The 5 Best Dog Harness For Dogs That Pull!

Looking for the best harness for dogs that pull? Well, I have reviewed some products that are worth your try. I have carefully picked these dog harnesses by quality, durability, and for everyday use whenever you are taking your pooch to your jogging or walking activities. I will also give you a lowdown on what to get, why, and how to use it effectively. No more straining yourself when pulling your dog or getting your leash broke when pulling.

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The purpose of the harness

Harnessing your dog is very useful when you are out for a walk, doing your jogging routine, or a hiking activity. The harness is necessary to prevent dogs from harming other people or animals. It is also needed to make sure your dog is not going far beyond your sight. This effective tool is essential to keep your dog more in control to avoid unnecessary movements or actions.

It is ideally used as a training tool allowing to discipline the dog by limiting his movement. Dogs with harnesses are much safer than using collars. Some dogs are having trouble breathing when you are pulling them.

Dog breeds such as Fench bulldogs and pugs are better on harness than collars, because they are prone to tracheal collapse or other respiratory problems.

Kinds of Harness

Each one serves specific purposes and suitable to certain breeds.

Front hook harnesses – These are frequently used in larger dog breeds who are always on the lead. They needed more control that is why a front harness is recommended to them to avoid any accidents.

Back or Body Harness – This is good for smaller breeds because of how sensitive they are to pressure.

Choosing the best dog harness for dogs that pull

The modern age is great as well as the tool we use in dogs are also great. The innovation keeps on moving and more harnesses are manufactured safe for the benefit of both the dog owner and the dog itself. But not all created equal some are low in quality others stand out because of reputation to its customers and even from professional trainer’s recommendation. So, what to consider first before buying?


This is the most important feature that all of the harness products possess. An adjustable harness ensures there is enough space for the dog that fits according to its shape and size. Much better if there are multiple adjustable options.

Quick Release Buckle

This feature will allow you to get the harness off your dog suddenly. A quick-release buckle is useful when there is an emergency, or a dog is pulling against.


An important aspect when choosing the right harness is the material. Opt to choose soft material, such as wool or mesh, this reduces the pressure off the dog.


OUR TOP PICK: Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

Product Description: Topping our number one pick: Rabbitgoo dog harness features 2 metal leash rings for more safety precautions especially when you are taking your pooch for walks. This is suited for larger breeds such as Golden and Labrador Retriever, Akita, Huskie, German Sheperd, etc. Let your dog be happy with this bright orange color when you are taking him for your long walks. This is a hassle-free overhead harness. quick to put on and of with the fast release buckles. While a conventional collar may hurt your dog's neck and throat.

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  • Comfortability
  • Durability
  • Value for Money


Overall, Rabbitgoo Dog Harness has safety features with no pull. An excellent need for comfort and amusing walks for every dog. The harness is compatible with the Rabbitgoo leash and with extra care.

It has 4 adjustable straps around the body. 2 neck straps and 2 chest straps that can perfectly fit your dog. This product is available in 3 sizes and a wide array of color selections. In addition, it has reflective stitching for nighttime visibility.


Good quality material
Reflective stitching is bright enough


They slowly get looser and looser (depending on the size of dog)


Kurgo Tru Fit Dog Harness

Coming up at number two. Lightweight and easy to detach, Kurgo Tru Fit Smart Harness is your finest selection when it comes to comfortability when walking your dog. It has 5 adjustable points and there is quick-release Weinerlock plastic buckles which makes it easier to assemble.

Kurgo Tru Fit Smart Harness sets the bar high in making a high-quality harness. Moreover, the harness had D-ring for leash attachments to train dogs from no pulling.

Features 10-inch seat belt. A useful tool during driving preventing the dog to distract you while driving. The size of this is tailor-fit for medium dog breeds. The chest is 18-28 inches and the neck has 16-25 inches.

Overall, this is a must-have for your everyday walks or errands when you want your dog to come along. It is a quick release, easy to use. Fascinating also as this comes with a dog seatbelt for restraining your dog while driving.

  • Come with a seatbelt for car travel
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable in four points
  • No reflective material limited color selection

Blue-9 Dog Harness

It is amazing to see how the innovation of the no-pull harness is quickly changing. They are now reinforced, more comfortable, much safe for both the dog owner and the dog itself. One of the leading products in this field is Blue-9 Pet products. Even some of the known canine journals rated this brand as a top-rated harness in the market.

This is a well-designed harness that lessens pulling without putting pressure on the dog’s natural movement. There is a various option on the leash attachment. So, you can adjust according to your comfortability.

The product is one of the highly recommended for canine training but it can use for simple walking activity also.

All in all, the Blue-9 harness never compromises its quality. It is well made and built for strong dogs with sturdy rings both at the spine and chest allowing a double-ended leash. That is why this is one of the best dog harness for dogs that pull.

  • Available in five sizes
  • Many colors to choose with
  • Durable Not too tight giving more allowance on dog’s body
  • Not padded

RUFFWEAR Dog Harness

A definitive choice for an all-around harness. This is what you need if you are an adventurer and want to take your dog with your adventure-seeking moments. Good for hiking, trailing, working, and service dog. I swear that this can make all the difference. This is why premium quality always survives on tough occasions.

Ruffware dog harness is made for maneuvering. The handles are sturdy, designed to safely assist your dog when in times of trouble. Besides, this has 5 adjustable points for more options and comfortability. It has 2 strong leash connection points made with an aluminum V-ring and webbing loop.

Overall, another amazing review on my list here. The RUFFWEAR harness is super-sturdy yet cushioned for the dog’s comfort. The back clips perfectly work and there are no metal parts that touch the dog. Surely this is a great buy for you!

  • Durable
  • Multifunction
  • Reflective features
  • Lightweight
  • Not scaled for smaller breeds

Puppia Ritefit Dog Harness

Puppia Ritefit Harness is recommended for small breeds. Flexible, soft, easy fit, and most of all, affordable option for your small dog. For an affordable, you can have this awesome vest style harness.

Comfy and cute, the Puppia Ritefit harness is made from soft polyester with a design of tiny holes for breathable function. It offers four sizes and nine different color options. The harness has a three-point adjustment one on the chest and two around the neck. Undoubtedly, one of the best dog harness for dogs that pull

Dog owners of small breeds highly recommend this product. According to reviews, they can reduce tracheal injuries yet you can control the dog without giving any pressure.

  • Perfect for small breeds
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Easy Fit
  • Polyester material

Frequently Asked Questions

Are harnesses just training tools?

Although they are typically used for canine training for teaching the dog not to pull, they are not just for training dogs. Harnesses can be used just like a dog collar. It can be used in your everyday walk, run, hiking, or service canine. The harness is more effective due to its safety features allowing you to control without having too much pressure on the dog’s end.

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Are harnesses safer and more comfortable than collars?

Definitely, yes. Modern harnesses have a lot of safety features and they offer more comfortability to dogs than regular collars. Collars can be harmful to dogs when too much pulling is done. They can even bruise the necks which are not good. On the other hand, a harness is more comfortable and yet it allows you to control the dog without hurting too much or even a little.

For more harness and collar info, check this one.

How will I know if a harness will fit my dog?

Before you consider buying, most manufacturers have a guide for your dog’s measurement. They provide comprehensive size and details that will ensure your dog’s ideal measurement. However, these are just rough guidelines, for more accurate details, you must measure your own dog’s size. Also, before buying, make sure to use the two-finger rule as an allowance for the dog’s size, so it’s not too tight for your pooch.

Final Thoughts

These are amazing well-curated reviews I have picked just for you. Innovation endears even in dog supplies as there are more and more products in the market offering safety features for both dog and the owner. Now that I have listed the products here, it is time for you to change your good ol’ harness and switch to a new and elevated harness with high-quality features. Feel free to navigate this product list and use it as your buying guide.

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