How To Potty Train A Beagle Puppy

The Challenges of Potty Training Beagles

Many dog owners are always searching for how to potty train beagle puppies. This is because it is very popular that beagles are quite difficult to train. But what is the reason for that?

For a better understanding of this, you should know why the genetic makeup of beagles makes them such fascinating pets. They have nice looks, they are active and a great addition to your family. 

Beagles don’t do well without a leash and you should keep them in a secured environment. This will prevent them from running off.

As for potty training, they are difficult, but you can get to understand them. 

Tips On How To Potty Train Your Beagle Puppy

Frequent Trips Outside

Puppies behave like babies but without diapers. If you got your beagle puppy at about 8 weeks, you will take them out hourly for potty breaks.

When beagle puppies are just waking from a nap or just finished playing, they tend to need to go out. You just take note of these peak times, so that you can be safe than sorry. 

Enclosures for Long Hours Away

If you have to leave your home for a long time you have to potty train them for when you are away. Using a crate may not be effective. As it will only force your puppy to go against what they have learned. They will eliminate right inside the crate, creating a mess that you will clean up.

For these reasons, you should use larger space. Which will have an area your puppy’s water bowl, food bowl, sleeping area, and safe chew toys. Including a far space for bathroom breaks, like the litter box or pee pads. 

Reward Your Beagle With Tasty Treats

Beagles have a benefit when it is time for potty training. They are very motivated with food and treats. Whenever you take your beagle puppy outside to potty, ensure that there are treats in your pocket. 

Walk your puppy to the same area that you have creates for going potty every time. When you keep your beagle puppy on a leash, you prevent them from straying. It would not allow them to be within your reach and you can promptly reward them.  

After your puppy finishes their potty time, you may drop the leash. This would allow them to explore the yard still be under your watch. It makes them feel free, play before it is time to go back to their crate or be enclosed for a longer time.  

If you find a mess or you walk in on your puppy in the middle of soiling your home,  don’t punish your pup. This may cause your beagle puppy to start hiding when they need to pee or poo. Therefore causing a regression in their potty training. 

Clean up any mess that you find in your space, be careful to watch out for when your puppy needs to go. Then you follow their prompt to take them out earlier. If you catch your puppy eliminating, just happily talk and make them follow you outside. You may pick them up, take them to the potty area outside and let them finish. Show them some excitement and reward right after they are done.  

Tip: Also while training your beagle puppy on the outdoor potty, including how to potty on command. In turn, it will help out on various occasions.

Choose the Right Crate For Your Beagle Puppy

You may think it’s freedom for your beagle puppy to have more space on their crate but it is not. Know that, the breeder unique areas for your beagle puppy for all activities. This is to make the puppy know that the crate is used for potty training.

This practice depends on your puppy’s instincts, a reminder of the days when pups were raised in the open places, in maternity homes, unique underground holes to keep both mother and puppies safe. In the wild, when pups cannot do anything, the mother dogs eat up their waste so that its odor will not draw in predators and also maintain hygiene.

Later the pups will only use the den for sleeping. They will use some special areas to meet like outdoor kindergartens. They will see that to continue to pee and poo in the area of their cozy dens is wrong. 

Pups, therefore, should instinctively not soil their sleeping areas, and therefore, should try their best to avoid soiling in the crate (as long as they aren’t kept there for too long!).

To help pups retain this behavior, choose a crate that is not too big. As a result, your pup mat wants to sleep in a corner and potty in another. Instead, a crate should be comfy, that the pup will want to maintain it and not soil their sleeping area.  Don’t incapacitate your dug during the snugness as well. You can ask the informed store attendant to help you figure it out.  

Tip: Create positive relations with the crate! Feed your beagle pup treats inside it. Ensure that you make enough provision to make it fun, comfortable, and not for punishment by keeping them there too long.   The first few days after you bring home your beagle pup, you may want to keep your pup in the crate and put it in your bedroom with you to help them settle.

More Potty Training Tips

  • Always ensure that you feed your puppy on a restricted schedule. This will prevent unexpected outings.
  • Never let your beagle puppy feel like the wander freely inside your home. To enforce this you can build a child gate to keep him inside a room with you so that you can watch them closely.  
  • Always follow your beagle puppy outside when they want to eliminate. So that you can let them know they are doing well when they are done by patting them or treat.  
  • Keep the crate near the door at all times. This is to avoid accidents when your pup walks towards the door.

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