The 4 Best Dog Chews For Bad Breath

Sometimes bad breath in dogs can be unsettling. You have the urge to cuddle your pooch, but the moment your dog breathes on you, you notice the unpleasant smell of bad breath. Suddenly, you changed your mind because of this incident. Worry no more! There is always a remedy in most unpleasant conditions. You may want to give these to your dog as a token of tender loving care. Here are my product reviews for your dog’s fresh breath. These are the best dog chews for bad breath. Goodbye stinky breath. More cuddle, more fun.

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What are the causes of bad breath in dogs?

Sometimes, we tend to dismiss a dog’s bad breath. We think of it as a normal lifestyle for dogs. But, as dog owners, we are also responsible for their oral and dental care to prevent bad breath. Never take the dog’s bad breath as a nuisance problem. They are a potential threat to your dog’s overall health. You may be wondering, what are the causes of bad breath in dogs? These are some of the known cause I have listed.

Periodontal Disease and Oral Hygiene

Periodontal Disease and Oral Hygiene are often the root cause of the dog’s bad breath. If you are not giving your dog a regular dental checkup or brush his teeth, then there might be a problem if you keep ignoring your dog’s oral hygiene. It may be bad breath at first, but it might eventually lead to periodontal disease. The tartar build-up can be harmful to a dog’s teeth in the long run. Your pooch’s teeth might become weak or worse tooth loss because of poor oral hygiene. So, this simple irresponsible action may lead to your dog’s unpleasant breath.

Kidney Disease

If you notice the urine-like breath of your dog, chances are, your dog might be in the early sign of kidney disease. Kidney disease is a serious problem if you neglect this kind of symptom. Seek your vet for more clear diagnosis so that it might prevent any larger problem.

Unpleasant Food Source

Your dogs can be yucky sometimes. There will come a day that will scour your garbage for something that is edible for them. Some dogs even eat their own poop, a condition known as coprophagia that causes your dog’s breath to smell so bad. Be sure you keep away from your dog every garbage you have and also supervise your dog whenever he is taking her dump.


If the smell of your dog’s odor breath is a somewhat rotten fruity smell or sweet, make haste to your nearest vet. These kinds of bad breath might be a sign of diabetes, and this is a serious problem for your dog’s health. Consult your vet with regards to his condition to discuss the matter further and help you strategize the treatment plan for your precious pooch.

Gastrointestinal Issues

Although this is the least common cause, it can be a contributing factor as to why your dog is having a smelly breath. These are sometimes in the gastrointestinal tract issues such as enlargement of esophageal tube, gas, or other stomach-related problems. But this kind of problem is not just an oral hygiene problem, it can lead to a larger problem. Seek veterinarian assistance for further knowledge on how to prevent such gastrointestinal issues.


OUR TOP PICK: Kirkland Dental Chews

Product Description: Our ultimate pick among the list. Kirkland Signature Dental Chews. When breath becomes unpleasant, better use this Kirkland Dental Chews. This brilliant and fancy-looking design is what your dog deserves. This is like a treat. But more on dental care. This is actually the cheapest dog chews because it comes with 72 dog treats for an affordable price. What is more fascinating about this is that the brand never sacrificed the quality. Instead, it is more affordable yet it is effective enough to destroy the nest of tartars and the bacteria. This is good to be true but it is actually real. Another fun fact, this product does not have any artificial preservatives that could harm your dog even coloring and flavoring. In short, this is all-natural with superb cleaning skills in taking care of the poor oral hygiene of your dog.

Offer price: $$$

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  • Design
  • Effectivity
  • Value for Money


Overall, a great buy for dog owners who are in tight budget. Dogs will surely love this.


Paw grip feature
Effectively removes plaque and tartar


None at all


Merrick Fresh Kisses Dental Chews

Coming up from my second pick: Merrick Fresh Kisses. You know the quality when it is Merrick. As always. This dental treat features a double brush signifying that it has the capabilities to brush even the toughest tartar residing on your dog’s precious teeth.

These treatments are an excellent choice for every type of dog breed. It is semi-soft flavorful chews. Perfect texture for all kinds of bad breath dogs. Really effective dental treatment due to its ingredients that contain mint oil, lemongrass, rosemary, and coconut oil for deeper cleaning work and prevents bad breath, and replaces newer and fresher breath.

Overall, this is an overqualified dog chew for bad breath. Because they have well-received reviews from Amazon and also even the vets approved this product for better oral hygiene.

  • Semi-soft and chewy
  • Excellent ingredients
  • Definitely plaque remover
  • Toothbrush shape
  • None so far

Pedigree DENTASTIX Dental Chews

This Pedigree DENTASTIX is my personal favorite! I have long been buying this amazing product for several years now. They are one of the cheapest dog chew treats for bad breath, but their products are highly effective. My dog’s teeth are well maintained by this product. I always give these treats to them and they just love it till the last munch.

Even vets recommend this popular product because it is clinically proven and the pedigree brand is one of the best out there for dog supplies. They have a wide array of DENTASTIX selections which is excellent.

Overall, this is a personal favorite of mine. The fancy x shape design made this brand memorable and easy to find. In fairness, this is effective and there are more benefits other than dental-related formula.

This is good for cleaning the gums and making the dog’s breath fresher and nice. Because it is a triple-action formula. So goodbye tartar buildup.

  • Keep their teeth and gums clean
  • Works great at maintaining teeth
  • No bad reviews so far

Greenies Dental Chews

Proudly made in the USA. This dog chews for bad breath dogs are your perfect treat for them. This comes in multiple sizes for greater options and is packed with great nutritional value. Greenies dental chews are a highly popular brand. You know when it is a reputable brand when the results are highly effective and packed with great content.

This tiny brush-sized shape will brush away the tartars and bacteria forming in your dog’s teeth and gums. Perfect also for dogs with an overweight body. Greenies dental chew will aid your dog’s body fat loss and good diet plan. Because these treats are low calories and low fat.

Although this is not a replacement for your dog’s cleaning and such, these Greenies dental chews seem to help clean the teeth and prevent strong bad breath smell.

Made with natural ingredients with minerals and vitamins. Easy to digest due to highly soluble contents. Dogs will love these treats and good for oral care maintenance.

  • They are soft enough and breakdown easily when eaten
  • Very effective
  • They can be sticky and get stuck on the outside teeth or in the upper mouth

Checkups Dental Chews

Need fresh breath for your dogs? This might be the one for your dog’s bad breath. Your dog will feel better with these best dog chews for bad breath. This is a good treat for your smelly breath dog.

Upon eating this treat, the Checkups dental dog treat will work removing tartar and plaque buildup, freshen breath, and stimulate the gum area.

Perfect treat because it contains healthy nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids and these are wheat gluten-free. Made especially for your dog. Also, this is great if your dog is not used to brushing his teeth. The improvement of your dog teeth will show in a few days and see for a better breath and shinier teeth of your dog.

Medium-sized dog chews. This comes with 2 bags, 48 counts in all.

  • Keep teeth pretty clean
  • Great breath for dogs
  • Shinier teeth
  • No bad reviews!

Final Thoughts

¬†Kirkland Signature Dental Chews. Because it is budget-friendly, clever design, and it helps fight tartar build keeping your dog’s breath fresh and clean at an affordable price point. Furthermore, make sure you also brush your dog’s teeth besides giving dental treats. Dental treats are only an aid for great healthy teeth and fresh breath, but it is necessary to maintain your dog’s oral hygiene by brushing and scheduled checkups for dental care.

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