Can a Dog Eat Poppy Seeds?

You may have just returned to your house, and you find your dog munching on a loaf of poppy seed bread. You may want to contact your veterinarian immediately. You can decide to leave your dog to sleep off the high carbohydrate consumption. Perhaps you feel like there is no worry that the bread they are eating contains poppy seeds.  

Generally, we know that garlic and some other food items are not ideal for your dog but figuring out some other food items whether they are safe or not maybe a bit tricky.  

The poppy seed belongs to the second category whereby you are not certain of how they will affect your dog. This article will look into the consumption of poppy seeds, whether they are indeed safe for your dog. If it takes eating in smaller quantities for your dog to enjoy the benefits or needs to be higher or it should be avoided. 

Poppy Seeds And Your Dog

Your dog can eat poppy seeds but that doesn’t mean they should. You also need to ensure that you are extremely careful in keeping them away from your dog. Poppy seeds are extremely poisonous to dogs. Generally, all the parts of a poppy plant are toxic for your dog. While the toxicity level of poppy seeds depends on the species of plant that the seeds come from, it may be of higher or lower risk to your dog. Because some poppy plants can contain a strong volume of opiates, some of them are more harmful to your dog than others.

Causes of Poppy Poisoning in Dogs

The poppy plant contains the alkaloids morphine and codeine. Although these contents may have their benefit in medical applications, they are harmful to the central nervous system if consumed in excess. While the poppy plant seeds are not seen as toxic to your dog. It would be safer for you and your dog to not let your dog consume them.

Symptoms of Poppy Poisoning in Dogs

If your dog consumes poppy seeds, the next thing to expect is to show some health symptoms that would make you know something’s wrong even though you have not identified the cause. The building of these toxic symptoms will differ based on the quantity that your dog ingested. Such toxicity symptoms include; 


-Pinpoint pupils






-Respiratory depression

-Slowed heart rate



If your dog is showing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, you should call the veterinarian’s attention as soon as possible.  

Types of Poppy Plants

The poppy plant comes from the genus Papaver.  Plants that are under this genus have a widespread, bowl-shaped flower that has several colors.   The poppy is easy to identify when you see them in red colors. There are a variety of species of poppy, all of these species are harmful to your dog if your dog consumes them.

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    Treating Poppy Poisoning in Dogs

    The veterinarian may try to eject all remaining elements of the poppy plant by causing your dog to vomit so that he can be free of any remaining poppy pieces in his belly. Apart from this, you may give your dog activated charcoal, so that it will join with the toxin left in their body system before the bloodstream will absorb it.

    If your dog can not breathe properly, your veterinarian may begin such that they put your dog on oxygen through flow-by or keep him in an oxygen cage. In such a case that your dog is experiencing chronic difficulties and swelling, the veterinarian would intubate him and continue to administer oxygen through intubation until the veterinarian is certain that your dog is stabilized.

    My dog is experiencing poisoning symptoms

    In your dog shows symptoms like, depression, dilated pupils, lethargy, or any other. Go and keep them in a calm, dark place. will assist in calming them down until the effects of the toxicity they ingested wear off. You can them certain fluids like water, this will help their system to easily and quickly flush out the poison from their system.  This method has proved effective and efficient over time and it also shortens the time they would have required to recover fully.  

    My Dog Is Showing Symptoms Of Heart Problems

    If your dog is showing signs of having heart problems, they need to be put on monitoring equipment almost immediately. This procedure will help the veterinarian to see the constant display of the dog’s vitals, including the pulse.  It will permit the opportunity to quickly intervene and save your dog should the heart rate begin to go down. As the situation demands, the veterinarian will administer to your dog extra medications that would prevent further health complications.


    It’s best that you avoid ever feeding your dog with any food that has poppy seed contents . Although some dog’s systems may be able to accommodate the intermittent poppy seed bread or bagel that you give them. Or they ate by accident without any adverse health effect this doesn’t mean it is safe for them. The bottom line is the poppy seed or food items that contain poppy seed is no good for your dog 

    As you intend to treat your dog to snacks, do so safely. Select premium dog treats that isspecially for dogs.   

    Get Help 

    We believe that some situations are accidents and your dog can eat from your pantry without your consent. Situations like this that are beyond your control will require that you call your veterinarian. As soon as you find out they have accidentally eaten poppy dog seeds.

    Your veterinarian can give you advice on some specific symptoms to watch out for in your dog. r if it requires that you bring your dog in for a check or observation. 

    Although poppy seeds may look like harmless food to your dog. From this article you’ll agree that it is a food item that you must prevent your dog from eating.

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