How Much To Feed Corgi Puppy And Adult?

So, how much to feed a corgi puppy? Like a human baby, puppies need to be fed more than a normal adult dog eats. It is because puppies need more energy and proteins as they are growing and need more energy for their healthy growth. Especially, Corgi puppies tend to get always hungry.

dogs, like humans, must have a diet plan that will keep them healthy and acquire perfect weight. Corgi puppies, no matter what will eat more than adult dogs, and still maintain proper weight. Because puppies are very energetic canines. They move around from time to time and eat more than dogs who only sit all day. But the adult corgi dogs may eat less than the puppy.

How much to feed Corgi puppy and an adult dog?

Observe the eating habit of your puppy. See if he will need the more, less, or same amount as yesterday. You must check their body shape. Your puppy’s ribs must not be seen but only feel when touched. And also, your Corgi puppy should have a curved waist right in front of the hind leg part.  

However, it is not just feeding them would be enough. Because overfeeding them can lead to health problems that lead to obesity or underfeeding them will make them malnutrition and they can’t reach their full potential growth.

Although taking care of a corgi puppy will definitely take a few bucks from you. You need to ensure that you have financial stability in order to make sure that your puppy gets proper check ups and maintain good well-being. Corgis are famous for their overeating habits. Any owner of corgis will testify to this. But be careful not to give him so much food as it will result in a health problem that can worsen if it persists. So this is pretty much how much to feed corgi puppy and adults.

Basic Corgi puppy and adult feeding guide.

This feeding guide is a rough estimation of how much to feed a corgi puppy. These numbers are just guidelines. There is no rule of thumb as to how should you put food in the corgi’s mouth.

  • 8-12 weeks needed 3 1/2 bowl of kibble food in a day.
  • 3-6 months Corgi puppy 3-6 month should have an adequate meal of 3 times daily.
  • For corgi puppies 6 months to 1 year old, 2 meals every day.
  • During the peak of an adult, corgi puppies will be needing 1 1/2 cups that are for lighter servings.

Always see to it that you provide a top brand with quality ingredients in your corgi puppies’ food. That way, you are making them grow healthy with good food provision and a dedicated diet plan for your cute corgi puppy. Prepare him nice well-balanced nutrition. Mix with some vegetables, broth, or lean meat. But be sure to not feed him too much of the suggested proportions.

Make sure that you know the eating pattern of corgi puppies, so you will adjust to the level of servings. It would be better also if you consult your local veterinarian for further assistance and to make your puppy grow healthy and with perfect built. For them to maximize their ability to be an athletic dog. When adulthood strikes to Corgi puppy, they should weigh between 25 to 30 pounds. This is very much applicable for dogs who are about 10 to 12 inches in height. Adult males should weigh 25 to 31 lbs and for females 25 to 30 pounds for this dog breed.

Foods to stay away from Corgis

Dogs too have a limitation on what to eat and what not to eat. They are not built for any food consumption just like humans and even other animals. Some foods can be too dangerous and toxic for them to eat such as chocolate and garlic.

  • Chocolate. A big no-no for the dogs. They contain toxic substances even just a tiny amount that could kill a dog, especially dark chocolates. They can cause severe vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Cinnamon. Cinnamon can irritate the mouth of the dogs. If ingested, they can become uncomfortable and feel sick. Dogs can have liver disease, decreased heart rate, and even take away a dog’s life.
  • Garlic. Onion, leeks, chives, and garlic is very toxic to dogs due to their belonging to the Allium family. They can have pale gums, elevated heart rate, they might even collapse if it becomes worse.

Other foods to stay away:

  • Coffee
  • Grapes
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Onions and Onion Powder
  • Apple Seeds

For more information and a list go to site will help you even further about the proper foods should every dog eat. These are just rough guides as to how much to feed corgi puppy and adult.

Bonus Guides: Things to note when taking care of your cute little Corgis

These are just extra heads up for you to know about what to expect from the cute little Corgi dog breeds. They are very energetic and skillful dogs, and yet they can be very irritating at some moments. They can be very vocal dogs as they tend to do bark and howl at times. They shed a lot because of their very thick hairy coat. But all in all, if you get used to it, I am sure that you will be going to love this lovely creature. No wonder they are royally loved because Queen Elizabeth’s known for having Corgis.

Life Span

Normally, any corgi breeds have a life span of 12 up to 14 years of age. Their common illness is canine cancer when they hit their old age.

You may want to find a good breeder if you really want to ensure that your new Corgi pet will have longevity in life. It will enable you to ensure that there is nothing wrong with the dog with the help of health clearance for both the puppy’s parents.

They chew everything

Just like any other puppies. Corgis always find something to chew on from hair, feet, table chairs, doors, furniture, and everything they find so enticing for them. It is a way for them to discover and explore the world in their own little world. That is why you need to give them chew bones or a toy that will be made them chew so that they can find a toy to chew on for a number of hours instead of your precious furniture and yourself. Or buy some bitter apple spray so they will keep away from the area you sprayed.

They always needed mental stimulation

Corgis are always on the go; they are very active. Expect a lot of walking and engagements with them due to the fact that they are working dogs and need to flex their muscles constantly so they can maintain their well-built and healthy shape. They will sniff around, run around, and dig something and you do not want to get your corgi puppies to dig dirt. Most especially, they always seek attention from humans because they are so loyal and interactive canine.

They are really quite expensive

Corgi dog is the favorite dog breed of Queen Elizabeth of England and they are deemed to be a royal dog. And symbolizes royalty which makes them popular and even expensive – expensive to care for because of their grooming needs, vet check ups, toy accessories, and most of all, their food. Medical expenses for neutering and spaying are also added to their expensiveness. Even the price of a Corgi dog itself is so expensive. Some owners have actually spent $200 to $350 a month for the maintenance alone. They may be pretty expensive but if taken well and groomed properly their company will outshine those few investments of yours.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi vs. Cardigan Welsh Corgi: What’s the difference

At first sight, you will never ever tell the difference between the two, but they have an interesting difference and very well history. Both corgis are intelligent, lovable, cute, and clever dog species. Some of them have unique traits such as their fairy saddle on their backs and legend has it, they were favored by fairies and elves. Although there are some few differences between them. But no matter what differences they have, they are both lovely and very clever dog breeds.


Cardigan Welsh Corgis have tails resembling a fox tail which is long and fluffy hair. On the other hand, Pembroke Welsh Corgis have shorter tails and some have none because other countries traditionally docked their Pembroke Welsh Corgis.

Size and Weight

Pembroke Welsh weigh up to 30 pounds while the Cardigan Welsh Corgi can weigh up to 38 pounds which the latter is heavier and slightly taller.

Examining the Ears

In addition to their coats, size, and other distinctive features, Cardigans have much more rounded ears. Pembroke’s ears are pointier and more triangular in shape.

Reasons to have a Corgi

Intelligent breed

It’s because they are super fun and entertaining. Corgi dog breeds are on the eleventh spot of the world’s most intelligent breeds. They can be easily trained and tend to know awesome tricks. But the time they reached adult age; they can become pretty clever. It is like the Corgis know when to listen to you or not. As if they have the free will to ignore your command. With their acute senses, they are a really good breed for a working dog.

They are cute

Admit it. Their tiny legs, large ears, soft and fluffy butt, big body, and as if they are always smiling adds to the fact that they are one of the cutest dog breeds out there. One thing that is distinctive about them is the shape of their face with excess hair on the sides looks like a fox which is so adorable. No wonder they get some spotlight on social media because of their cute features.

Who does not want a live cute, puppet-like at them? Even children will love Corgis because of their small and stature size.

Athletic build

Not to be fooled with their appearance. People think corgis are just a bunch of lazy dogs. Well, contrary to the popular belief, they are one of the most athletic breeds on the planet. They are also herders and they keep the sheep and horses in order.

They are not certainly impeded by their short legs. You can bring them to a hike because of their great athletic ability and their acute senses. They really like to exercise and can go along with you with no problem. They can even outmatch your energy level when taken and fed properly with some vitamin intake for them. Some owners sign them up for sporting events. Their kind of athletic instinct serves as a balance for them not to become overweight.

They are the perfect size

Some people might say that Corgi is just a small dog on a large body. Actually, they are a medium-sized dog which is perfectly great. Because of this, you can bring your pet everywhere, they are exempted from in-flight travels, easy to bring to work, park, or even just for a long walk. They perfectly fit well on your lap which is so great and they needed to need any additional space. They really are a mobile being which really makes it easy for you to go anywhere.

This is perfect for dog owners who live in apartment buildings or condominiums because they are easy to carry and short.


Not only Corgi dog breed is great for its medium-sized canine that you can bring literally everywhere around with you, but also, they can adapt to whatever climate you are in. Their dual coat fur makes them adapt to snowy climate conditions, and they can pretty much adapt elsewhere even in tropical areas.

Friendly Temperament

Corgis are known for their good social cooperation towards humans. They are one of the friendliest dogs out there and even in dogs when they are trained very well. They can also get along with cats and different pets.

They are also known for their big personality trait. They are very expressive in their own little ways. Their face is always smiling as if mocking you or feel you amuse. Corgis size and build make their personality really big albeit a short sized, medium dog.

For them to become a very well-rounded dog, as much as possible, train them and expose them to a social environment as they needed early socialization. This is to make sure that Corgis during their adult life, are friendly towards humans and other animals.

Final Thoughts 

Owning a corgi whether Pembroke Welsh or Cardigan Welsh Corgi can be somewhat costly. It is because it needs to maintain their proper health and well being. You have to invest in top-quality kibbles in order to ensure their healthy growth as well as to balance their diet. Making sure the right amount of food in their meal to maximize their potential and growth. Do not attempt to underfeed them or overfeed them. Give them what is exactly sufficient for them. There are some importance as to how much to feed corgi puppy and also adult dogs.

In addition, Corgis are fun and easy to train. They can shed a lot, but they are eager to play with you and loyal to you. Because, after all, a dog can be a man’s best companion, they can read your feelings and be there for you all the time. How much to feed the corgi puppy and the adult dog will vary. Good luck!

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