Older Dogs Depressed Over A New Puppy- Explained

We, humans, tend to be depressed over uncertain reasons. An only child who gets used to receiving all the love his/her parents give alone will experience trouble when he/she gets a new sibling. Routines will change in an instant, and the child will be hard to cope up with that rash transformations. The same happens with dogs; adjusting to a new environment is challenging for them. Older dogs depressed over a new puppy is not impossible.

Adapting to change will be much harder for dogs. They can’t speak and say their opinion towards it. The owner won’t know what to do for him to adapt to the new things around him. Dogs have the same feelings as humans, too.

What causes depression in dogs?

Knowing the reasons why your dogs are getting stressed is essential to know, especially to pet owners. Being knowledgeable of these causes will keep you from arising and preventing those things from happening. Older dogs depressed over new puppies can be prevented, too.

The presence of other animals.

You can observe your dog likes to lie by the door or window and watching the happenings outside—one of the reasons why dogs are getting depressed if they saw another animal in their habitat. This thing mostly happens if it is the dog’s first encounter with an unfamiliar animal. Building up anxiety to that dog will rise. 

He is seeing that someone is invading his area and most likely to snatch it from him. 

Excessive Noise

older dogs depressed over new puppies arrives at its home

Every New Year’s Eve, there is a wide range of noises in every corner. People are celebrating; stereos are volumed up, karaokes doesn’t stop; fireworks and horning from time to time are a typical New Year’s Eve in some countries. Observe your dog during this event; they most likely stay inside the house and would even hide. 

Dogs aren’t fond of loud sounds. Because they will hear even low-frequency creaks, how much more from an excessive uproar like things done during celebrations? 

Celebrations like simple gatherings and small dinners, dogs, are very much active during those times and would even play with visitors. They are busy because they feel safe, for there is the presence of a calm atmosphere.

Different Environment

A newly adopted dog was not that very much active during his first step into your home. A place that is unfamiliar to them feels like someone wrong will attract them at any minute. Hazard and threats are like in every corner of that new place.

If you are moving into a new home together with your dog, foresee that they will feel depressed during the first week. He is out of the habitat he had grown and placed into a new one. A new house for a dog is like repeating the scenario of his first step into your home. Similar in older dogs depressed by new puppy is a unfamiliar thing to them.

Changing house lay-out

Changing your house structure, theme, interiors, or even shuffling your furniture into various spots can depress a dog. It just not a new habitat that scares them, but also the little changes we make. 

Unstable codes

It is fun if dogs follow our commands. In a home, training a dog not to pee on the carpet, not go up into the bed, slippers not to be bitten, and so on. These commands are right to be implemented to homeowners. Training your dog to be obedient is a lot of work but is worth it in the end.

Giving your dog mixed signals will confuse them. Stay fixed to your rules, and you shouldn’t be the one to disobey them. Altering rules day today will cause them distress, for they wouldn’t know the right thing to do and what not. One time you are getting your dog to go up to your bed; call them the next time they do it. Following your own rules will help them, too.

How to know if dogs are depressed?

It is easy to know if our dogs are withstanding depression. We can relate ourselves to them for plenty of similarities in reasons that we can glimpse. Below are the indications of dog’s or older dogs being depressed over new puppy and such:

It eats a ton or less than its regular intake.

Even if we dare stress, we tend to undergo this “stress eating disorder.” We mostly used eating as a way to rid our anxiety, yearning for certain foods, eating every hour, and twinkling. It’s like taking up foods will make us shrink the pressure we are facing.

    The same goes with the dogs depressed over new puppy; if you notice they are eating more or less food than their regular portion of sustenance, something may be stressing them out. Looking out for dogs and observing their daily routine and habits will be more comfortable for you to specify dilemmas.

Lethargic reactions.

Dogs are very much excited when we go with them for a walk. They’ll be more active, like wanting to run more and search for something. An active dog would be running throughout, struggling in your lap and putting on kisses, dragging stuff, go where you go, and so much more.

    If one day they halt on doing that everyday routine of activeness and starts to stay in one place for a long time, they are wrangling with depression.

Dog constantly napping.

Related to what I mentioned above, with dogs being lazy to move around, add this one too. It is usual for dogs to snooze often. However, you can observe if they are perpetrating napping too much, like being exhausted all-day round even if they don’t do something but to sit and be lenient. 

They exaggerated nibbling and licking.

People continually execute their mannerisms when stressed. Combing and curling of hair with fingers, biting of nails, scratching, touching of brows and chin, tapping of fingers, and so on. 

    For dogs, watch out for the mannerism of licking their paws or even eating it. They are like humans when stressed, too.

They prefer to be alone.

Uniform when there are loud celebrations where they hide, they do it too when depressed. You can find it in their cage or favorite spot, and when you came back, they’re still there until before that when they spotted you, they’ll typically run behind you.  

    If this happens, assume these two reasons: they are depressed or injured in any parts of his body. Inspect instantly every portion of its physique.

Reasons why older dogs depressed over a new puppy

Unfamiliarity. Dogs can be uncomfortable with new things. May it be all about a different home, cage, owner, and even foods. It takes time to sway them. Pups are relaxed to fixed things, routines, and surroundings. Letting them meet a new puppy will make them uneasy.

Jealousy. Even a kid who is an only child is envious of his/her little sibling. And generally, if you’d ask an only child if they’ll want to have a sibling? Most of them would most likely not say yes. The only child wants their parents’ attention, love, and care focused on him/her. And having a new baby will make their parents forget about him/her.

Age gap. People prefer to be friends with someone close to their age and someone almost the same with them when it comes to their likes and dislikes.

Puppies are playful and very active, given by their young age. All they wanted is to run around and wear down stuff. Older dogs, on the other hand, are done with that phase of life. They are now on the chill and enjoying kind of things.

That is the best example of how dogs feel about new dogs, creating them to be depressed. 

What-To-Do For Older Dog Depressed Over A New Puppy

Jealousy and unfamiliarity are the main reasons why older dogs are depressed over a new puppy. 

✔ Ensure the motive.

There are plenty of reasons why pups are prevailing depression. Substantiating that the signs of older dogs depressed over a new puppy arise after it came to pass. 

Make twice as much checking out your dogs for any existing wounds. Even a presence of creeps in their fur may make them anxious. 

✔ Stroll them together.

older dogs depressed over new puppies arrives at its home

Let them be pals. And being pals start with hanging out the two together. They will feel relaxed with the existence of each other in continuous contact. 

People are always careful in terms of meeting new people or being with unfamiliar persons. Some even do a background check to see if they are dangerous or not. If only dogs can do background checking. 

Wait in time when you can no longer separate them! Older dogs being depressed to new puppies will be gone.

✔ Separate them if necessary.

If you’re too worried about the condition of your older dog and it won’t even join in being buddies with the new dogs, consider separating them in the meantime.

The two dogs should have distinct places of sleeping point, eating area, and even detached walking or bonding time. Older dogs may be baffled with pups who are too naughty and loud. Since older dogs are years of age, they prefer a quiet and calm environment. 

It will be too hard to place them together, for they have very different characteristics, especially if the two are various breeds.

✔ Always prioritize the older dog.

One of the leading reasons for older dog depression over a new puppy is jealousy. Even I would feel jealous if having someone to share the love and attention you give.

When playing with your dog, letting them eat, and greeting them, always do it to the older dog. The dog feels like if you have a new puppy, an older dog is not out of the picture. Assurance may be crucial to every person here in the world, so are the dogs.

✔ Acknowledge them more often.

After and before going to school or work, don’t forget to say hello and see you again. Lend as much as abundant affection you can give. It will help older dogs to stay at ease and bring back their active self just like before. 

Cheer them up and applaud during performances, especially if they are following and making the rules you trained them.

✔ Gift them treats and new knickknack

People who feel distressed do a lot of shopping that will satisfy themselves. Buying the things you want helps to bring back the yearning for living.

Giving doggies their favorites treats will surely fascinate them. Delivering something that they look forward to having any time helps—the same with spoiling them with new toys to play with, mainly those who older dogs enjoy.

older dogs depressed over new puppies arrives at its home

Bonuses On How to Take Good Care of Your Dog


Giving dogs a good, tidy, and sufficient area to sleep in will diminish the likelihood of dogs being depressed. A healthy environment with zero risks will make them comfortable to live in the designated point.


The essential things for man are water, food, clothes, and shelter. It also applies to the dog’s excluding the clothes, for they can live without them. However, owners dress up their dogs for fun and fashion. Dogs can easily be hydrated, mainly if it is summer and there is no wind or fan in the area. 


The food is necessary; however, too much is dangerous for a dog’s health. Delivering dogs enough sustenance every day and balancing their diet will lessen the chance of overweight. A chubby pup will captivate more drawbacks.


Dog’s furthermore needs vitamins to strengthen their immune system. There are also different vaccines that dogs need to be safe for kids and not cause any unexpected injury.


Walking your dog is an acceptable form of exercise not just with you but for the pup, too. Professionals require people to exercise regularly to retain their shape and prevent complications. Your dog will be more active if trained suitably and continually.


They say that dogs are the best man’s best friend. You can even skim news featuring dogs saving their owners from accidents. Linking with them makes them more fond of you. In the famous movie Hachiko, the dog is too close to its owner that it kept on waiting for him even though there is no one to wait for already. We all want that kind of loyalty and affection.


Having them following some vital rules will make it easier for you to maintain taking good care of them. If you are encountering problem in teaching your dog, they are plenty drilling lessons for your dogs. You can even hire a private one and do it in your own home.


Men compel on getting a haircut every month or even every 2-weeks. Long-haired men are not neat to look at, and the same goes with the dogs. Aside from hair cutting, trimming of nails is also crucial. Keeping their nails trimmed will be comfortable for us to bond with them more.

Final Thoughts

Dogs are a man best friend. Once they came into our lives, we must always consider our dog’s condition when deciding. Knowing and observing your dog will help us to distinguish if something’s wrong with them. We should not keep our dogs feeling depressed. There are plenty of ways on how you can help your dogs. Taking care of your dogs is much more than a responsibility. 

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