shock collars for beagles

3 Shock Collars for Beagles – Effective for Training!

Since this dog is energetic, Beagles can easily cover a distance and get lost if you don’t monitor them. Shock collars for Beagles come in handy during these situations.

As scenthounds, Beagles are used to retrieve their owner’s catch. Instead of running and chasing after your dog, you can put them on a shock collar that will react to a set perimeter.

In this post, I reviewed three of my trusted shock collars for Beagles. I also discussed a buying guide and added tips so you can use the collars the right way.

 My Top Pick! 
PetSafe 1000 Elite
Shock Collar
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SportDOG Field Trainer
425 E-Collar
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PetSpy P620B Dog
Shock Collar
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How do shock collars work?

Shock collars have received a bad rap for all the wrong reasons. Many pet owners assume that it will harm dogs without even knowing how it works and what its benefits are.

Unlike electric fences, shock collars only use a mild electrostatic correction. The correction will engage when your dog breaches the set perimeter. Such a perimeter is set through a wireless remote controller that the dog owner manipulates.

Aside from the electrostatic correction, shock collars also have warning beeps as your dog inches closer to the barrier. If you don’t want your dog to feel the physical correction, you can train it to react the moment the warning beep sets off.

Some dog shock collars have controllers that can connect multiple collars at a time. This is a cost-efficient choice for those with multiple dogs to monitor.

If used properly, shock collars will not lead to behavioral problems in dogs. Many Beagle owners have experienced the benefits these collars can bring.

3 Shock Collars for Beagles


MY TOP PICK: PetSafe 1000 Elite Shock Collar
shock collars for beagles

Product Name: PetSafe 1000 Elite Shock Collar

Product Description: When it comes to shock collars for Beagles, I highly recommend the PetSafe 1000 Elite Shock Collar. This has a 1000-yard range, so you can hike, hunt, and let your Beagle play on its own. Moreover, this shock collar has 15 levels of adjustable static stimulation. It also has a one-tone beep to correct or teach your dog to run back home. This is a waterproof collar with a 5-feet depth rating, so you'll have peace of mind even if your dog soaks on a puddle or gets caught in a downpour. It also has rechargeable batteries that are ready to go in just four hours.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Range
  • Controls
  • Adjustability
  • Ease of Use
  • Value for Money


For this package, you’ll receive a nylon-free and adjustable collar. The receiver is small so that it won’t irritate your Beagle. You’ll also get a remote controller with a digital display and five control buttons. Overall, this is suitable for dogs up to 40 lbs. and with a maximum neck circumference of 30 inches.

I also like the Boost feature that allows you to increase the correction intensity if your dog is defying the initial correction. This is the +2 sign on the remote controller.

Overall, this doesn’t have a vibration option, but if you’re going to set the correction on the lowest level, it’s similar to a buzz.

Whether you’re a professional dog trainer or a typical Beagle owner, this shock collar will help a lot.


5-feet waterproof depth rating

Boost feature for stubborn dogs

15 levels of adjustable static correction


The plugs that cover the charging ports are too delicate


SportDOG Field Trainer 425 E-Collar

shock collars for beagles

If you want a cheaper alternative to PetSafe, I highly recommend the SportDOG E-Collar. This is a rechargeable unit with a collar and remote controller transmitter.

This original version has a 500-yard range and can be connected to three collars to train multiple Beagles at a time. The collar fits dogs larger than 8 lbs. with a maximum neck girth of 22″.

Moreover, the SportDOG shock collar has a dial on its remote controller so you can set the static stimulation level in a snap. You can also choose between a momentary correction and continuous stimulation.

What I also like about this SportDOG shock collar is its vibration or buzz setting. It also has a tone beep if you don’t want to use any physical correction on your dog.

Aside from that, this collar’s remote controller has the DryTek technology that keeps it waterproof for up to 25 feet. It also has built-in lithium batteries that last for up to 70 hours in every 2-hour charge.

This collar comes with a comprehensive guide, which is something I’d expect from such an established brand. They also have a customer care center in case you need additional help in setting up the collar and transmitter.

However, I wish they put a digital display on the controller. But considering that this is an old version, it’s completely understandable. For me, it’s not really a deal-breaker.

  • Waterproof for up to 25 feet
  • Each charge lasts for up to 70 hours
  • Comes with a vibration mode
  • No digital display on the remote controller

PetSpy P620B Dog Shock Collar

For those on a budget, I highly recommend the PetSpy P620B. This shock collar has three training modes: electrostatic shock, vibration, and beep. You can choose which one you’ll use to train your Beagle.

Moreover, this comes with a remote controller. The controller has a lit digital display with a blind operation design. It’s easy to manipulate even if your eyes are on the dog. Based on my experience, the remote controller is very intuitive.

Aside from that, this comes with two training collars that fit dogs that are 10 to 140 lbs. It also has 16 stimulation levels, so you can easily match it with your pet’s sensitivity.

The PetSpy P620B has a 600-meter range and is fully waterproof. I also like that it comes with a charger that allows dual charging. You can plug both the collars at once using the split cable so no dog will be left behind!

I actually tried the collar on before putting it on my dog. Boy, it bites! The stimulation level 4 already stings, so always be modest when increasing the correction’s intensity.

If your Beagle is an escape artist, this budget-friendly e-collar might be the solution you’re looking for. The cherry on top is PetSpy’s lifetime replacement warranty. If you’re not happy with the product, you can send it back to them.

  • 16 levels of stimulation
  • Bundled with two collars
  • Lifetime replacement warranty
  • I wish the remote has a rubberized grip, but not a biggie

Buying guide for shock collars

When buying shock collars for Beagles, you should consider the following aspects first:


The very first thing I check when buying shock collars is the range. This refers to how far the remote controller can reach the collar. We have a fairly large yard, so I need one with a reliable range, even from afar.

Shock collars come in a variety of ranges. Others are for short-range use of around 200 yards, while you can also find powerful ones that can reach up to 1,000 yards. The PetSafe 1000 I reviewed above is one of the long-range shock collars you can choose for your dog.

Anyway, most owners won’t need this much range for casual use. Not all of us have a 1,000-yard lot, so the excess range might be overkill. Take note that long-range shock collars also have a higher price tag.

✔️Collar size

Another important consideration here is the collar size. Beagles are small dogs, so you have to be careful with the size you’re going to get.

Most of the time, the fit is measured by the dog’s neck girth and overall weight. Beagles fall on the 20 to 35 lbs. range with a neck girth of 12″ to 18″. Based on my experience buying shock collars, this size is covered by most units in the market.

Like any other collars, shock collars are widely adjustable for the best fit.

✔️Correction modes

When it comes to shock collars, you can use three different correction modes: electrostatic shock, vibration, and beep.

The electrostatic shock can be a continuous correction or a nick. Collars with this function often have separate buttons so you can control the correction your dog will receive.

For Beagle owners that are worried about hurting their dog, the vibration and beep modes will come in handy. These are non-electrostatic. You only have to train your dog to react to it by running back home. Dogs that hear the beep or feel the buzz will see it as a warning of an impending shock if they keep going.

✔️Correction intensity

Shock collars have multiple levels of correction intensity. This refers to how strong the shock will be. It can be anywhere from 5 to 16 levels, depending on the unit you’re going to buy.

For most dogs, you wouldn’t need very high intensity for correction. You only need to establish the correction and its connection to defying the barrier. Also, it’s not good to push your dog’s correction tolerance to the limits. This is where behavioral problems will occur.

In my experience, intensity level 4 or 5 is the cap. It’s all about training and utilizing other modes, so your Beagle will run back even before the shock engages.

✔️Battery life 

Shock collars are battery-powered, so you should look for one with decent battery life. A charge time of up to five hours is reasonable as long as it can last for at least 20 to 25 hours of continuous use.

You can also find one with longer battery power, like the SportDOG collar I reviewed above. In just two hours of charging, you will enjoy up to 70 hours of use. For me, that’s already a champ, whether you’re a professional dog trainer or a casual dog owner.


Always look for waterproof shock collars. Beagles are adventurous canines so expect them to play in the mud or puddles. Also, your dog may get caught in the middle of heavy rains. In this case, a waterproof shock collar won’t get damaged.

A waterproof rating of 3 to 5 feet is usually enough for most purposes. You can still find one that’s rated for up to 25 feet, which is a depth no dog will get into.

✔️Price and warranty

Lastly, look for a shock collar with a decent warranty. Shock collars don’t come cheap, so it’s important to find one that’s worth the money.

For casual purposes of preventing escape, a mid-priced shock collar is a stellar option. While there are cheaper units, I have doubts about its durability, especially under regular use.

Safety tips in using shock collars

Shock collars are helpful only if you use them right. The following are some of the quick tips to keep in mind:

  • Never use it as a punishment. You should only use shock collars as an invisible fence to your dog. Never trigger the correction when your dog does something else you don’t like. This will send mixed signals to the canine, which will defeat the purpose of the collar.
  • Train your dog. Take note that shock collars require training. It’s not enough that you put it on your dog. You have to teach your dog to react positively to the correction modes. And as much as possible, you should train your Beagle to recognize the beep so it won’t experience the electrostatic correction.
  • Obedience training is a must. I don’t recommend using the shock collar until your dog learns basic commands like sit, stay, and come. Doing so will only cause more problems.
  • Check your dog’s tolerance. Each Beagle is unique, and so is its tolerance to pain. Make sure that you’re not pushing the doggo to its limits. You wouldn’t want the collar to be associated with discomfort and negative feelings.

Final words

With the use of shock collars for Beagles, you can keep your dog within a specific perimeter. This saves you from the trouble looking for a lost dog. It will also keep your dog safe from traffic and other hazards. Just make sure that you use it properly to avoid behavioral problems. Remember that shock collars are only complementary devices. It’s not a substitute for proper training.

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