mentioned above, a Doberman can live up to 13 years as long as it gets proper care and exercise.

Q: Are Dobermans good with kids?

A: It’s a pretty common concern for couples who are planning to have kids. The answer is yes, Dobermans are good with kids. In fact, the dog breed can be very sweet and affectionate despite its intimidating exterior.


Dobermans can often be a very misunderstood dog breed. In fact, they’re one of the most affectionate dogs that I’ve come across — as long as you don’t give them a reason to be agitated. Caring for Dobermans are very easy. They’re quick to groom, train, and play with. As long as you keep feeding them a healthy diet, they’ll live a pretty long while. As a new pet parent, looking for the best food for Doberman puppies is the first responsible step you can take to ensure good growth for your dog.

What is your Doberman puppy’s favorite dog food? Share it with us in the comments below!

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