How to Secure a Dog Crate Door – Protecting Your Dog 2021!

Dogs are really smart creatures and you will be very surprised with their supreme intelligence. In fact, they can even learn the ways and strategies of unlocking their crates. At a certain point in their lives, containing them would be uncomfortable for our furry friend making them think to escape. Because of that, it is very essential to know how to secure a dog crate door.

In this blog post, we will give you strategies in securing the door of the dog crate. Whether you’re at home or will have to take your dog on a travel, these techniques will help you on how to secure a dog crate door easily. But first, let us try to determine what type of crate is suitable for your pooch.

Type of Dog Crate

Generally, dog crates are essential needs as you can use it steadily at home or as you transport your dog. Since dogs come in different sizes, dog crates are also available in shapes and sizes highly suitable for them. Knowing this is very important in determining the ways on how to secure a dog crate door.

Dog Crates for Small Dog Breeds

In terms of dog crates, the transportation crates for small dogs are easily manageable and a little bit budget-friendly. The two most common types of dog crates for small dogs are the classic dog crate and the soft folding crate.

These two types of dog crates for small dogs can be both stowed in the car’s backseat for convenience. It generally looks like a baby car seat making the proper way on how to secure a dog crate door really easy. However, even if know how to secure a dog crate door, always keep in mind that traveling a dog crate in the front seat is a no-no. There is basically a high possibility of getting the dog extremely injured in case a crash happened.

Classic dog crate

Basically, the materials of the classic dog crate come from plastic or other durable materials that are light in weight. It is easy to carry type dog crate that usually has a single door at the front side. However, you can also see some classic dog crate with a second door at the top portion.

The presence of the second door for a classic dog crate is generally advantageous as it offers easier loading and unloading feature. But there is a downside involved in this kind of dog crate. It cannot be able to fold easily when not being used.

You can see this dog crate available at online stores. Generally, this classic dog crate is a perfect choice for transporting the vet anywhere.

Soft folding crate
how to secure a dog crate door

Compared to the first type of dog crates for small dogs, the soft folding crate is the most recent version of dog crate products. Generally, soft folding crate easily becomes popular due to its foldable feature. Aside from that, this dog crate is very convenient to use when traveling your dog.

There is one downside of using this kind of dog crate. The soft folding crate is not suitable for carrying out of the vehicle. It doesn’t include a handle for the transport of the pet. That’s why it is inconvenient to carry it with the pet inside it.

Most likely, the available soft folding crate available in the market has the ability to hold dogs for more than 30 pounds. This dog crate is made up of PVC material and polyester for a light and strong construction. Some other soft folding crates can be stored up easily as it can be folded flat.

Dog Crates for Large Dog Breeds

Another type of dog crate that can help you to determine the proper way on how to secure a dog crate door are the dog crates highly applicable for large dog breeds. However, when it comes to transporting your large dog using the dog crate along with the car safety measures becomes a bit complicated. Moreover, a vehicle having a loading area is the best and safest way to travel a large dog.

Metal crate

Metal crates are a type of dog crates available for large dogs that are really perfect within the loading area of the SUV. The disadvantage of this kind of dog crate is that it may be too big for some vehicle.

Collapsible crate

Generally, collapsible crates for large dogs are more portable versions of dog crates. They can hold dogs with a maximum weight of up to 50 pounds. The features that it offers include leak-proof base, convenient to fold up for easy storage, and highly washable. Aside from that, comfort and sensibility are what you can get with this dog crate as it has various doors and very easy to assemble.

How to Secure a Dog Crate Door When Your Dog Knows How to Unlock It

We know that the dogs are smart and witty four-legged animals. That’s the reason why they can even have the ability to unlock the door of their cages. So, to be able to protect your dog from escaping, here are some tips on how to secure a dog crate door the moment your dog learns ways to unlock it.

*Purchase new cage or improve the locks

how to secure a dog crate door

Obviously, a new cage is the easiest and the most basic way on how to secure a dog crate door if your dog already unlocks the old one. Moreover, if you are using a latch type lock that works on flipping up and down, the dog will easily learn the method of unlocking it. Due to that, the best option on how to secure a dog crate door is to switch to a lock that features versatile digits.

In case it’s hard for you to invest in a new cage, consider improving the existing lock of your dog crate door. Moreover, for additional security on how to secure a dog crate door, the other security mechanisms that you can use are a strong clip, leash hook, and lock and key. But, ensure that you can unlock it easily in case of emergency situations.

*Confine the dog in an appropriate manner

Another way on how to secure a dog crate door is to confine them in an appropriate way. Doing so will generally allow the dog to appreciate his confinement as a means of chilling out. However, do not put the dog inside the crate as a form of punishment. Basically, consult the veterinarian about the appropriate time for crating your dog.

Generally, the appropriate time for crating the puppies is around half an hour to three hours. But keep in mind that this highly depends on the age of the dog, development, control for his bladder, and other factors that may come along with it. Moreover, older dogs must not also be confined inside a cage for more than four to five hours a day.

*Proper stimulation

Remember that the dog should be provided with lots of attention from his owner and proper stimulation. This would generally make them enjoy the confinement. If you would give him enough attention, the dog would not focus on unlocking the dog crate’s door lock. So, this could be a good way on how to secure a dog crate door.

Have a specific time with your dog by playing with them or accompany them to have some exercise. But, keep in mind that it is not advisable to let the dog be out on the crate on their own. It is actually a type of dog isolation.

Once inside the crate, a good way on how to secure a dog crate door is to provide plenty of toys and alternate them on a periodic basis. This will actually avoid the dog to get tired of playing around with those toys inside the crate that caught their attention.

*Handle the dog’s stress and anxiety

Actually, if the dog does not want to be on a crate, it may be very challenging for him and he will eventually develop stress. Moreover, the dog might hurt himself and would consider getting out by unlocking the crate’s door lock. So, one of a good way on how to secure a dog crate door is to consult the vet to determine if there are any medical issues involved.

Canine’s aromatherapy or dog-appeasing pheromones can generally help the dog to calm down. Also, ask for supplements or medications that help the dog from this issue. Additionally, the desensitization program will also work excellently if there are noises around.

How to Secure a Dog Crate Door inside the Car

As an overview, how to secure a dog crate door for small dogs is to buckle the seatbelt over the entire dog crate. Meanwhile, a large dog crate can also be secured through the use of safety straps buckled into the seat clips of the car. How to secure a dog crate door through the best way is to keep safe of the front and backside of the crate. Aside from that, remember to prevent it from sliding in any direction.

how to secure a dog crate door
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There are also available accessories that support the ways on how to secure a dog crate door. Industrial safety straps can be used as they snugly fit on the top of the dog crate to prevent it from sliding or moving. The safety straps can be placed anywhere within the car to properly execute the way on how to secure a dog crate door. The car doors, seat belts, or headrests are the best place for attachment of the safety straps.

Moreover, a large dog crate requires an additional effort on how to secure a dog crate door. Again, the industrial safety straps will be very useful in keeping the large dog crate stable within the loading area of the vehicle or SUV.

How to secure a dog crate door for large dogs is basically through the use of two safety straps that can be hooked on the two sides of the car. Afterwards, attached the straps over the top of the crate to prevent it from moving. Just ensure that the straps snugly fit and secure.

Important Things to Remember in Securing a Dog Crate Door inside a Car:

Actually, dog crate will most likely to slide and move over the place inside the car as you drive. That’s why it is very important to know the proper way on how to secure a dog crate door. A moving or sliding object inside a car may lead to distraction, especially for the driver. Aside from that, the said crate movement is not also safe for the dog.

  • Always keep the dog crate at the backseat of the car. Remember that it is dangerous for the pet to seat on the front seat area. So, better to avoid doing so as much as possible.
  • However, if there is really no choice that there is no backseat available to place the crate, put your dog at the front seat. But, always do that with extreme caution.
  • Moreover, ensure that you also implement the ways on how to secure a dog crate door once you placed it at the front seat same as you do it at the back.

How to Secure a Dog Crate Door – Crate Train the Dog

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Primarily, the goal of crate training is to guarantee the safety of the dog inside the crate especially during the time that you cannot oversee him. Moreover, crate training is highly beneficial to the housetraining process as you bring a new pet at home. Aside from that, the crate is also required as you travel miles away.

Generally, the crate has several uses – from feeding your pooch to having a grocery with your furry buddy. The crates basically make the life of the pet owner highly convenient. But, even if the dog already welcomes his crate life, there will still come a time that he would want to go out and explore the world outside.

That’s why it is very important to teach your dog crate training. Besides, this is one of the best ways on how to secure a dog crate door. Below is a step-by-step process in crate training your pet:

1 – Choose a crate for your dog

We have mentioned earlier that the dog crates are available depending on the breed of your dog as it comes in various sizes. In case, your pet is still a puppy, better to go after a dog crate that fit the puppy as an adult pooch. Keep in mind that a too big crate will most likely end up using the other side of it as a bathroom.

2 – Introduce the dog to the crate

Basically, introducing the dog to the crate is a really simple process. You just need to set up the crate and let the dog have a closure look inside of it. Moreover, to encourage the dog in going inside the crate, you may try to put some toys or treats inside. This is one way of doing a positive reinforcement.

3 – Give time to the dog to be familiar with his new environment

Once the dog gets inside the crate, don’t rush to close the crate’s door immediately. Let the dog takes time to be familiar with the new space that he has to be in. Remember that in crate training your dog, you basically need patience and offer him praises.

There are dogs that generally need more time to get familiar with a crate. In case your dog barks, do not worry. What you need is to be persistent and always be on the positive side.

4 – Try to leave the room for short time if the dog is already calm

In case you already notice that the dog is already on a relax state inside a closed-door crate for about a few minutes, then consider leaving the room for some time. The dog may basically start to escape but you need to wait for the fussing behavior to stop before getting back into the room.

Repeat the process again and increase the time that you leave your pet inside the room. This way, your dog will become happy inside his crate even for about four hours. Aside from that, crate training could be a basic way on how to secure a dog crate door.

Final Thoughts

Crate training is a helpful way to housetrain your dog. Moreover, the crate is very advantageous when you have to carry your furry friend with you during travel. That’s why it is also very important for you to learn the ways on how to secure a dog crate dog whether at home or at a car. This is also regardless of the type of dog crate that you have them in.

Most dogs experience anxiety when they are inside or outside the vehicle. Because of that, the crate serves as their secured resting place. Generally, the crate helps the dog to have and to feel a safe and secured trip with you. Through this, your dog could live a happier and healthier furry life.

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