Dog Running Nose on Floor: A Basic Guide

Usually, as pet owners, it is a norm for us to observe the behavior of our best bud. Doing that, we may see a dog running nose on floor. But, we’re not actually aware why they do so. In case you are one of those who saw this canine’s behavior to your furry friend and wants to know their reasons for that action, you landed on the right track.

In this blog post, we detailed here the causes behind the dog’s behavior of running their nose on the ground. Aside from that, to be able to help your dog in dealing with it, we also have here some helpful ways that you may consider doing to stop and prevent this dog’s behavior.

Reasons Why Dog Running Nose on Floor

Generally, there are numbers of a dog running nose on floor because they are happy with the feeling that it gives to them. Yet, there are others doing that due to certain underlying health concerns.

Below are the common reasons behind the dog’s behavior of rubbing the nose on surface:

1 – Dirty face

dog running nose on floor

Most of the time, the reason why dog running nose on floor or on the nearest surface is due to their wants in cleaning their fur. There are instances that some food or dirt was stocked on their fur. Typically, this habit of a dog nose rubbing is very much applicable for wrinkly doggies like the bulldogs and terriers. Wiping their wrinkles on a regular basis is a good technique on cutting down the behavior of dog running nose on floor.

2 – Itching

If a dog experiences itching, it does not necessarily mean that it is a major health problem. Basically, the dog running nose on floor indicates that they are itchy because of allergies. Another reason for their itching is the presence of parasites like the fleas and mites.

Moreover, dog running nose on floor due to itching may probably a sign of skin disorder in canines. In case you observe the dog running nose on floor, immediately check for skin redness and irritation. There might also be other body areas on your dog that may also be itchy.

3 – Pain

If you observe that dog running nose on floor, the possibility of the reason lies in the truth that they are trying to deal with pain as some objects blocked their nose. They might also suffer from toothache, bug bite, or bee sting. Another thing is the nasal tumor that may also be the cause of nose bleeding or lump inside the nose.

4 – Separation anxiety

dog running nose on floor

Dog rubbing nose on floor or rubbing their face both indicate canine’s anxiety. This is especially true when the dog running nose on floor or any surface if they are alone inside the house for a long period.

5 – Instinct

In case the dog running nose on floor especially after eating, it may be highly due to their natural instinct that runs down on their blood. Actually, the rolling and rubbing behavior of canines especially after eating is an innate wolf behavior. When you observe the wilderness, you will generally notice that wolf will rub on their prey’s cadaver after had been killed and feasted on it.

The reason behind this may be probably due to celebrate his victory. Meanwhile, within the domestic, the dog has this great instinctive feeling to roll after they eat a good meal. And this is not because they want to show their triumph but it already becomes their habit. Sometimes, as part of the norm, the dog cries after eating.

6 – Good Aromas

Remember that dogs have a great sense of smell. And their smelling ability is too much sensitive compared to humans. Canines have the ability to smell on the carpet, on the floor or on the trail that captivates them. That aroma may come from anything – a smell coming from someone’s footprint, an attractive aroma of perfume or a room freshener.

Generally, dog rubbing nose on floor to completely enjoy the scent that makes them feel good. Eventually, he may try to roll her whole body over it trying to put the scent on him so that he would smell like it.    

Dog Running Nose on Floor – How to Deal with It?

Now that we know the different causes why dog running nose on floor, it is actually time to deal with it. Most of the time, dog running nose on floor because of itching caused by parasite infestation or allergies. The dog may also be experiencing some pain, suffering from anxiety, finding good aromas over the ground, or exhibiting their natural instincts. However, dog running nose on floor could also mean that there is a deeper problem to look for.

But, as a responsible pet parent, we tend to take good care of our furry buddy. And to help our dog in dealing with this kind of behavior, we must have to take basic measures to immediately act upon the dog running nose on floor behavior.

*Inspect for the root cause

Once you observed unusual behavior of your pooch including the dog running nose on floor, it is primarily good to check any abnormalities on their face or nose. There could be an infection if the nose of your dog appears irritated or raw. However, it is difficult to conclude that the dog running nose on floor is the reason for its irritation. Check here for detailed instruction on checking for the dog’s face or nose with regards to a dog running nose on floor.

Step #1:

Initially, check the nose of the dog. Any signs of irritation or redness may mean that dog’s nose rubbing on the surfaces is due to itching or allergy. In case you found out any infestation, rush him to the veterinarian. Meanwhile, continue monitoring the dog’s behavior if symptoms of irritation are not present.

Step #2:

Monitor the behavior of your dog for around a few days. Supervise him every time he eats, plays and interacts with other pets.

Step #3:

Basically, take note of the time or frequency when the pooch runs their nose on the floor. Also, find for the environmental stimuli that are responsible for triggering the behavior.

Step #4:

Moreover, look for any gestures and doggy behaviors that forego with dog rubbing nose on the floor. For example, nose irritation makes the dog paw his face aside from rubbing nose on the floor. Likewise, rolling over the ground just before rubbing the nose is a normal doggy habit. So, it is better to take note of this carefully.  

*Stop the behavior of dog running nose on floor

Here are some of the essential steps that you can do to stop the behavior of dog running nose on floor:

Step #1:

Basically, try to keep away any possible irritants around like perfume or house cleaner. Moreover, go to the veterinarian in case the removal of triggering factors doesn’t stop the behavior.

Step #2:

Again, observe the dog’s behavior. Try to comprehend for the possible reason of the dog running nose on floor so that you will know what to do when he would be doing it. If the behavior occurs after eating, ensure that you are present after he consumes his food.

Step #3:

Moreover, once you already anticipate the behavior from happening, do something to distract him before the dog running nose on floor occurs. You can simply call him by his name or just clap the hands. The moment he starts directing his eyes on you, better lower down and gives him praise verbally.

Actually, the act of kneeling is one way of encouraging your pooch to get near you. Once he approaches you, immediately offer him a reward or food treat. Continuously doing this may help the dog to learn ignoring the behavior of dog running nose on floor and direct his focus on you.

Step #4:

You can also consider playing with your dog to continue distracting him. However, remember to keep some bit of gaps in between plays. Yet, the gaps will be taken by the dog as an opportunity to rub his nose again. And when he does, distract him once more and eventually make an end to the playing session.

Doing this will basically allow the dog to learn that dog rubbing nose on the floor leads to the ending of the positive stimulus of playing. Generally, this process is called as the negative punishment which is a good option for scouting at the dog.

 *Prevent the dog from doing such behavior

Generally, you can help your dog to prevent doing such behavior. If you really wanted to eliminate this dog behavior, try to ensure that his face is always clean. In case of the bulldog or other wrinkled dogs, focus cleaning the folds within the muzzle because it is where the bacteria confine making itch and irritation. Moreover, clean the folds for about once a week basis using a medicated towel.

For other dog breeds, cleaning their face and nose may be done by washing it using soap and water. Afterwards, dry the dog’s face very well and put some amount of antibiotic ointment. However, be very keen on applying because too much of it might end up the dog licking it.

In case the dog rubbing nose on floor behavior still persists after cleaning the face, it is already time to decide to go to the vet. This way the veterinarian can say if the doggy behavior is an allergic response or something more serious.

*Dog running nose on floor: Calling the vet for help

The behavior of the dog running nose on floor, especially if it is raw, means that there is something more serious to take into account. The veterinarian may perform some diagnostic testing to identify the root cause of the behavior. Moreover, after doing so, they can do specific treatments for the sore nose of the dog. The treatment may actually vary according to the vet’s diagnosis of the dog’s overall health status.

Final Thoughts

The canine’s behavior of dog running nose on the floor may be a normal habit which might not call for immediate attention. However, doing that frequently and involving some signs of irritation on the dog’s nose may indicate a more serious health condition. To help your dog deal with this, there are basic steps that you should have to follow.

What you’ll need to do is to observe and strictly monitor your dog. Cleaning their face and nose regularly may also help you with this behavior. Most importantly, have collaboration with the vet especially when you notice any abnormalities on the behavior and on your dog’s face. This way you will have a happier and healthier furry friend.

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