These Are The Best Puppy Food For Loose Stools

It is a tedious task to manage your puppy’s poop in your backyard especially when it is a loose stool. Loose stools can be a cause of bowel movement irregularity. You might want to hold back and think about what kibble food or treats you are giving to your puppy. I have a suggestion for you, if you want to bring back a solid and firm stool from your pup, then consider these best puppy foods for loose stools that I have reviewed just for you.

Taste of the Wild
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Hill's Science
Dry Kibble Food

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Blue Buffalo
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Royal Canin
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What are the causes of loose stools in puppies?

There are many factors to consider and one of the common causes is diarrhea. Low bowel movement means there is something wrong in the puppy’s digestive system it might be infections or chronic illness. Either way, they can harm the GI (gastrointestinal) tract which results in loose stools. In addition, these factors are also the root cause of the puppy’s loose stools.

Swallowed foreign objects, toxins, or garbage

Puppies often eat things they can see even if it is not good for them. If you let your puppy roam around without supervision, there is a great risk that your puppy will eat poisonous plants or things from garbage. Swallowed foreign objects, toxins, or garbage, these things are harmful to them and they pose a serious to your puppy’s digestive system and overall health.


Even puppies get overwhelmed too. Their reaction to new things such as new environment, meeting new faces, and and others. These may be simple, and yet they can cause stress to some puppy. The unfamiliarity of puppies sometimes leads to diarrhea or some other minor illness. Although this is a normal experience during their puppy stage, it is best that you need to supervise them with extra tender loving care. This will keep them used to their environment and as well as their master.

Viral Infection

One of the greatest fears of dog owners is parvovirus and distemper. Both are fatal disease and it is the worst nightmare for every dog owner who have experienced these. Viral infections can be lethal to those puppies who are not vaccinated or even partially vaccinated. So, make sure your pup is vaccinated and taking in a supplement.

Food Intolerance

Maybe you have the premium quality dog food for your puppy, only to find out that he has some food intolerance in it. After eating, your puppy is starting to have loose stools. Sometimes it is the change of diet plan and your puppy is not adjusting to the new dog food. The worst that can happen if you persist in giving your pooch inappropriate is diarrhea. Puppies have a sensitive stomach to certain ingredients or food. It is best to consult your vet regarding your pup’s diet plan to avoid any bowel irregularity.

Bacterial Infection

Puppies are prone to bacterial infection. They have a weaker immune system than adult dogs which makes them more vulnerable to infection. These bacteria are E. coli, Clostridium, Salmonella, are among others. They are the cause of the puppy’s lower bowel movements. Early prevention can save your puppy’s life.


Sometimes there is the harm in good. When puppies take medications or antibiotics, they usually have side effects resulting in loose stools because of diarrhea. But these are just temporary as the medicine is working on their digestive system to sort things out.

Choosing the Best Puppy Food for Loose Stools

You might want to reinforce your puppy kibble food against diarrhea and loose stools as these can be a disaster to your place and also in your puppy’s case. I have laid out some pro tips and guides in order to help you carefully pick and buy your puppy’s best food to combat their loose stools and other irregularities in their bowel movements.

Grains containing gluten

Puppies should not be fed kibble food containing wheat and corn. They have gluten which can give food intolerance. They might suffer from digestive issues such as diarrhea and other gastrointestinal issues. This can damage their intestine if it persists in eating grains containing gluten. So, stay away from dog foods that contain these kinds of ingredients.

Should Contain Probiotics

Kibble food contains more probiotics is necessary for puppies who are experiencing loose stools. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that regulate the gastrointestinal tract of a puppy preventing stomach upset or digestive health problems. It should be your priority to look for this kind of pet food for your lovely puppy who is having soft stools.

Check also: What is the best probiotic for dogs?

You also need to focus on dog foods with these ingredients

Liver, brown rice, beef, tuna, lamb, chicken, broccoli, and carrots. These foods will enhance your puppy’s stomach and overall digestive help. Thereby, this is definitely what your puppy needs — also look for high in fiber ingredients in dog food as these can help develop firming their stools.


OUR TOP PICK: Taste of the Wild Dry Kibble Food

Product Description: Topping from our list is Taste of the Wild Dry Dog for puppies. This is great. No doubt with this one. My puppy loves this one because he likes to eat fish particularly smoked salmon fish. This is premium quality and perfect for any issues concerning digestive health or loose stools. It has probiotics, nothing to worry about, and GI tract issues. The beneficial bacterias of probiotics will regulate your puppy's stomach. This puppy kibble food does not contain grains, wheat, corns, additives; No artificial fillers, flavors, preservatives, and colors. Taste of the Wild dry puppy food is delectable in taste with all natural ingredients. The brand guarantees this is the perfect aid for any stomach issues and also the overall health development of your puppy.

Offer price: $$$

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  • Ingredients
  • Flavor
  • Value for Money


Overall, this is considered an excellent quality for dog owners seeking excellent quality of life for their puppies. I have no negative views on this product. This is highly effective for my puppy’s stool problem. The Taste of the Wild is something you should consider buying because of its reputation of making your puppies and dogs live healthy with no digestive health issue along the way.


No grains containing gluten
All natural


A bit pricey for this kibble food


Hill's Science Dry Kibble Food

This dry dog food is good for both adults and puppies. Puppies who are grueling from diarrhea will need this kibble food. The nutrients and the benefits of Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog are in perfect equilibrium. Meaning, the combined ingredients, and benefits are perfect for your puppy’s tummy issues.

Hill’s Science Diet pet food is a great source of prebiotic fiber for a healthy GI tract and the balanced gut microbiome. In addition, many benefits are jam packed in this great dog food including omega 6 fatty acids, vitamins C and E. All essential nutrients for a healthy dog are in this kibble food.

Moreover, this is a popular choice from veterinarians and even dog owners because of its efficiency in aiding the overall health of the puppies and dog, be it regular bowel movement or other crucial health conditions. It is proudly made in the USA so no external factors coming from abroad. This is to let you assure that all are made with the highest and finest ingredients in the country.

Other high quality ingredients include: brewers rice, chicken, chicken meal, cracked pearled barley soybean oil, are among the other ingredients.

  • Well known brand gaining popular recommendations from vets
  • No bad reviews

Blue Buffalo Dry Kibble Food

Besides being the Amazon’s top choice, this pound for pound kibble food is all you need for your puppy. One of the functions of this dog food is to make your puppy’s stool firmer the way natural stool should be. It is from the carefully selected ingredients and the meticulous pick of nutritional needs for pups who are affected by irregularities in their digestive system.

Primarily consists of real turkey and potatoes along with pumpkin and peas designed for sensitive stomach. Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet does not contain any beef, chicken, corn wheat, and soy which is perfectly safe for puppies. In addition, this kibble food is also packed with great benefits such as ARA and DHA, good for eyesight, and promotes cognitive development.

Overall, another giant brand with reputable reviews from their beloved dog owner customers and even vets approved of this. No question beyond this fantastic kibble food. As the product tagline says “Love them like family. Feed them like family”.

  • Sensitive Digestion
  • Grain-Free, Limited Ingredients
  • No Corn Wheat or Soy
  • None so far

Nutrisca Dry Kibble Food

Made with the finest ingredients which are real salmon and along with chickpeas, peas, fruits, and vegetables. A recommended go-to for your puppy as well. There are no grains included and absolutely no preservatives or artificial flavors. All are made naturally with the utmost care by the manufacturer providing the maximum nutrients and nutritional need the puppy needed for their healthy digestion making their stool firm and preventing stools like loose-mucus stool.

This product is suitable for all life stages. Added with antioxidants and omega 6 fatty acids for healthier skin and coat. High source of protein for excellent well being.

The Nutrisca Grain-Free Salmon & Chickpea is usually for adult dogs but this can be feed also with puppies. Take note that: puppies should only feed no more than 25 percent (see feeding guidelines).

  • Recommended for sensitive stomach and dogs with allergies
  • Maybe not for finicky eater

Royal Canin Dry Kibble Food

Royal Canin Medium Puppy is especially for dogs with loose stools specifically for puppies up to 1 year old. This dog food contains all your puppy needs as he ventures his puppyhood, especially those who are experiencing little complications in their digestive tract. The dog food contains dietary fibers, high proteins, and prebiotics this is the important component to support the gut health and to make your puppy’s stool solid and normal.

This dog food has an added feature which is its packaging. Their packaging has helpful guides, nutritional information, and helpful instructions to ensure you are giving your puppy a nice meal for optimal feeding schedules and maximum care.

I believe this is one of the best puppy foods for loose stools. Hence, I have included this on my list. Royal Canin Medium Puppy has a wide array of options of dog foods. They acknowledge some specific nutrition lacking for puppies which not all brands always do.

  • Specifically design for dogs with loose stool
  • Some puppies may not like the taste

Some Tips for Loose Stools and Digestive Issues

Consult with your vet for allergies.

Diet should be consistent.

Give your puppy plenty of water. ALWAYS.

Choose the quality food for your puppy.

Keep the proportion fit according to the right amount of your puppy needs.

Do not give any kind of human food to your puppy.

Do not change your puppy’s diet too quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Feed a Puppy with Chronic Diarrhea?

A chronic diarrhea might be persisted for several days or months. Try giving him the puppy food I have listed above and observe for any changes for a couple of days. If it did not work, try bringing your puppy to your vet for accurate findings. In addition, Chronic diarrhea starts with bowel irregularity and worsens for a couple of days. This might be an internal problem such as kidney or liver disease.

What are the benefits of these kibble food with soft stools?

There are many benefits of giving your puppy a premium grade and tailor fit products for certain kinds of diet plans. The nutrition and vitamins from the dog food will help the puppy’s stomach to combat any kind of irregularities in their digestive system that gives them soft stools. Though, this may not work magically but these products will definitely help the beneficial bacteria and the overall organs that balance the good and bad bacteria for a healthy digestive system for a better stool for your puppy.

What is the best way to transition my dog’s diet?

Many dog owners do not consider the right amount for their puppies when they transition into a new pet kibble. As a result, this can lead to diarrhea and other GI tract issues which is a nightmare for every dog owner. For a smooth adjustment of your dog’s diet, slowly combine the new dog food with new. The ratios should be:

Days 1-3: 20% of new kibble and 80% old kibble

Days 3-4: 60% of old kibble and 40% old kibble

Days 5-6: 75% of old kibble and 25% new kibble

Days 7: 100% of new kibble

Note: You can adjust this accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Choose only the specific ingredients that are designed for digestive issues and optimal stool quality. These can be hard to find in some of the stores but they are precious to your puppies. Your pooch needs quality food for their excellent health condition. Be sure to give your puppy plenty of water, probiotics supplement; fruits, and vegetables for a treat. Giving your puppies the best quality with specific nutrients and benefits they need is a proper way to treat your puppy like your family.

Remember, if you do not know what you are looking for specifically, you can go back and read this useful article anytime.

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