Dog Missing His Previous Owner—Possible?

Years of remembrances are hard to neglect, answer why a dog missing his owner counts, too. Especially when you create a bond with them that someone cannot catch up. Even so, it is hard to disregard the absence of that specific soul. Can pups suffer the lack of an individual? Do the dog missing the previous owner possible at all? Missing someone that occurred significantly to you is challenging, mainly if it is your pup. 

Dog Missing His Previous Owner—Possible?

The dog is an individual’s most loyal companion. Creating a connection with your dog is lenient; however, saying goodbye is the hardest at all. Lingering at your doorsteps waiting for you to come home after a very long tiring day, best cuddling buddy-ever, keeping you from possible risk, someone you can bring your errands, drawing smiles to people’s faces, and so much more. Having a strong relationship with your dogs is, I knew, a challenging phase for us, but did dogs feel the same, too? Thinking of the thought, “dog missing his previous owner,” caressed my heart.

5 Common Reasons Why Dogs And Owners Break Apart

Pups can give rise to our home by providing joy. Yet, getting a dog wasn’t all about the nice things it can provide. Our dog needs our time and attention almost frequently. 

Under are some explanations why dogs detached from their possessor, causing the dogs to miss their previous owner. 

  • For the sake of family members living under the same roof.

Some families tend to have a dog by their kids’ demand or even with their own will. Most of the couples who are childless or newlyweds possess a dog in their house. Dogs can also be their kid’s best playmate, or they tend to be love every species of animals.

In having a dog in one’s house, you should also consider plenty of factors. One of them is the people you are living with on the same roof. May it be your mom, dad, siblings, grandparents, nanny, and so on if one family member is allergic to dogs fur or even near them, so most not likely to have a dog in your house.

Also, having a pregnant woman in your house or a newborn infant, some families would withdraw their doggies in the place. For double safety, some people are not comfortable with dogs when there are babies around. Having a dog means having furs everywhere regardless of their species. This reason can be the first factor on the why. Also, even though dogs save our life, we cannot live our babies with them to avoid uncertain possibilities. 

  • Residing abroad or changing house location.

The owner who aims at shifting place or even to other countries, depending on the location, maybe why they cannot bring their dog with them. Residing in a new country is a different thing. The first thing you’d think the reason why is the way of transportation. Dogs can ride an airplane. However, there is a requirement regarding size, and it may be costly. Plus, the other factors they should consider.

    Owner moving into a new place because of work. There will not be enough time to take care of the dog, and if he is leaving for work, no one would be left to look after the dog. 

  • Too much on the plate.

    Having a dog excites all of us. Though, we may forget how much time we must lend our dog every day. We cannot be aware of those things until we got busy with work and family that we don’t even have time for ourselves. 

    The owner didn’t give the dog enough time and attention; this thing is most likely to happen: the owner bringing food for the dog late, no more committing to the potty trained, let your dog be outside, and so on. 

    For that reason, the owner would think that it would be best for the dog to be taken care of by others. Saying goodbye is tough, but if you cannot meet their needs, it is much worst than goodbyes. 

  • Due to peer pressure.

The other way around, if your reasons for getting a dog are because of your friends or family, not with your own will, you may find a dog demanding. Even though dogs are not hard to love, if you are not really willing and never even think of having one, that can be a problem. 

    For this reason, when the owner reached their limit, giving away the dog will be his first goal. Changing the environment is challenging for dogs, so don’t make it even harder to move from one place to another. It is crucial to speculate before you act rather than aiming to be the same as everyone else. 

  • The unexpected demise of the owner.

Death is inevitable. You cannot be with your dog forever, and your dog cannot be with you all the time. This sudden death is the awful explanation why dogs free from their owner. Stopping this will be hard, and knowing when is impossible.

Dogs Experienced Anxiety When Parted With Owner

Dog missing his previous owner is probable. Since dogs can be depressed even on moving to a new house, how much more in being away with their owner? Dogspersond likely finds the person he got to see every day for plenty of years. Much more to an owner who has a significantly linked relationship with his dog. 

Dog Missing His Previous Owner—Possible?

The best example of this is what we experience during separation from our parents, friends, or loved ones. Some tend to be stuck in the “moving on stage” for a long time. The great remembrances you have with that person which you save then in a blick, you can no longer do it with that person. 

    The same thing happens to a dog missing previous owner. Separation anxiety is the term used for the distress of a dog missing previous owner.

Clues That Your Dog Missing His Previous Owner

To be easier for you to know if your dog missing the previous owner, here are the signs you can observe to your dog:

  • When dogs are having trouble breathing.

It would help if you watched out for these symptoms. Heavy breathing is also known as one of the common symptoms when the dog is stressed. A dog that is experiencing turmoil in inhaling and exhale keeps its mouth open. The movement of the dog’s belly shifts whenever it tries to breathe. You can also hear the distorted sound coming from your dog and its snout. For physical signs, check the pigment of the dog’s gums; healthy gums, like us, is pinkish. If it went terrible, you could see blue dye of color and grayish-like.

  • You hear the regular whimpering of your dog.

    There are plenty of reasons why a dog whines. A dog must crave something like their treats and such. It could also be an indication used during potty training. Since dogs can notice if their owner is nowhere, they would most likely whine when looking for someone. 

    Be thorough to this sign, for it can be due to nothing. A dog can whines when wasted. Even we humans can cry if we feel sad or even overwhelmed whelmed. No one can say that you shud not cry or where and when to call. However, if the dog whines and you feel like he is looking for someone or something, then that whine is a clear indication.

  • A dog keeps on barking without apparent reason.

Going home, your first interaction with your dog is them barking at you. Even on strangers, they would primarily bark at those who would come closer to the dogs. If a doggy would howl for no apparent reason, like when you two are just sitting in the living room, there is no movement in the room, yet he keeps on barking. The reason maybe he can hear something from a distance since dogs can listen to everything even on low-frequency. Your dogs may have heard of something that you have no idea. It just became a routine that when he is looking for his owner, barking is the key. Regardless, this howling of pups can be a reason for yearning and need.  

  • Observe your dog moving back and forth.

    In an office, if a person presents the first time on the board, you can observe them moving back and forth before starting. In a typical scenario, if we’ll ask our kids if they drew that smiley face on the kitchen wall, kids would be swaying while looking done. For a grown-up, they would be moving back and forth when saying something with fear or nervousness.

    Identical to dogs, yearning for the presence of an individual caused them anxiety. In having anxiety, you would be nervous for no apparent reason. Look out for your doggies and observe if they would walk back and forth in a room with no intention at all.

  • If you see your dog twitching.

    Undesirable action arises when an individual is feeling stressed. You can effortlessly identify if this thing occurred with your pups if he is sitting in one area seriously watching something then flinched with unknown reason.

  • Eat less than the desired amount and even not at all.

    A stressed person won’t have the enthusiasm to eat. Even though you give that individual all their favorite foods, that won’t bring back their hunger. An individual with severe anxiety cannot feel the need even for days. And when they do eat, it doesn’t reach the regular portion of food they intake before.

    Furthermore, dogs feel the same too. One of the reasons why is maybe the dogs are affixed on how the dog’s former holder used to arrange and even the time of his food intake.  

  • Your dog is getting thinner each passing day.

    Because your dog has no appetite to eat, a typical result for this dilemma is weight down. If you have no idea that your dog has no desire to eat, you probably won’t be able not to see this degrading. Try communicating to the previous owner about the details of the food input of your dog. May it be the brand, schedule, portion, and so on.

  • Impose lethargic actions.

    Doggies who still don’t adapt to change will be passive in action. Because they don’t have the appetite to eat, which is crucial in gaining energy, this could affect them. Showing excitement and patting them will be of help. Consider walking them every day, even playing catching things to bring back the dog’s joy, or often talk to them and do things together. 

  • They are showing no interest in creating a relationship with you.

    Dog’s attention can be direct to know the location of his prior holder. For that reason, your dog is not open or in no condition to submitting to change. Waiting can be the answer, and continually trying to interact with your dogs. You will be the one to initiate between you and your dog. Furnish his love and care. Lend him treats and toys if necessary.

  • Getting away from recreations.

    If your dog feels disliked by any fun recreations for the dog, it is a severe problem. All do, even the older ones, adored playing and running. Continue to persuade them; however, don’t force them into things. You can make an effort on new things that could be fun for dogs. If your dog is fond of riding a car, go for a drive every once in a while. You can observe what the things that excite them the most of the stuff they give attention to are. Start with providing these things to your dogs before moving ahead for another. 

Dog Missing His Previous Owner—Possible?

Things To Do When Dog Missing His Previous Owner

  • Divert your dog’s attention to something else like walking and playing.
  • Be patient at all times and never stop attempting. Your dog will adore you too, as you love him. 
  • Lend your dog the right proportion of your attention when needed. Say hi every time you see your dogs and pat their heads.
  • Help your pup feel comfortable by rubbing and caressing their backs.
  • Allow your dog to move-on at a slow pace. Forcing your dog won’t do any good. 

Final Thoughts

Owners mean a lot for dogs, too. And not all humans undergo the stage of forgetting someone. It is much more challenging for dogs to fulfill this task, but they will still do with your effort. Helping your dog is crucial, for it will be hard to do it alone. Yes, a dog missing the previous owner is not near the impossible. 

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