Is Raw Bacon Bad for Dogs? Dog Guide 2021

Dogs have this instinct to immediately grab the food they want to taste even if it was served on the table. But, there are times that their pet owners feed them with human foods. Yet, keep in mind that there are human foods not suitable for dog consumption. So, knowing this, is raw bacon bad for dogs?

As we go along, we will give you some important details about canines eating raw bacon. What will happen to the dog in case he has eaten this kind of processed meat? Moreover, also detailed here are some of the common symptoms that you should have to look for and the ways to deal with it in case your dog eats raw bacon. 

Is Raw Bacon Bad for Dogs – Approved for Dog’s Eating or Not?

The main question is this, “Is raw bacon bad for dogs”? Before we dig deeper into that, let us first explore if dogs can eat bacon. Actually, bacon, being processed meat of pork, contains a relevant level of fat and oil. Knowing that feeding the dog with bacon may result in stomach upset especially when given on large amounts. Moreover, the grease that the bacon contains has the probability to block into the arteries of the puppy.

Resisting giving human food on your dog especially when they really want to taste the bacon is such a challenge. But, as part of knowing the fact is raw bacon bad for dogs, you must have to ignore your dog’s request in tasting the bacon even if they will show you a frown. Please keep in mind that dogs eating bacon regularly can fire up more complicated health concerns like canine’s pancreatitis.

Just like in humans, the dogs also absorb and digest their food with the help of their pancreas. It is also the responsibility of the pancreas to release the enzymes needed for digestion. Canine’s pancreatitis hinders the normal food and nutrients absorption of the dog. In case the pancreas of the dog is not properly functioning, harmful symptoms may occur.

Among the dog breeds, the smaller ones such as the cocker spaniels and the miniature schnauzers are highly susceptible to this condition in canines. But, if you own a Labrador or a German shepherd, it is too early to celebrate as larger breeds may also suffer from pancreatitis. Poor nutrition and foods high in fat are contributing factors for having pancreatitis.

is raw bacon bad for dogs

This generally implies that feeding bacon to dogs may lead to several health concerns. So, are you still in doubt is raw bacon bad for dogs? Well, more details are here in the succeeding paragraphs for you to know.

The good thing is pancreatitis can be treated through fluid therapy and supplementation of potassium. Moreover, this dog’s condition is highly preventable. So, just to be on the safe side, do not ever attempt giving bacon to your loveable pooch.

Is Raw Bacon Makes Dog Sick?

Now that we know that eating bacon entails numbers of health-damaging issues to dogs. So, is raw bacon bad for dogs? Generally, raw pork like raw bacon may cause havoc to the dog’s health.

Raw bacon really makes the canine sick and aside from pancreatitis, dogs are also at high risk in acquiring trichinosis. It is actually a disease that is due to the presence of roundworm parasite called the Trichinella spiralis.

Acquiring such disease gives you some answer to your query regarding “is raw bacon bad for dogs”. Knowing that it is also advisable not to let the raw bacon lay around during breakfast. Basically, keep the raw processed meat from the site of the pooch to get him out of trouble.

Signs and symptoms to look for when dog is eating raw bacon:

Is raw bacon bad for dogs? Actually, bacon contains fat that leads to numbers of medical problems in dogs. Initially, the dog may be very uncomfortable after eating raw bacon in large amounts. Is raw bacon bad for dogs? With the following signs and symptoms, you may have an idea regarding your query “is raw bacon bad for dogs”.

Abdominal pain

Generally, once you touch the belly area of the dog, they may react painfully or may walk strangely. This is probably due to the pain within their abdomen. This also indicates that the food they consume makes the intestines to get inflamed. With this sign, you may answer “is raw bacon bad for dogs”.


Diarrhea is absolutely a common thing for dogs especially when there are some issues on their dietary aspects. However, this sign also indicates the way of the dog from excreting the bacon out from his system. The question “is raw bacon bad for dogs” makes sense with this kind of symptoms.

So, the best thing to do with this is to observe your dog during their potty business to make sure that they are eliminating the bowel successfully. However, calling the veterinarian will always be a good option. They may know that everything will turn out well and will go back normally.

is raw bacon bad for dogs

Once your dog is not feeling well, he may be experiencing an indication regarding the query “is raw bacon bad for dogs”. Lethargy in dogs is usually characterized by a lot of sleeping or loss of interest with the activities that they normally do. This symptom must occur due to the sore muscles or fever that they have. Be very cautious with this because an infection must be present inside your doggy. Better to immediately call the veterinarian regarding this matter.

Muscle pain

Since eating raw bacon will lead to parasitic infection for dogs, we already have an idea about “is raw bacon bad for dogs”. Knowing that it is also important to know that a parasitic infection in canines might make them look weak, suffer from difficulty on swallowing, and may experience swollen muscles or damaged skeletal muscles. It is pretty much important to check for this sign as trichinosis in dogs is difficult to diagnose.


Even in humans, vomiting is a great indication that something is not right inside the body, especially on the digestive system. Vomiting is one way of expelling what’s inside and the dog might be trying to blow out the bacon that they already consume. So, by showing this symptom, asking “is raw bacon bad for dogs”? Well, it definitely means trouble for them.

Other signs and symptoms to look for:

Aside from the above, here are the other indications that definitely answer “is raw bacon bad for dogs”:   

  • Bloat
  • Depression
  • Fever
  • Increased heart rate
  • Loss of appetite
  • Low levels of potassium

Other Food Alternatives to Bacon

Is raw bacon bad for dogs? Generally, dogs are carnivores but raw bacon and even the cooked one may be dangerous for dog’s consumption. So, instead of giving those foods that may impose health problems to them, consider feeding them the following bacon alternatives:


If you are looking for a nutritious yet budget-friendly option, chicken is the best one to choose from. Basically, chicken has more protein content but lesser fat compared to pork. Dogs generally love to eat chicken as well. It entails a plethora of benefits to dogs yet feeding this to dogs entail one downside.

This type of white meat can be tainted with bacteria especially the Salmonella species. So, is raw bacon bad for dogs? Usually, dogs eating raw bacon can be a factor for them to acquire sickness. This is also the case with chicken. Meaning to say, feeding dog with chicken can make them sick.

The key here is to cook the food properly before giving it to your furry friend. Aside from that, hand washing is also important after working with the raw one. It is also essential to disinfect the surfaces or the utensils being touched by the raw chicken.


So, the answer to the question “is raw bacon bad for dogs” is yes, then better to consider giving your pooch some turkey. This is actually the same with chicken but in terms of the fat content, this white meat has a lesser amount. However, it also has a different level of palatability with the chicken and is quite more expensive. Additionally, turkey is a good alternative for the protein requirements of the dog.

Is Raw Bacon Bad for Dogs – How to Deal With It When Eaten?

Generally, a dog being healthy starts from a healthy lifestyle or routine. However, keep in mind that healthy habits do not only pertain those that are performed by your dog but also those things that you do to them as well. Is raw bacon bad for dogs? We already learned that it is! So, here are some of the helpful things that you must do in order to help your dog deal with it:

Proper training

In order to avoid your dog from requesting to taste a strip of bacon, whether raw or cooked, the best thing that you can do is to train them at an early age. This will actually let them learn boundaries in your home. A good example of this is not allowing your dog to jump on the dining table or preventing them from stealing food while cooking or while eating. Teach this to them on their early age as everything that they haven’t learned during their puppyhood days would be very hard to inculcate to them when they’re already an adult.

Store foods properly to keep them out of reach by the dogs

In case you adopted or bring up a hardly trainable pooch, the ending is that their instincts might always win. So, they will still even try to steal a strip of bacon on the table even if we know the answer about “is raw bacon bad for dogs”. Therefore, the safest way that you can do as a pet owner is to avoid your dog from eating foods that are not good for them. This means that you need to store those foods out of their sight.

Actually, this may be an easy thing in the first place. But, this opens a new habit for you to follow. So, it might initially be hard. Generally, keep those bad foods out of the reach of your dog all the time. However, if you’re not used to it, keep the dog away from you while you are handling it or when the food is served on the table. 

Final Thoughts

Is raw bacon bad for dogs? Actually, there are human foods that are not good for human consumption. This applies true for raw meat and processed foods like ham and bacon as it may lead to some major health issues in dogs. Canine’s pancreatitis and the trichinosis are the most common illnesses that the dog may acquire in case they eat raw bacon.

Dealing with this kind of situation in dogs may generally need the support of the pet owners like you. So, considering following the steps in preventing the dog to eat raw bacon will help your dog to give importance to their health. Most importantly, in case there are any alarming signs after your dog has eaten raw bacon; ask for the vet’s professional help. This way, they will provide the appropriate diagnosis and treatment for your dog to help them live a happier and healthier canine’s life.

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