The 7 Best Canned Dog Food For Picky Eaters

Do you have a picky eater dog? It is hard to please them, right? Even if you have the finest high-quality kibble food out there on the market. Still, your dog just smelled it and turned away from their bowl. That kind of experience is very frustrating for every dog owner. Including myself. But not anymore. Lately, I have been exploring some of the best-canned dog food for picky eaters on the internet.

As a result, I have found the right dog foods for my picky eater dogs and I am going to share this with you. I have tried all these and some even recommended it to me by vets and fellow dog owners.

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Common Reasons Why Some Dogs are Picky Eaters

The common factor why dogs are picky eaters is we spoiled them. A finicky dog is only temporary. Sometimes it just resolves on its own. But we need to make out effort to help our fellow furry friends in times of their picky eating phenomenon. All they need is some discipline and proper conditioning for them to get back to their normal ways.

I know most of you will become guilty. Do not be alarmed. I am also guilty of my sins and stopped these wrongdoings a long time ago.

Below are some of the list of the common reasons why dogs are picky eaters.

Feeding human food to dogs

As dog owners, we cannot simply resist giving a portion of any type of food we have at our hands. Especially when the dog is staring endlessly at the food you are eating. We are all guilty of this and we need to take caution of this. If dogs get used to human food, there will come a time that they will just ignore their kibble and eat human food instead. This is a bad habit and never tolerate this with your dog. There are some contents in human food that are not suitable for dogs which can health problems.

No routine and Overfeeding

Some dog owners feed their pooch way above their suggested serving such as giving them 3-4 times meal a day. Others do not allow a fixed routine for their dogs. Stick to what is only required for your dog’s daily diet plan. Remember, the required amount of serving size is usually found on the packaging, so check them out. Do not overfeed your dog as it leads to obesity and other health complications. Set up a discipline for your dog and do not give other food options so they will stick to the meal and finish it.

No discipline

Again, do not give your dog another option or giving him a treat every day. When dogs get used to eating treats only, that will be a problem for you and your dog. Discipline your dog with only one meal and do not distract them with treats while eating. Make a boundary to your dog. Discipline your dog when eating. If your dog does not want the food take them out for 2-3 minutes. This is not to let your dog hungry but to set a discipline for them to condition eating the served meal.

It is good to let your pooch become spoiled sometimes but not at all times.

Need more reasons?


OUR TOP PICK: Nutro Canned Dog Food

Product Description: This is personally my favorite canned kibble food for my dog. Nothing beats the homey feel recipe like this one. This perfectly resembles a homemade made with love. I got to give credit to the company for this magnificent kibble food. My dog loves this so much and his tail is wagging excitedly whenever he sees this. They are one of the picky-est eaters I have known and they are really health-conscious as if they know what to eat and not to eat. The chunks of food are well crafted and it really looks so healthy. Nutro's ingredients are so simple but they are very effective and filled with nutritious ingredients. The stew is mainly made of chicken and pork broth, a perfect combination for a strong flavor. There are no filler, grains, GMOs and other unnecessary preservatives added. This is a premium grade and organic kibble food I have ever known. The delicious gravy will make the dog lick his bowl until there are no spots left. This is how delicious dog food can be.

Offer price: $$$

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  • Irresistibility for Finicky Dogs
  • Flavor
  • Value for Money


Overall, this is our excellent choice. It is nutritious for the dogs. All natural. You know it is special when it is done in homemade. The gravy complements to the flavor making the dog determined to eat this meal up to the very end. Price point is good so far. If you want quality food for your dog, Nutro has a lot to offer to you.


Organic All-natural Reputable Brand


No bad reviews so far


Merrick Canned Dog Food

The second best goes to Merrick Grain-Free Grammy’s Pot Pie. Even the name itself sounds delicious. What more if your dog tastes this superb pot pie flavor? I bet all dogs finicky or not will enjoy this palatable kibble food once tasted. The food is covered with gravy for appetite booster. This is specifically designed for dogs who do not even touch their dog food when it is meal time.

The reason why it is so good and enticing because of the natural ingredients included such as potatoes, chicken, peas, red apples, and carrots. This is an amazing pick for my review list. A great choice for buyers who want to elevate their dog food quality and want more fortified and packed with benefits and vitamins.

Merrick Grain-Free Grammy’s Pot Pie Recipe kibble food will not let you down. Their brand is well established and they belonged to top tier list of the best dog food brand. Their tail-wagging and the scrumptious recipe will surely satisfy the dog’s hunger.

  • Single source protein (chicken)
  • Good for all life stages
  • Grain-free
  • No bad reviews

Wellness Canned Dog Food

Healthy plus tasty is what you are looking for your finicky dog. Wellness 95% Natural Wet Grain Free have these component plus some various health benefits that your dog will like and I really swear it. This is the right food as it contains a wide array of vitamins and minerals for your dog’s improved health.

All-natural and very simple but this chicken recipe is a wonderful diet meal for your adorable pooch. Rest assured there are no grains, additives, artificial flavors, or anything else. This kibble food ensures that all the nutrients your dog needed are in the Wellness 95% Natural kibble food.

Another perfect selection for your dog who struggles with digestion. For maximum health benefit, you should try mixing this wet food dry food for a better result. Be sure to add this to your cart whenever you are looking for dog food because you would not regret buying it.

  • All natural
  • Expensive but effective

Nature’s Recipe Canned Dog Food

One of the most genuine dog food on the Amazon market that uses genuine poultry with rich broth as their main component. Although this is quite expensive, this is handy to my picky eater dogs too. This is rich in flavor and has a strong smell of chicken which turns on my dog’s appetite.

When I bought one of these and tried it for my dog, it is amazing to see how my dog munch this delicious canned dog food. This can even repair my dog’s metabolism making him more active in eating. In addition, this also addresses some of the health issues the dogs which make them even more worthy of buying.

Another high-caliber pet kibble, high in nutrient contents such as vitamins and minerals. Even promotes the immune system and makes dogs generate high energy for a more active lifestyle and bonding moments with their master.

Like any high-grade dog food product, this has no artificial flavors, additives, corn, and wheat. Ideal for any finicky dogs.

  • Strong flavor
  • Grain-free
  • None so far

Blue Buffalo Canned Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Natural is cooked in pate style which unlocks more flavor power for picky eater dogs to munch this as soon as they smell this canned dog food. This kibble food will surely boost the dog’s diet. Dogs are lucky enough to eat this. Their muscle will improve because of the high protein source.

This dog food is also made with natural ingredients the way it should be. It also includes some of the finest vitamins and minerals for great health inside and outside of the dog’s body. No thickening agents, preservatives, and artificial flavors are added.

This brand always comes with the list because of its reputation earned from different dog owners and even from veterinarian recommendations. I have also tried one of these. This is an excellent choice for my dogs knowing this product is popular plus premium quality. There is no reason for doubt in this wet kibble food.

  • Paté style wet dog food
  • No preservatives
  • Non GMO
  • None so far

Whole Earth Canned Dog Food

What I liked about this canned dog food is that it mainly comprises of chicken lean meat which is so powerful in flavor and a mouthwatering taste. This is ideal for puppies since they are easier to digest than dry kibble food. One thing that people are attracted to in this product is the nutrient value. This offers a balanced and complete food able enough to give sufficient nourishment for dogs who have a selective taste.

Whole Earth Grain Free Hearty Stew is also a grain-free food like other else. Carefully cooked using various ingredients such as broiled chicken and nutritious vegetables to satiate their hungry stomach. With the grain-free feature, this is an excellent choice for dogs who are food-sensitives with some bowel irregularity.

They have a selection of chicken, duck, lamb, and beef flavors. So, if your dogs like one of these, then go get this for them. They will thank you enough with their tail-wagging expression. No wonder this is our second best canned dog food For picky eaters.

  • Very tasty
  • Rich in flavor
  • some reported there are few production problems in cans(half-filled cans)

Weruva Canned Dog Food

Last but not the least, A family-owned company, the Weruva Paw Lickin’ canned dog food is flavorful for dogs. The chicken parts largely came from the breast area. In addition, it has boneless, tender, and skinless cuts with delicious sauce waiting to be eaten by your hungry picky eater dog. Who can’t resist this delightful canned dog food with gravy and lean meat chicken?

Interestingly, there are little carbohydrate content and more in protein just to meet the need of your dog’s nutritional value and attain good health and perfect condition. Moreover, the moisture content level in this kibble food is high making it excellent for balanced and complete nourishment. Dogs will surely love this bite by bite.

Weruva Grain Free does not have additives and it is gluten-free. The flavors included are chicken, beef, and pumpkin recipes. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. This is actually worth it and the price is affordable.

  • Many flavor variations
  • Dogs may not eat it after first attempt

Final Thoughts

Finicky dogs just need extra (tough) loving care from their masters. You need to discipline them if they persist in being a picky eater. It may be frustrating at times but you need to. Never give them any table food. You can find many delicious options here which are quality dog food. You can just purchase one of these instead rather than giving your dog a human food which can be harmful to them.

I bet your dog will say thank you if you ever buy one of these. You will do them great favor and even save your pooch’s life. What’s your Best Canned Dog Food For Picky Eaters?

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