Puppy Potty Training Done—After Problems

Putting up with a dog is not for everyone. Some people who are so-called “animal lovers”, are so fond of any animal’s presence whether they saw it only once when passing by. However, having a dog is not for everyone. Puppy potty training is required. Someone may find dogs to be a handful to retain. With instances like this one, there is potty training for dogs that will improve dogs’ routines. However, after a week, month, or even a year, a puppy who was potty trained but now having problems may arise.

There are various factors and reasons why dogs have an issue in behaving after training. During a movement of discipline, the dog and the owner must be urged to maintain their finishing training and have a successful puppy potty training.

dog being walked by his owner

What Is Potty Training?

    Every one of us has been taught potty training by our parents. Each parent has a unique way to educate their children when it comes to this regulation. 

As for me, I can still remember my mom bombarding me not to pee in our bed. She designates a place for me to pee in that cute little pink plastic bowl place beside our actual toilet. Having a pink bathroom prepared for me brings out the feeling of excitement that I would always want to pee every time. 

    This kind of training is not just for kids, but dogs, too. A puppy potty training. Like how parents teach their children, you can also do the same to your dogs with easy steps and even just at your home. 

The benefit of Potty Training

Dog owners to have hassle-free dog keeping. Some of us may want to have a dog but don’t want the burden and responsibility that comes with it. Having a dog is the same as giving birth to a newborn baby. You will be required to teach them every single aspect of crucial things that needs learning. 

Teaching your dog this training will benefit the dog and your household, too. You won’t have to worry if your dog might pee when you two are lounging by the sofa watching movies; you can now go to bed hugging your pup, bring them to someone else’s house without the inconvenience, and many more. Puppy potty training helps a lot!

a husky dog on the top the bed of his owner

Furnishing your dogs with ordinances to follow is not bad at all. Aside from acquainting them with puppy potty training, there are also other purposes why you should train your dog:

  1. Nourishing your dog will prosper the owner as well. Given the fact that it redeems time and effort, you can furthermore bring them wherever you go. May it be in a park, animal-friendly resorts, some malls, and restaurants. The owner training his dog personally will make him recognize the shortages of his dog. 
  2. Since you can now bring your dog outside the neighborhood like establishments, a dog who has undergone tutoring are now manageable to fulfill mandates. Getting them outside opens up numerous levels of accidents that might happen. Equipping them will be simpler to control them outside.
  3. Your dog drilling the things he learned will captivate the attention of others. May it be another dog owner or even a dog itself. Bonds between dogs can help their mental health, too.
  4. For instances that you will need to go out of town and you cannot bring your dog, you are confident that your dog will not give your family or friends a headache. 
  5. Once they are already potted, it will be easier to teach new tricks or regulations.

Varied Kinds Of Potty Training You Could Try

There are various strategies to a victorious practice for your puppy potting training. According to Mary Burch, Ph.D., some of these strategies are creating a crate, by the use of a piece of sheet. Frequent walking with your dog will be a big help. 

  • The building or purchasing a crate. Furnishing a box where your dogs can do pooing and peeing is the easiest way to potty train a dog. Even though some find it not solely sufficient, having your dog cave inside your house or even patio is good, too. Giving them a designated place will be susceptible for them to adapt to it. 

    In providing a crate for your dogs, selecting just the right length is the right thing. Dogs will not be confused about the excess spaces.

  • By consuming the use of pads or pieces of sheets. The most convenient tool of the three is with the help of pads or paper towel. If you’re a busy person and don’t have enough time for your dog, try this one. It has a lot of benefits, however with cons too. You can throw away this one after use. Dogs are delicate animals, and they wouldn’t want wet mats or rugs. Pads for dogs are like a regular diaper and napkin where the liquid is absorbed quickly and can hold it after hours. On the other side, certain things in your place like mats, rugs, or even carpet have the same characteristic and forms as puppy pads. Pups might be confused and be mistaken with them accidentally. A good practice is still necessary.

Potty Training At Home

The sole place where you can potty train your dog is only at your home.

Outside-The-House Training

Build a signal where you and your dog can understand. This signal must be unique without your dog thinking other intentions with your movements. It can be by means of barking, a thing that dogs can move or touch quickly, and teaching them to stay by the door when they feel like the need for potting. Rehearsing the signal will help them comprehend and put it into mind. 

Locate An Excellent Point

Finding a spot where you will let your dog do their thing is crucial. Once you’re thinking about it or finalizing it, it is better not to change it anymore if not necessary. Schedule and count the duration when your dog eats. After 6 hours more or less, give him a walk with the place you have chosen. Stay until your dog’s done a discharge. Do the procedure once again until the dog fully adapted.

Utilize Usage Of Crates When Leaving The Dog

If no one is present in the house and you need to go outside away from home, place them into one place with less furniture in the area to ensure zero accidents. Give them a crate in case they need it because he cannot go outside all alone. 

If You Want Convenience Use Pads

Select a place where you can put the pads with easy entry for your dogs, like in the hallway, bathroom, corner, and such. A place with sound equipment or even nothing at all if much preferred.

  • Remove and change the pads often or atleast lend close provision for it. It absorbs liquid quickly and lends a pleasant aroma to the room.
  • If you position the pads nearby your dog’s bed, observe first if the dog is having difficulty in identifying which is the pad. If there’s no problem occurred, let it stay in the same place. However, if the dog got confused, relocate the bed far from the pad or paper.

Puppy Was Potty Trained, But Now Having Problems 

No one present when your dog demands release.

If you instructed your dog to do his thing outside, and you are, or no one is there to open the closed door for him to be released, then don’t expect your dog not to cause damage. Even we humans are having trouble when we are stopping ourselves to pee. The same with dogs, even though they can still hold up for an hour. You can know how many hours your dogs can prevent peeing from how many months old they are. If your dog is aged eight months old, he can stop his pee for 8 hours. 

Unfitting size of the crate you’ve got.

Delivering him just the right length of the crate is enough. You don’t have to give your dog a plentiful space, for he won’t linger there for too long. 

It is not removing the puppy from its crate for a long duration.

This factor is the same with using the outside for potty training. If you won’t free your dog from its crate, how do you expect them to pee themselves? Even though he was trained not to do such a thing, if your pee is coming out, it is hard to control it any longer.

Short halts for puppy’s release time.

Training your dog to potty outside may be a lot of work. If you still consider doing this one, always be willing and prepared for the responsibility. Pups possess a tiny bladder. The significance of that is, they cannot contain their pee for so long. Be watchful about the time will help avoid damages.

You keep looking for a hint until your dog does damage.

Not all puppies can retain the signal or even give a call when they want to release it. They tend to do it when they can no longer carry it. 

Creating turmoil in your puppy or confusing them.

The best example for this one is if you educate your dog to do a release outside and creating a signal for you to open the door. Shifting that closed-door scenario into an already opened one most of the time will confuse your dogs. The same with fleeing the entrance accessible for your dog to run freely into your yard; if this became your hobby, your dog would most likely play outside rather than doing a release.

The smell of urine.

Dogs are very good at smelling things, that’s why there are security dogs. They would most likely pee in places that they have scented with pee. For those instances, any detergents or liquids can smell the same as pee. Check your supplies at home and eliminate using those things. Also, clean up immediately if you smelled something like pee.

Dogs are confused about the carpet to grass and crate.

We can observe that the texture of crate or grass is the same and some particular carpets. Your dog may wrong crates as those carpets full of soft materials that feel too good to touch like grass. A high percentage of this happens when you always let your dog roam and hang around the carpet most of the time without oversight.

You are letting your dog alone when out.

The dog must release when placed outside. However, without someone watching, your dog would be most likely to fiddle and run around rather than peeing. It is tempting to play outside one’s you see the sun shining to its fullest. You cannot expect a pup at an early age can be responsible enough to pee and not to play. 

Your patience is short.

If you feel too bored waiting for your dog to do his things, never provoke your dog to hurry up. This act may only result in doubling your work. He will need to release again in a short period. And the worst, for them to pee inside. 

Scheduled release interrupted.

There are plenty of disturbances and interruptions when it comes outside. They may also be instances when you’re dog lover neighbor comes by while you take your dog for any release. Or when kids are running around, throwing, and catching stuff, your dog will be inclined to them more rather than paying attention to release. 

Weather changing.

Your dog potting outside may be a trouble for you and your dog in the long run due to weather inconsistently. We are all aware that during the winter and rainy seasons, it will be hard to let them be outside or even for us. However, even if you still consider this factor, be ready during this time.

puppy potted trained but occurs some damages

How To Maintain the Puppies’ Potty Training

  • Close supervision for your dog and be watchful of their deeds even after the training. 
  • It would help if you utilized the instructed teaching at all times and in any given circumstances.
  • You must know when your puppy will need to do a release.
  • Be watchful about the time.
  • Never forget to free your dog from its crate.
  • Prevent establishing conversion to your dogs.
  • Do a clean-up often and avoid the smell the same with urines.
  • Give your dog enough time to do his work.

Final Thoughts

It is beneficial for your puppy to be potty trained. It will help you, the owner, and your dog in too many ways. A potty-trained puppy will most likely be more active and easily trained into more future endeavors. 

However, the maintenance of your puppy potted training shouldn’t only be relied on by your dog alone. The responsibility and patience of the owner are well- needed as well.

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