Best Teething Bones for Puppies – Top 5 Picks!

Same as humans, growing puppies also involve various life stages. One of which is teething which is very challenging for most pet owners. So, in order to address this concern of your little pooch, you just need to know the best teething bones for puppies available in the market. Generally, these could be a big help not only for soothing the gums of your puppies but also assist pet owners to be at a state of ease.

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We reviewed here the top five teething bones for puppies in the market today. If you are not yet sure what would be the best for your teething pups, this could help you in filtering down your choice. Aside from that, we also have here some important tips that you must have to remember in terms of dog’s teething.

Best Teething Bones for Puppies: 5 Helpful Tips

Basically, the tips below may support your little pooch to get relief from teething discomfort. Moreover, make sure that when you offer chew toys to them, they should be under strict supervision. But, please bear in mind that some of the tips may work for other breeds while some tips may not.

1-Provide frozen small bagels with plain or fruity flavor

Bagels are generally helpful for teething puppies as it permits them to chew. The main function of the bagels is numbing the gingival so that discomfort would be relieved. Aside from that, bagels are typically dense that’s why it supports the removal of loose baby teeth.

The good thing about bagels is that they can also be eaten by the pups afterwards. However, when you offer it to your fur baby, make sure that it is either plain or in fruity variant and not onion.

2-Give cold carrots

Offering cold carrots, in conjunction with vitamins and minerals, for teething puppies generally supports the relief of discomfort. But, always remember not to give greater than one whole carrot in a single day due to the high amount of fiber that it has.

3-Cold pack of fruits

Frozen strawberries, bananas, or other fruits are good reliever of oral discomfort. Just like bagels, this one is highly edible which makes it a good thing for teething pups. The only downside with offering the cold pack is that the process would be somewhat messy.

4-Wet rag or towel

How this basic home essential can help teething puppies? Well, you need to simply twist it and form it in a shape like a rope and place it inside the freezer. Since it is cold, oral discomfort may then be relieved. Aside from that, the towel is not hard to chew on which promote the appropriate behavior of biting.

5-Offer specific toys for puppies

There are some specialized puppy toys that help in relieving teething problems in pups. A good example of this is the best teething bones for puppies in which some are also great if offered frozen.

Few DO’s and DON’Ts to Remember

  • Do seek the advice of the veterinarian to have a quick check on your pup’s growing teeth. This is generally an essential step to take as the vet has enough knowledge of properly addressing any misalignment on the teeth of your puppy. Moreover, it will also be a big help in preventing any possible teething issues of your puppy once he reaches the adult stage.
  • Don’t attempt to provide any over-the-counter medicines to your puppy especially without the permission from the veterinarian.
  • Don’t offer ice cubes to your teething little pooch. Keep in mind that their teeth are fragile and it is generally prone to breakage.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Teething Bones for Puppies

Actually, when you want to give your fur baby new chew toys or the best teething bones for puppies, there is a wide range of things to consider. You need to go after a dog product with a good balance of durability and indestructibility. Check here for those important features:

*Material Construction

The initial thing that you primarily need to take into account when you want to buy the best teething bones for puppies is to know what it really made of. Dog chews and toys having BPA are something that you won’t generally prefer. Actually, BPA is a harmful chemical that can havoc the health of canines which may then result in cancer.

Generally, most rubber and plastic toy materials tend to be BPA-free since most dog toys need to be frozen. Remember that frozen toys offer a numbness sensation once used during teething stages. So, it is generally important to ensure that you always keep an eye on frozen toys for puppies.

*Combination of Soft but Firm Texture

Another thing to consider when buying the best teething bones for puppies is the firmness with some aspect of softness. Actually, teething bones must be soft enough so that the gums won’t get injured. At the same time, it must also be firm to offer some relief. But, keep in mind that a harder toy is a no-no as it may only let your pup’s teeth to press against the toy.


As you go into the market, you may encounter some of the best teething bones for puppies with flavors and some are without. Basically, flavored teething bones may get the puppies attention over a longer time period. Good thing is that the numbers of chew toys and teething bones allow the picking of flavors.

Again, once you opt for flavored ones, make sure that harmful chemicals are not part of the ingredients. Moreover, teething bones having a feature of treat-filling pockets is highly recommendable especially if you do not want to give artificial flavors to your little pooch. With this kind of teething bones, you can place edible treats to make your puppy busier.

Aside from keeping them busy for long hours, this feature of the best teething bones for puppies has a higher possibility to go back to the toy expecting that he can get something delicious from it. Conditioning your pup with this kind of expectation may lead to more effective training afterwards.

*Specialized Toys

Actually, dog toys related to their teething have two different categories. The one is particularly designed for teething while the other one is highly recommendable during the teething process itself. The latter can be used by the pups for a longer time period. Basically, it varies based on the response of your little pooch.

The best solution for this is to experiment with some toy varieties and check which one your dog responds well. There are dogs that find it enjoyable to have frozen treats while some dogs are just fine with a simple bone. Moreover, keep out from teething bones and chew toys that are already suitable for old dogs. Remember that this kind of toys does not have a soothing property that may satisfy the teething needs of your pup.


The size of the dog is highly important so it is very crucial to take that into account especially when buying the best teething bones for puppies. Remember that small teething bones may not properly work for a Lab sized breed. Luckily, numbers of teething bones and chew toys are available in various sizes. In case your pooch belongs to a family of a larger breed, it is better to pick a teething bone that is a little bit bigger.

5 Best Teething Bones for Puppies

OUR TOP PICK: Himalayan Natural Dog Chews

Product Name: Himalayan Natural Dog Chews

Product Description: If you are looking for the best teething bones for puppies that is a durable dog chew, then this Himalayan Natural Dog Chews could never disappoint you. This all-natural chew bones come from boiling the yak and cow’s milk. Once finished, the boiled product is subjected to drying for a period of a few weeks. The said drying process allows the creation of hard teething bone chews. Since it is all-natural, this best teething bones for puppies having no preservatives also contain cheese that comes from an authentic type. Moreover, the Himalayan Natural Dog Chews is also ideal for that little doggo that are always in motivation for dog treats. There are various sizes that you can choose from in which the smaller one is actually the size being the best teething bones for puppies.

Availability: InStock

  • Value for money
  • Scent
  • Flavor
  • Longevity


Why the Himalayan Natural Dog Chews one of the best teething bones for puppies? Well, this formulation highly produces teething bone that has an outer tough construction but a softer inner portion that is actually perfect for chewing by your pooch.


Product Features

  • The recipe is a formulation from the ancient Himalayas
  • No preservatives added
  • Gluten, grains, and other harmful ingredients are not present


  • Healthy chew
  • Perfect for picky chewers
  • Long-lasting


  • May be too hard for smaller pups


KONG Goodie Puppy Teething Bone

KONG Goodie Puppy Teething Bone is one of the best teething bones for puppies because the shape is actually like a real bone which is made out of natural rubber. This design is highly perfect for exercising the growing jaws and supporting the teeth growing process of puppies.

Moreover, there is a port at both ends of the bone which act to hold dog treats. With this one example of the best teething bones for puppies, the pups will surely be entertained for a longer time period.

Product Features

  • With a balance of extreme durability and softness that supports the teething process
  • Inclusion of treat pockets for added enjoyment of pups
  • Great for puppies aging 2 to 9 months old
  • Generally indestructible
  • Highly good for teething
  • The treat area is too small for stuffing

Nylabone Triple Puppy Treat Teething Bone

best teething bones for puppies

Generally, the Nylabone Triple Puppy Treat Teething Bone aids in the development of a healthy chewing routine from the very beginning. The things that make this one of the best teething bones for puppies are its palatable chicken flavor and incredibly soft texture. Moreover, this teething bone from Nylabone is a powerful chew toy that is actually perfect for puppies that are beginning to have growing teeth.

Actually, this Nylabone Triple Puppy Treat Teething Bone is a starter pack for teething puppies that includes a variety of choices. With a soft and gentle texture that generally soothe the sore gums of the pups, this one of the best teething bones for puppies is basically a durable option for strong chewers.

Product Features

  • Flavored with delicious-tasting chicken that helps in relieving the pain during teething
  • Highly entertaining while incorporates good chewing routines
  • Ideal for small dogs
  • Great value pack
  • Big and tough
  • Durable
  • Some bones on the pack are not usable

Nylabone Power Chew for Dogs

This Nylabone Power Chew for Dogs is actually one of the best teething bones for puppies in which the dogs can chew on perfectly. The nylon material that it contains highly makes aggressive chewers extremely satisfied. Moreover, this teething bone promotes good chewing routines. Aside from that, the Nylabone Power Chew for Dogs contains bristles that are being raised while chewing happens. The bristles generally help in cleaning the teeth of your pups and, at the same time, manage the occurrence of tartar and plaque. It generally has flavors that capture the interest of the doggo.

Product Features

  • Highly made of nylon material which makes this teething bone durable
  • Generally, perfect for pups and dogs considered as aggressive chewers
  • Teething bone chews that are textured help to attract pups and dogs
  • With delicious flavors that your dog will surely love
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • May develop sharp edges

Chew King Textured Bacon Teething Wishbone

best teething bones for  puppies

Chew King Textured Bacon Teething Wishbone is a good way to make your pooch happy and satisfied while chewing. Because of its durability, this becomes one of the best teething bones for puppies. Thanks to the nylon construction that it has as it helps in withstanding strong and powerful chewing.

Another good thing about the Chew King Textured Bacon Teething Wishbone is that it is generally a safe chew toy for your furry buddy. With a distinct texture, the arms of the teething wishbone have the ability to combat plaque and maintain the health of the dog’s teeth. Lastly, it has a great bacon flavor that your dog will surely love.

Product Features

  • Maintains the health of the dog’s teeth and gums
  • Nylon materials highly comply with the FDA standards which makes them generally safe for dogs
  • Has easy to hold design
  • Cleaning makes it easy through the use of soap and water
  • Long-lasting
  • Also great even for older dogs
  • A bit expensive
  • There are sharp plastic razor blades that may come out

Frequently Asked Questions


A: The best teething bones for puppies include bully sticks, rubber toys, nylon bones, and other chew toys. These are generally safe for puppies and last longer. However, expect that the little pooch may also experience pain because the teeth may break into the gums as well.


A: Basically, the raw bones are much safer when it comes to the use of puppies. Compared to home-cooked bones, the raw ones do not easily splinter. Aside from that, raw bones are good sources of natural calcium and phosphorus. Meanwhile, the home-cooked bones undergo the process of draining taking out the nutrients. Chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, and oxtail bones are usually the safer options of bones to be given to your little pups.


A: Actually, giving bones to teething puppies to chew on must be initially avoided as it may hinder the full development of their teeth. Moreover, hard bones can also be damaging. It is also during this stage that their teeth are sharp enough to break bigger chunks.


A: Yes, we’ve mentioned that raw bones are safer for puppies because of the nutritional contents that they have. However, accidentally consuming large chunks of it may result in choking, diarrhea, gastrointestinal problems, rectal bleeding, vomiting, and the worst, death. One of the best alternatives for raw bones as suggested by vets and dog experts are synthetic bones that are edible or sturdy chew dog treats.


A: Puppies at 12 weeks old can start trying bones. Yet, still, remember that raw bones are good options than cooked ones. Moreover, in introducing such, make it a little bit gradual. In addition, serve bones in an appropriate size that the puppy cannot able to swallow whole.

Final Thoughts

The best teething bones for puppies come in various options. You can choose from raw bones or consider homemade or cooked bones. But, always remember that the raw bones are much safer for teething puppies. Moreover, another best alternative is synthetic bones or chew toys that can also support the relief of oral discomfort of teething pups.

Aside from that, because of other special features offered by those bones or chews, your little pooch may also enjoy the chewing and get highly entertained as well. What do you think of the teething bones we reviewed here? Please share your thoughts with us!

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