How To Treat Ear Mites In Dogs At Home?

Ear mites can be so itchy to dogs and they pose threat to dog’s ears. Dogs with this kind of infection will shake and scratch their heads every time. This is because the ear mites have been living on the ear canal of the dogs which can be irritating for them. You may be wondering how much it costs to remove ear mites infection from the vet. Fortunately enough, you don’t need to go to the vet’s clinic to remove the infection. You can treat ear mites by yourself at home. Here’s how to treat ear mites in dogs at home.

What Are Ear Mites?

They are little insects that normally live in the ear canal of a dog or a cat. Otodectes cynotis can become infectious when they infest the animal’s ear. No wonder the Latin name exactly translates as “ear beggar”. The translated name describes what the ear mites do. They eat the earwax and oils of the dog’s ear. Their lifespan usually lasts only three weeks but they give serious irritation and aggravation to dogs who are suffering in their infestation.

Other potential mites can infest the dog’s ear which is called Demodex. While Otodectes cynotis lives inside the ear, the Demodex lives outside the ear.

What Can Cause Ear Mites in Dogs?

Ear mites can transfer from one dog to another. There is a high transfer rate of ear mites when a dog is outdoor playing with other dogs or other animals. This can be transferred through close contact. Another cause is when their shelter or place of sleeping is dirty. Some mites can travel from the neighborhood to your place. It can also be caught due to unclean ears and wax-build up over time.

What Are the Symptoms of Dog Ear Mites?

  • Itching: You will notice the dog’s excessive scratching and shaking of the head which can tell a sign that the dog’s mite is beginning to swarm and infest their ear.
  • Inflammation, wounds, and infections: The dog’s excessive scratching can lead to inflammation and cuts from their ears. You will notice that the dog uses its hind limb claws to scratch the base of its ear. This means that the mites have infested the ear irritating the dogs. This can also lead to infection because the open wounds and bacterias will penetrate the wound causing an infection.
  • Foul Odor From the Ears: Once the ear mites settled and causing an infestation inside the dog’s ear, wounds are exposed, infections are taking place, and inflammation are starting to worsen. This instances going on in the dog’s ear may produce a foul odor from their ears. You can smell the foul odor if you are close to the dog especially if the dogs shake their head, the fumes coming from their ears releases foul odors, and it is all because of the ear mites.

Treating an Ear Mite in Dogs at Home

Mineral Oil

If you want to avoid ear cleaner products for dogs, you can use mineral oil which will work just fine.

Put at least 2-3 drops of mineral oil in your dog’s ear. Slowly and gently massage the ear for 30 seconds to a minute. This will spread the oil all over the ear. This will undoubtedly wipe out the ear mites and the infested area.

Then, use only a cotton ball after you have massaged your dog’s ear. This is to wipe the dog’s ear flap inside with mineral oil. When doing this, you must always clean both ears because ear mites can just transfer to another dog’s ear.

Allow the oil spread and do the work for 3-5 minutes. Use another cotton ball to clean each ear and to remove mites and dirt. You can also use tissue in this process, but never use a q-tip because it is dangerous. You might accidentally insert the q-tip which can be hurtful for the dog and it can even bite you.

This is a simple home remedy and methods for removing your dog’s ear mites. But remember, the mineral oil does not contain a strong chemical content that could completely smother the ear mite’s residency at the dog’s ear canal. For effective results, you should apply this method at least 2 times a week per month. This is to be sure that the ear mites are surely killed.

Oil Treatment such as Essential Oils

Essential oils are not only used as aromatherapy for dogs. They can be a perfect remedy for treating ear mites. Holistic veterinarians will approve this treatment for its highly effective healing method. Moreover, most vets and dog owners alike have recommended almond or olive oil as a basic oil and for simple treatment.

Or… you can try this natural ear mite home remedy:

What you will need:

  • 1 ounce of witch hazel
  • 5 drops of clove oil
  • 5 drops of tea tree or melaleuca

Mix these three ingredients and put 4-5 drops of this natural essential oil into your dog’s ear. Again, gently massage them for 30 seconds to a minute. Use a cotton ball to wipe the dog’s ear inside and also its inside ear flap.

If you are going to use this for a high effectivity rate, use this twice per day for 10 days. After that, you will notice that the ear mites have evacuated the place and started to find another home.

Antiseptic Tea Rinse

You can also use green tea. Green tea is useful to prevent and cure ear mites infestation as well. It is a natural solution to ear mites in dogs because green tea is a natural antiseptic. You will be needing ingredients that, I’m sure you have in your house.

  • Green tea and Hot Water. That’s it.

Seep the green tea in hot water for few minutes. It is like you are having a normal cup of tea.

After seeping, cool down it until it reaches room temperature.

Put 3-4 drops of green tea in the dog’s ear, use a tissue or cotton to wipe the area near ear canal and also the ear flap inside.

Do this method every day for a month to wipe off the ear mites and the coffee grounds-like dirt that mites leave.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The apple cider vinegar can simply remove the ear mites out of the dog’s ear. Also, apple cider vinegar fights bacteria and yeast. Do not use this if your dog has an inflamed ear or open wounds, applying this vinegar will sting your dog and you might get hurt also.

What you will need:

Add filtered water and apple cider vinegar. It must be a 50/50 solution. Use a cotton ball and soak it in the solution. Gently clean the inside of your dog’s ear and wipe the ear mite dogs.

Ear Mites Prevention in Dogs

Always make your surroundings clean bedsheets, floors, places where your dog is sleeping. Disinfect and regularly clean the frequent areas of your home. Also, if you have multiple pets such as cats and dogs on one roof, there is a high chance that your dogs will get ear mites and they might multiply because of the number of pets you have. Try to give them a bath and proper grooming so they can stay clean and free of infections, ticks, and fleas

Clean your dog’s ear and follow the treatment and the method I have written above. You might want to talk to your vet about other tips or prescriptions for ear mites, that way you are perfectly safe and your dog too.

Overall, mite-proof your house as much as possible clean the surroundings of your home even the corners of it just to be sure no tiny critters are attacking your dog’s precious ears. Sometimes even if your house is well maintained and your dog is regularly cleaned, there is still a possibility that ear mites may come from the neighbors or stray animals.

Commonly Asked Questions About Dog Ear Mites

Are There Any Complications?

If your dog is not treated properly and early on, your furry friend can experience a serious complication in the long run. They might get hearing loss, infections due to wound cuts, and they can even lose balance. Normally, the common issue of complications comes from an open wound due to excessive scratching of the dog.

Other Ways To Treat Ear Mites

There are many ways to treat your dog’s ear mites including the methods I have written. But, if under some circumstances you do not want a natural remedy or do not have time, you can absolutely go to a pet store and buy over the counter ear treatment for dogs, specifically look for an antimicrobial remedy. You can also consult with your vet for the best, effective treatment and diagnosis. Since vets are more can accurately heal and remove all the ear mites. There is also a comprehensive study about medicinal plants that can heal dog’s ear mites.

Can Ear Mites Affect People Also?

They are found mostly in animals. They can transfer from one dog to a cat and other pets you have. But humans are unlikely to affect ear mites. They might bite you which can cause itchiness but infesting in the human ear is not possible.

Final thoughts

These simple yet effective home remedies are one of the best ways to combat your dog’s ear mites. If you are on a tight budget this simple method is recommended for you. For better options, you can ask for advice from holistic vets as they are knowledgeable with regards to natural remedies. Only if you do not like to use commercial ear cleaning products and you are into natural products.

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