Dogs Are Peeing Outside But Pooping Inside

Dogs bring colors to our house and fun to our lives—a man’s best buddy during ups and downs. Even having a dog can fulfill our incomplete house. We are creating a bond with them by walking in your neighborhood or playing run and catch. However, they can be a handful at times. You may be experiencing your dogs peeing outside but pooping inside. That accident may cause us a headache to owners. Done with potty training, yet circumstances like this happen.

You might be wondering why and would like to know the reason behind this dilemma. Plus, what to do to eliminate this problem from happening. Dog peeing outside but peeing inside. 

Causes of dogs peeing outside but poops inside

Causes of dogs peeing outside but poops inside

You could be curious why your dog tends to change its habit. One day he will be one of the good dogs out there who didn’t cause any difficulties. He is so satisfactory by committing to the potty training that happened. But out of nowhere, you could see damages inside your house due to your dogs peeing outside but pooping inside the house. 

Don’t worry; multiple holders also encounter this predicament. For you to learn more, below are the reasons why dogs are peeing outside but pooping inside.

Dogs may be feeling anxious.

People tend to stop doing their routine when in the stage of having anxiety. Your mind is focused on other things or even stops thinking about anything at all. The dogs are experiencing anxiety, too. We can quickly identify if a person is concerned about looking at their eyes and routines. However, it is different when it comes to our doggies. Add the fact that they cannot talk makes it harder to know more. 

Here are some of the indications to know if your dog possesses anxiety:

  • Suppose your dog dwells in one place for a long time. Dogs love to run and cuddle. You can quickly identify this if your dog changes routinely.
  • Observe if your dog is trembling or flinching without apparent reasons. We cannot control trembling or shrink, but this is a bad indication. Your dog may be feeling something wrong or on the verge of uncertainty. 
  • Watch out for your dog’s breath in and breathing out. One of the hints of anxiety is the trouble in breathing. Observe the dog’s abdomen if it is rising overly. 
  • An anxious person would move back and forth when in distress and scared of something. Your dog can do the same too.
  • The out of nowhere barking of your doggies are signs of anxiety, mainly if there is no existence present or even a motion.

Having a new setting for the dog.

One of the most challenging things for a dog is to overcome change. Having a new setting or surroundings may confuse your dog for potty training in a different location. Plus, your dog is adapting to the new place. Giving your dog enough time to adjust by doing it step by step again. There is no rush in this kind of thing. 

There is also a chance that your dog still knew about the potty training but experiencing trouble in varying the new setting. 

The dog is not feeling better. 

A dog cannot function too well if he is not feeling better. Working people have a sick leave at work, students who are suffering is an adequate reason to be absent. The feeling of sickness makes us want to rest all day. Identical to your dogs, going out to potty may be a trial for them during illness. 

For you to know if your dog is undergoing illness, look out for these signs:

  • Inspect your dog’s gums. A dog’s gums are pinkish most of the time. If the color of the gums turns to be red, then your dog is suffering. At one glance, you can identify inflamed gums. 

Incompetent potty training.

Doing potty training is crucial to holders. It saves time and energy when it comes to cleaning damages caused by our dogs. Plenty of beneficial aspects comes with potty training. However, in instances that we think our dogs are potty trained thoroughly, but it looks like they are not. 

If you think that when potty training is marked done, then your responsibility in terms of your dog’s potty ends too. You cannot leave the learning to the dogs alone. The owner needs to be competent when it comes to their routine. 

  • Lend them treats occasionally as a reward for doing a successful potty.
  • Always be watchful and mindful about the time so that your dog won’t cause accidents.
  • You are retaining a hint when your dog will need to potty—the advice or signs during potty training. If you hear your dog doing these things, open the door immediately. Keeping your dog waiting will eventually give your dog the urge to do some damaging.
  • A scent that smells like poop attracts dogs to release in that area. They are very good when it comes to the scent of stuff. Always keep your surroundings clean and eliminate things that smell like poop. There are cleaning substances in the market that smell like poop when using. Remember to avoid using those things. 

Lack of time for the dog to potty. 

    Having a dog can be a handful at times, mainly if we have a hectic day or week. When it is time for the dog to release, give your dog enough time to do his thing. Survey if your dog accomplished peeing and pooping while you guys are outside. An unfinished business will eventually happen inside your house. Never go back until the dog has accomplished a release. This factor can cause your dogs peeing outside but pooping inside. 

The dog lacks the appetite to eat

    For a reason like this, your dog cannot release anything, and if yes, pooping will most likely happen during unexpected times. Plus, be conscious of the foods you let your dog intake. Foods like grains will make the dogs release often. If you’d let your dogs eat that kind of food, dogs peeing outside but pooping inside won’t be startling.

You should consider your dog’s age.

    Even our grandparents are having a hard time urinating or releasing themselves—the reasons why there are adult diapers in the market. Identical to our dogs, let’s put into consideration our dog’s age. Older dogs may experience confusion during potty and such. 

How to eliminate that problem

  • Formulate a good schedule for your dog’s potty.
  • Make sure that your dog does potty when outside. There are several distractions present on the outside that your dog may forget what to do. 
  • Never scold your dog for doing damage to our house. Being angry at your dog won’t provide any help. 
  • Changing the schedules of their feeding time will also chandog’she the time of your dog’s release. Stick on the time to avoid hassle during potty. 
  • Provide your dogs healthful foods.

Final words

Dogs are the same as us humans, too. Owners who created a bond and relationship with their dog considered their dog as part of their family. There are even some owners who would do a birthday party for their dogs. Even a simple cake can show how much a person values his dog and let them be part of their family.

Having a dog means having responsibilities. However, these responsibilities aren’t scary at all if you have the willingness to obtain these things.

Dogs are peeing outside but pooping inside is a common problem when it comes to potty training. It may be because of anxiety, sickness, incompetency, irregular schedules, your dog’s age, the new environment, and so on. Those explanations why your dogs are peeing outside but pooping inside can be implemented, too.

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