Cooling Down A Dog Due To Excessive Heat

Dogs would love to play outside, especially under the sun. Running around the area and playing with kids is a typical scene you could encounter. However, too much exposure to it may cause them ailments. With excessive heat and sun disclosure held to dogs, troubles may arise in the picture like a dog excessive heat dilemma.

A dog playing at the beach

Canine has a dissimilar body condition to us. For this reason, being heated and exhausted of dogs are hard to identify. Owners mistook this case. Examining our dogs without enough knowledge will result in a typical body condition since we are not familiar with their rising body temperature. It is vital to know how to scan their body temperature properly when it comes to knowing their temperature to reduce the dog’ excessive heat crisis.

What Causes The Dogs To Excessive Heat


If you let your dog roam and play around while the Sun’s heat is too intense, your dog can suffer a fever. 

Fever is typical to people undergoing an allergic reaction if there are cough and flu, and other ailments. It is easy for a person to identify if he has a fever by touching his neck, forehead, and underarm. If that areas are burning or your hands are being toasted after connecting to it, they possess a high fever. 

However, it is hard to comprehend if a dog has a fever using touching alone since we have different body temperatures. But you can know if your dog is undergoing hardship due to fever if your dog is inactive, trembling, and retching. 

High Temperature

Summer can be fun for everyone, for it is the season of having fun at the beach and pools. Regardless, the warmness it brings can be harmful to dogs. It can be more dangerous, especially if overexposed under the sun and without an adequate supply of refreshments. 

Some people are not fond of summer or staying in a place with too much sun exposure, like on a beach and open field. The feeling of sweating can be irritating. Also, some people are experiencing headaches, and another complaint whenever disclosed to the heat in the long run. Observe some people walking on the sidewalk, watching an open field football game, and so on. They are all in the shade where no sunlight is striking through and where there is enough presence of wind breezing.

Dogs should not be left behind outside for too long, mainly if it is heated outside. Allot a time where there is no excessive heat to stroll your dog around so you can stay for more than an hour without problems. If you’re on a beach, order them to stay under a tree. Too much frontage to the sun may cause sudden changes in their disposition. 

Unventilated Room

If you admit your dog to stay in a stuffy room for the night, with the absence of air circulation and other cooling appliances like fans, you can notice them gasping for air. 

A person can’t stay longer in an unventilated area, especially for the reason of sleeping. For the people diagnosed with asthma, staying in rooms without proper circulation or the presence of air will be bad for them. Observe a housekeeper who is cleaning an enclosed closet; you can observe that they are breathing heavily and sweating excessively. 

If you enclosed your dog in an unventilated area, it is similar to letting them under the sun for too long. That unventilated area releases too much warmth that no one can tolerate. Your dog will feel uneasy and gasping for air since there are no accessible areas where the breeze can pass through. That enclosed space has no enough oxygen for the dog to breathe in. 

Dog by the beach

Indications That Your Dog Is Heated

Shortness of Breathing

One of the signs that your dog is suffering because of excessive heat is when you observe them having shortness of breathing. 

Observe construction workers whenever they are doing labor lifting heavy commodities or mixing of soil. You can observe them having shortness of breathing if they’ll not stop for a quick rest. Those persons who have asthma are easily inclined to gasping for air when they experience too much work than their desired limit. 

A dog that is heated can slowly feel changes in condition one by one. They will experience hardship when it comes to gasping for air, mainly if there is no refreshment or water. Dogs can be dehydrated, too. It is easy to identify if a dog is panting when they stick their tongue outs for too long. Sticking out of the tongue is a dog’s way to feel refresh. So when you observe them doing that routine, come for aid immediately. 


A dog’s shortness of breathing comes with over-breathing since they try hard to restore the insufficient oxygen allotment in their lungs. 

You can recognize if your dog is over-breathing when there are a quick-rising and falling of their abdomen. Also, you can hear faint muffled to your dog’s discharge whenever a dog breathes in and out—this drawback one of the signs of a dog excessive heat problem.

Over-breathing is more dangerous than shortness of breathing. Perceive a person with asthma when they are having an episode; they breathe too much to the point that they’ll faint. 


If you observe that your dog is drooling too much, they must be uncomfortable with something.

You can observe some people making jokes when it comes to eating delicious and tasty food. They’ll say that they are drooling already and can’t wait to taste the food.

Similar to dogs, they tend to drool when they are delighted. Observe it when you give them their favorite goodies; they’ll follow you wherever, not until you already lend it to the dog. You can see them sticking their tongue out and their saliva all over the corners of the mouth. Dogs tend to drool due to multiple reasons like problems in their teeth and gums, uncomfortable, the stomach’s dilemma, have eaten something wrong or contaminated, and the excessive feeling of heat. 

Increase Heart Rhythm

One of the symptoms of an overheated dog is shortness of breathing or over-breathing. These symptoms can lead to an increased heart rhythm in dogs.

Examine yourself after running meters without rest. You’ll be gasping for air, and you can feel your heart pounding so hard. It is like your heart is trying to get out. In cases like this one, we would try to stable our breathing and drink plenty of water to calm.

Dogs can have a racing heart, too. A Slow and fast pace rate can cause their irregular breathing and vice versa. However, a passive beating of the heart can result in more serious ailments than overheating.

Inactive Action

If you’re on a beach, it is typical of a dog to desire running and play around the area. You can see that your dogs are energetic, would follow you around and run with you on the shore. But suddenly, your dog would stay on one side and possessing lethargic movement. Your dog might have been undergoing overheating for the reason of its inactive action. 

Dogs cannot say what they feel, mainly if they are feeling something wrong. We, people, tend to lose the will to do anything when we are not feeling well. Staying in our bed all day is the best action we will take. Similar to dogs, they’ll tend to lose the strength to move due to the feeling of being uncomfortable and hardship as well.

An inactive action wasn’t the reason for overheating a dog alone. Idle action can be seen and observe to multiple diseases a dog can undergo. 

Shifting of Gum’s Color

If you are looking for more symptoms to know immediately if your dog is overheating, assess its gum’s color first.

When it comes to knowing if our pets in a healthy or sickening state, checking the pigment of gum is always necessary. It is the most effortless identification to see the health status of your pet. A prosperous pet must have gum that shows a complexion of shades of pink. The same as humans, we have the same colored gum, and we knew that if it changes to other colors like being pale to bluish and grayish, then there’s a need for immediate action. 

Since our dog is experiencing a shortage of over-breathing and the erratic pounding of the heart, the blood circulation is not average, so the dog’s gum is changing in color. 

Often Release

If your dog is almost making the sign for potty and observe they’re often released, this dilemma is an addition to the dog’s warning for overheating.

The common reason why a person can undergo periodic discharge if they have eaten spoiled or contaminated food. Often the release of a person is automated that the cause of this is the food or drinks they intake. However, when it comes to dogs, often release are reasons for various ailments. One of these ailments is stress. Your dog may be feeling anxious about its unfamiliar surrounding or the uncomfortable feeling he is enduring. Check for any possible reasons why your dog will retain anxiety. 

If not, for the same reason for people who are experiencing frequent discharge, your dog might have eaten something wrong, resulting in his stomach twirl. However, if none of this is visible, it could be the justification for dogs overheating. It is vital if you’d know whether your dog is often releasing for this can cause dehydration. 

Throwing Up

A dog throwing up is the effect of the changes in its condition due to excessive heat.

All of us have familiarity when it comes to throwing up. The same reason with frequent release or diarrhea may explain eating spoiled food if we aren’t fond of too much motion activity. An extreme ride in a theme park can cause throwing up because of its intense movement. 

Your dog throwing up can be by uncomfortable travel, frequent discharge, and anxiety which are the symptoms mentioned above. These indications relate to each other, so be watchful and attentive to your dog’s action. Also, one of the common reasons for a dog throwing up is its fast food intake.  

Passing Out

Excessive heat could also cause a dog to passed out. Yes, dogs are possible encounter fainting

When an individual loses consciousness, everything will blackout, and they’ll fall instantly. The same goes for dogs when they suffer passing out. It is either they’ll stumble on the floor, or when they are sitting and passing out happens, their leg falls. 

Passing out indicates severe cases such as Lyme disease and other internal problems such as endocrine, joints, and cardiac. However, passing out can be remedied immediately once you aid symptoms showing drawback, often release and throwing up.

Aiding Dog’s Exhaust Due To Excessive Heat

  • Examine Your Dog

There are sufficient indications on how to know if your dog is suffering from overheating. Abnormal breathing, drooling, increased heart rhythm, inactive action, shifting of gum’s color, often release, throwing up, and passing out. These symptoms are usually the same as other diseases that a dog may encounter. Observing your dog’s condition properly will help you to identify and to execute the right assistance your dog needed. 

It is crucial to apply and do the right first aid to prevent further injury. 

  • Scan Your Dog’s Warmth Condition

Since humans have different body temperatures from dogs, it will be hard to identify changes by touching our bare hands alone. We cannot apply how we usually check our conditions by touching the neck, forehand, and underarm. However, you can use the thermometer we have at home to check the dog’s temperature. But unlike humans, for accurate findings, using the thermometer to the dog’s anus.

  • For Cooling Down

When a kid has a fever, a parent would naturally lend him a damp and cold compressed to reduce the warmness. There are also products available in the market that can cool down a fever by sticking it into the forehead. 

You can do the same with dogs. It will also reduce their warmness and will help to keep them better. However, the usage of cold water will help them reduce the heat. 

  • Lend Refreshment

The symptoms above, like often release, throwing up, and passing out, can cause dehydration in dogs. Lending them refreshments like water will reduce the chances for it to happen. 

An individual who is feeling too heated due to excessive heat used to drink cold brews to feel refreshed. Giving your dog water to drink will lessen the hardship your dog is feeling. Also, it can be a big help if you’ll lend your dog water from time to time. Water will eliminate the chances of being overheated. 

  • Seek Assistance To Veterans 

If your dogs possess all the indications above and become severe, don’t hesitate to ask for help and get your dog to the nearest vet. 

Aspects To Avoid Dog’s Heating Up

A dog enjoying swimming in the yard
  • Maintain lending your dog refreshments for them to feel refreshed and avoid chances of dehydration.
  • Grooming your dog more frequently during the hot season will help your dog withstand and overcome the weather condition.
  • If you’re going outside, always let your dog play in areas covered with trees if possible. 
  • Choose the right time to stroll and play with your dogs. Never let your dog play if it is too heated.
  • If you are doing errands and dogs are not allowed in the establishment, don’t attempt to bring your dog with you. You’ll end up abandoning your dog in the vehicle, which is a bad idea. 

Final Words

Our dogs needed our help for them to have a comfortable and healthy life. Since they cannot do things on their own most of the time, we step up as the holder. Dogs can be affected by hot climate conditions. Knowing this information, we can able to help our dog avoid a crisis. 

During summer, we cannot stop the routines of strolling, going to beaches, etc. However, being knowledgeable about the things to do and avoid is necessary. Being extra cautious with your dogs during this season will eliminate arising problems. 

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