Best Kind of Deshedding Brush For Short Hair Chihuahua Dogs

The best way to keep your dog’s hair out of every unwanted place is to get yourself a deshedding tool. For a better way to go at this, we recommend that you look into our best kind of deshedding brush for short hair Chihuahua dog review.

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We found that using a deshedding brush for short hair Chihuahua dogs(especially smaller breeds) only takes a couple of minutes. The difference it makes is without a doubt worth it. We will typically spend five to ten minutes brushing our dogs once a week. 

The difference is instantly noticeable based on how much hair doesn’t pile up around our house. During some really shed-heavy weeks, we end up having to vacuum almost every day. If we just took the time to use the deshedding brush, we find ourselves reaching for the vacuum far less often.


 Understanding your Chihuahua’s Coat

Before we get into our pick for the best brush for a Chihuahua, let’s take a closer look at your Chihuahua’s coat. Unlike a lot of other dogs, Chihuahuas can vary in their coat length, and whether or not they have an undercoat.

Ahead, we’ll dive a bit deeper into the Chihuahua coat types so you can get a better understanding of your dog and what Chihuahua brush is best for them.

Long-Hair Chihuahua Grooming

There are quite a few variations of Chihuahua, as we’ve stated. Some have longer hair than others, and those that fall into this category are considered long-hair Chihuahuas.

You’ll find these Chihuahuas in all different colors and shapes, but they all have longer hair than their short-hair brothers and sisters. These Chihuahuas will shed more than short-hair Chihuahuas as well.

You’ll need to brush both Chihuahua types, but pay special attention to those with longer hair. You don’t have to worry about clipping a Chihuahua, though. Their coat will stop growing after a certain point, so you don’t need to keep it in check or keep it short during the summer months.

Using The Best Deshedding Brush For Short Hair Chihuahua and Dogs

If you’re using the furminator brush, you will have an easy time with removing excess hair. It removes the hair the is ready to come off. The loose topcoat hair that you see coming off your dog when he scratches or shakes. This will take all that hair off immediately. With the fur ejector button, you can remove all the hair attached to the brush with ease.

An added benefit is to have the undercoat brushing working at the same time. This is the hair that is beneath the topcoat and is still holding on pretty well. It can be removed as well. You will either be tugging away at the hair that is already loose or you will be giving a good tug to the hair that is about to come loose.

The brush has small razors that also cut your dog’s hair to reduce the amount of overall hair they have. It is important to know this fact because you can actually scratch your dog’s skin if you aren’t being gentle. The razors are there to gently remove the hair and reduce the frequency of having to use the brush.

Keeping Your Short Hair Chihuahua Healthy With Grooming

There are more proactive methods you can employ to keep your chihuahua in good health. Taking these measures will not only keep your chihuahua’s coat clean, smooth, and shiny, but will also allow you to stay ahead of any other concerns that may arise when caring for a short hair chihuahua. One concern that people have is keeping their teeth clean. This comes with having to use a different kind of brush. While you are cleaning and grooming your short hair chihuahua, consider keeping their teeth clean by using a toothbrush for them as well.

A Chihuahua brush type that will work on a short-hair Chihuahua will work on those with longer coats as well. The best options are a pin brush or comb to get rid of any mats, tangles, and dead fur.

A long-hair Chihuahua will have a fine, soft coat that feels almost feathery to the touch. They take about three years to grow their long coat fully. Many owners consider these Chihuahuas to be the more beautiful dogs and are often the ones you’ll see competing at dog shows.

Chihuahuas with longer coats need more frequent grooming. You should brush them daily or every other day to avoid too much shedding. You should also bathe them more often than you would with a short-haired Chihuahua


Short-Hair Chihuahua Grooming

Chihuahuas with shorter coats require far less maintenance than those with long coats. You still need to brush them and bathe them occasionally, but you won’t see a bunch of loose hair all over your clothing and furniture if you skip a day brushing them.

That is not to say that your short-hair Chihuahua won’t shed. Those who are allergic to dogs will still experience allergies if they own a Chihuahua since they tend to leave dead fur behind as well.

We recommend using a rubber brush, comb, or bristle brush on a short-hair Chihuahua. These tools will help get rid of dead fur without harming or irritating their skin.

Single Coat vs. Double Coat

Chihuahuas are one of the few breeds that can have a single or a double coat. Long hair Chihuahuas usually have double coats, which means they have an undercoat protecting them from the elements.

A Chihuahua with short hair will be single-coated. They still shed at the change of seasons, but not near as much as those with a double coat.

This is because Chihuahuas with a double coat have an undercoat. An undercoat is a dense layer of fur close to the skin that helps keep a dog warm. They shed this coat during the fall and spring to make way for their new seasonal coat.

Our top picks

One of the elements that greatly affects how much your Chihuahua sheds during the change in season is where you live. Those who live in climates that are warm throughout the year won’t shed very much, while Chihuahuas in colder areas will shed as the weather gets warmer or colder.

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