What is the Best Mosquito Repellent for Dogs? Our Top 8!

Dogs are also living creatures that are not exempted from mosquito bites. With this, pet owners are always finding a way for their furry buddy to get rid of mosquitoes. One best way for them is to find what is the best mosquito repellent for dogs that are generally safe. Actually, there are commercially-made repellents and natural approaches that you may consider.

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In this blog post, we will show the best mosquito repellent for dogs that are widely available in the market today. If you are more on the safer side, we also have here some of the natural methods to protect your dogs from mosquitoes that you can even make your own version at home.

What is the Best Mosquito Repellent for Dogs? Buying Guide

Regardless of what product you buy, formulations and contents are generally unique from each other. Aside from that, there are no two products that will equally suit the needs of your pooch. This applies true when you are asking “what is the best mosquito repellent for dogs”. Even dogs have their own uniqueness and the products that would work for some might not be good for others.

Knowing that it is generally crucial to buy any products that you will want to put on over your doggy. You need to ensure that you are not putting your best bud’s life at greater risk and that you save more of your money, time, and effort. So, to help you to decide what is the best mosquito repellent for dogs, try to consider the following features below:

1-Mode of application

Nowadays, there are various types of protection for mosquitoes available in the market. The types are the ones that highly determine the ease of application of the preventative treatment and the time duration that the treatment would last. Here are the most popular types of repellents according to the mode of application:

  • Sprays
  • Topical applications like ointments and creams
  • Powders
  • Shampoos
  • Wipes
  • Specialized dog collars with insect repellent feature
  • Dog tees or clothes with insect repelling property

Well, with the wide range of application method, going for the most convenient one would definitely be up to you. Generally, the sprays and wipes types are effective over nature-tripping situations. Meanwhile, spot area treatment like the topical application is good for weeks of stay over your dog’s body so the effect would stay longer. Basically, the duration of effect and potency of the mosquito repellent highly depends on its type as well.   

2-Active ingredients

In order to determine what is the best mosquito repellent for dogs, we need to know the active constituent that it has. Basically, the two major classifications of mosquito repellents for dogs include the ones that have natural ingredients and those known as dog-safe insecticides. Generally, here are the active ingredients that are commonly present on the best mosquito repellents for dogs:


This is actually an insecticide that frequently acts to prevent ticks and fleas. Aside from that, it also has the ability to deter mosquitoes.


A natural substance from chrysanthemums that generally kills any in contact mosquitoes.

Essential oils

What is the best mosquito repellent for dogs in terms of the scent is the essential oil. The natural aroma of the oils is very dominating making it effectively repel insects like mosquitoes. Depending on the type, essential oil-based repellent may generally vary. Moreover, a combination of two or more essential oils into one new blend is highly allowable.

One drawback that keeps most dogs and pet owners to turn away from using it as mosquito repellent is its strong fragrance. Since the dog has a very strong sense of smell and tends to be very much sensitive to harsh odors, they may easily get distracted by the scent of the essential oils.

A very important note to remember in using essential oils as the best mosquito repellent for dogs is to avoid clove oils and oils of pennyroyal or wintergreen. These essential oils may generally harm your dog.


DEET is actually a mosquito repellent ingredient that you should keep an eye on. However, DEET should be avoided as part of the contents of mosquito repellent for dogs. Though it is very effective, it is not safe for use in pets such as dogs and cats. The reason behind this is that DEET is highly toxic and can cause neurological and GI issues to canines.

3-Natural or Chemical

Usually, chemical mosquito repellents have very strong ingredients that are really effective. In case, your dog has skin sensitivity, you should not use this kind of mosquito repellent over them. Knowing this, natural mosquito repellents are worth-noting but the problem is that some natural essential oils may also cause some issues to dogs so better be keen on this as well.

4-Long lasting or temporary effect

There are types of mosquito repellents that generally elicit maximum protection from insects for about 4 months. They are generally powerful and highly suitable for pets. Yet, the most important thing to remember when you are asking for “what is the best mosquito repellent for dogs” is the safety of your pets.

So, in terms of the longevity of effect, it is always better to ask for the advice of the veterinarian. Moreover, if you want to be on the safer side, opt for temporary protection using mosquito repellent spray types.


Knowing your dog’s weight is really essential when you want to buy mosquito repellent with chemical components. Keep in mind that dogs and cats may develop sensitivity to some pesticides including permethrin. So, using too much mosquito repellent with this ingredient may be very toxic for pets.

The best solution for this is to consider buying based on the dog’s weight. However, mosquito repellent sprays with essential oils as ingredients do not necessitate the weight of the dog.

What is the Best Mosquito Repellent for Dogs? Our Comprehensive List

OUR TOP PICK: BAYER K9 Advantix II Small Dog Mosquito Repellent

Product Name: BAYER K9 Advantix II Small Dog Mosquito Repellent

Product Description: What is the best mosquito repellent for dogs in terms of insecticidal property? The good answer for this is BAYER K9 Advantix II Small Dog Mosquito Repellent. It is generally an insecticide for canines that works topically. Imidacloprid, Permethrin, and Pyriproxyfen are the active constituents of this mosquito repellent. Mosquitoes and other bugs such as fleas and ticks is the primary target of Imidacloprid and Permethrin. However, Pyriproxyfen basically controls the birth of bugs by directly killing them before biting the dog. Additionally, BAYER K9 Advantix II Small Dog Mosquito Repellent keeps away mosquitoes prior to their landing on the dog.

Availability: InStock

  • Easy to use
  • Comfort
  • Scent
  • Value for money


BAYER K9 Advantix II Small Dog Mosquito Repellent would not disappoint you if you are asking “what is the best mosquito repellent for dogs”. Aside from doing a great job in repelling mosquitoes, it also kills ticks and fleas as well. Using this on your dog does not make them suffer from feeling uncomfortable and unprotected from mosquito and other bug bites. So, this mosquito repellent really deserves two thumbs up.

Product Features

  • Contains no DEET
  • Highly recommended by veterinarians
  • Applicable for all dog size



  • Usage application is very easy
  • Long-lasting


  • Includes insecticides as ingredients


Vet’s Best Plant-Based Dog Mosquito Repellent

what is the best mosquito repellent for dogs

If you are looking at what is the best mosquito repellent for dogs, well, the Vet’s Best Plant-Based Dog Mosquito Repellent is the brand highly recommended by vets. It generally comes from the powerful combination of the oil of lemongrass and geraniol or a by-product of citronella. This best mosquito repellent for dogs is actually safe because there are no DEET content or harmful pesticides.

Moreover, the fragrance incorporated on it naturally comes from a lemon scent. Yet, some pet owners and even dogs think that the natural aroma is somehow dominating. There is also no oil or greasy feel once spray over the dog. Because of this, the Vet’s Best Plant-Based Dog Mosquito Repellent is also non-staining.

Product Features

  • Contains no DEET
  • Made of essential oils of lemongrass and geraniol that are naturally certified
  • Highly applicable for dogs and cats aging 12 weeks and up
  • Reapplication is allowed for every 2 hours if necessary
  • No greasy-feel
  • Safe for both pets and kids
  • The fresh aroma of lemon
  • The scent is a little bit dominating for some pet owners


Since it is made of natural ingredients, the Vet’s Best Plant-Based Dog Mosquito Repellent is safe to use for dogs and kids around. Even if the can is in an upside-down position, spraying it would be very easy. What is the best mosquito repellent for dogs? Vet’s Best Plant-Based Dog Mosquito Repellent is one of them which you can use to your doggo for longer years up to 3 years.

Bug Soother Natural Pet Mosquito Repellent Spray

what is the best mosquito repellent for dogs

One of the best mosquito repellents for dogs is the Bug Soother Natural Pet Mosquito Repellent Spray as it contains all-natural ingredients. Its primary content is lemongrass oil and the spray is generally proven effective over mosquitoes, gnats, and sand fleas. But, since it only contains lemongrass oil alone, it may be comparable with other pet mosquito repellents.

Product Features

  • Contains no DEET
  • Only has natural ingredients
  • No oil stain remains
  • Safe for both pets and kids
  • No irritating odors
  • Not as effective as other mosquito repellents

Summary What is the best mosquito repellent for dogs in terms of natural content? It is no other than Bug Soother Natural Pet Mosquito Repellent Spray. No harmful chemicals and DEET included in it. Since it is safe to be used for both dogs and children, it can be sprayed both inside and outside the house.

Nature’s Answer Catnip Insect Repellent

Catnip oil generally acts as a stress reliever and calming support for anxiety. That’s why it is really surprising that this herb is also effective in repelling insects including mosquitoes. It is extremely 100% natural making it not to promote DEET-related side effects.

Actually, Nature’s Answer Catnip Insect Repellent comes in the form of oil. So, it basically means that using this needs you to combine 45 drops of this oil with 8-ounces of water. Eventually, shake the mixture very well and spray it over the fur of your doggo. Moreover, rub it using your hands so that it can penetrate deep down the skin of the dog.

Product Features

  • Safe for pets
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Fresh mint aroma
  • Contains no DEET
  • All-natural
  • Not applicable for storing under direct sunlight

Advecta Ultra Dogs Mosquito Repellent

What is the best mosquito repellent for dogs in terms of standing out from the crowd? It is none other than Advecta Ultra Dogs Mosquito Repellent. Generally, it is an effective solution that hinders every life stages of the insects. Aside from that, it is very effective in protecting the dog against mosquitoes.

This is not a usual repellent spray for mosquitoes since it comes in the form of an ointment. Applying it is as easy as one whole tube can be applied on the neck of the dog for a span of 12 hours. The surprising thing about this mosquito repellent for dogs is that the protection lasts for up to 4 months. This basically means that the dog will also be protected against mosquitoes while being wet.

Product Features

  • Waterproof
  • Fragrance-free
  • Also kills fleas and lice
  • Safe for dogs
  • Dogs with sensitive skin may experience a burning sensation

TevraPet Mosquito Repellent

what is the best mosquito repellent for dogs

Another best mosquito repellent for dogs that is truly effective due to the inclusion of Imidacloprid, Permethrin, and Pyriproxyfen. These three powerful ingredients are recommended by the vets as it generally works to repel mosquitoes and other pests like ticks and fleas. The application is also easy and convenient.

Moreover, TevraPet Mosquito Repellent is available in a pack that is good for 4 months supply. So, why TevraPet Mosquito Repellent is the answer to “what is the best mosquito repellent for dogs”? Well, it is completely waterproof that does not generally require reapplication even after your pooch had been wet.

Product Features

  • Ease of application
  • Highly available for various dog sizes
  • Waterproof
  • Also good during cold weather
  • Budget-friendly
  • Can also give some burning sensation on the skin of the dog

Farnam Flys-Off Pet Mosquito Repellent

Another insect repellent spray that could generally “what is the best mosquito repellent for dogs” is the Farnam Flys-Off Pet Mosquito Repellent. Basically, it protects the dogs and cats from insects including mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, lice, and flies. It usually comes in the form of a pump spray and also acts as a repellent for surfaces such as beddings. Aside from that, Farnam Flys-Off Pet Mosquito Repellent spray can also be used when you and your furry buddy have long walks or trip on a camp.

Product Features

  • Easy and convenient to use over the dogs
  • Repels mosquitoes
  • Kills other dog pests like lice, ticks, and fleas
  • Safe and effective for pets
  • Expensive

Flea Away Dog Mosquito Repellent

What is the best mosquito repellent for dogs based on the difference of application? Well, the answer is the Flea Away Dog Mosquito Repellent. You might be wondering how it differs in application since we already have the spray and the ointment form of insect repellents here in our previous reviews. However, this time around, the Flea Away Dog Mosquito Repellent is highly available in the form of chewable tablets for dogs.

It is actually a dietary supplement for canines that is primarily formulated to repel insects such as mosquitoes. The ingredient contains a vitamin complex that is all-natural and complies with the FDA standards. Since it is internally taken by the dogs to repel mosquitoes, it is totally harmless for them and guarantees that no insecticides are included.

As an added bonus, this dog mosquito repellent dietary supplement contains additional benefits. Giving this to your doggo will let them have healthy skin and joints and lustrous coats that are not prone to shredding. So, if you want to have a high level of health protection for your pooch, then Flea Away Dog Mosquito Repellent is the answer. Aside from being the best mosquito repellents for dogs, your furry bud can also experience added benefits.

Product Features

  • Made with the combination of natural vitamins
  • FDA standard compliant
  • No pesticides or any harmful chemicals
  • Promotes additional health benefits
  • Reduces shredding
  • Highly effective
  • Tablet is too big

What is the Best Repellent for Dogs? DIY Treatment

Aside from the different products available in the market that have the ability to repel and kill mosquitoes, natural DIY approaches are also present. However, they usually do not have a long-lasting effect making them not recommendable by many. Yet, looking on the safe side, this kind of treatment is highly applicable for dogs. You may generally consider applying it every 2 hours to keep your furry buddy protected from mosquito bites.

Check the following natural DIY methods that you may try if you are still asking “what is the best mosquito repellent for dogs”.

*Homemade Insect Spray

Basically, if you are looking at what is the best mosquito repellent for dogs according to natural treatment, you may opt to prepare your own version of homemade insect spray. Below is the recipe that you can try:

  • Spray bottle (glass) – 1 piece
  • Lemon eucalyptus essential oil – 15 drops
  • Witch hazel or almond oil – 2 ounces
Additional ingredients (optional):
  • Real vanilla extract – 1 teaspoon
  • Peppermint essential oil – 6 drops
  • Lavender or Cedarwood essential oil – 3 drops
  1. Initially, combine all of the ingredients inside the glass spray bottle.
  2. Shake the glass spray bottle very well.
  3. Moreover, shake it every time you spray it on your dog. Be careful not to spray it in the eyes.

*Cedar Oil

Keeping insects like mosquitoes is the function of cedar oil. With this, it becomes one of the non-toxic options as a mosquito repellent for dogs. Aside from mosquitoes, it also has the ability to deter ticks and fleas. Historically, cedar oil is an important component in embalming during the time of ancient Egyptians to protect their dead bodies from bugs.

Actually, the aroma of cedar oil is nice smelling for dogs and humans. Yet, insects including mosquitoes don’t like it. Moreover, mosquitoes get killed once in contact with the cedar oil. Here is the mechanism of action of cedar oil when it comes to killing mosquitoes:

  • Take off the water from the mosquito’s body
  • Balance the body fluids of the insect
  • Hinder with the insect’s respiratory system
  • Block the pheromone receptors

Luckily, there are numbers of cedar oil that are commercially available and they are proven safe and effective for use by dogs. The recommended formulation of this oil for dog’s application is about 10% to 20%. Generally, spray it over your dog before going out.

*Celery Seed Extract

In Thailand, topical applications of mosquito repellents including celery extracts were being studied. These repellents generally cover numbers of mosquito species compared to DEET having a 25% concentration. Aside from that, the celery seed extract contained inside the mosquito repellent doesn’t irritate the dog’s skin or even cause some burning sensation.

So, what is the best mosquito repellent for dogs in terms of natural treatment? Well, better opt for topical mosquito repellent containing celery seed extract. You will keep your dog highly protected from mosquitoes while being safe on their health.

*Cinnamon Oil

According to a study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry dated 2004, cinnamon oil has the ability to kill the larva of mosquitoes. Because of this, the study also concluded that cinnamon oil can also be used as an effective mosquito repellent. But, the effectiveness is still in question since the oil has not been analyzed on adult mosquitoes.

Despite this fact, many natural health care practitioners used cinnamon oil to deter mosquitoes. Since this is also classified as an essential oil, diluting it in water is a must. Basically, put one drop of the oil in 1 ml of carrier oil. Afterwards, spray the mixture on the dog.

*Citronella Oil

Another oil in the list of the best mosquito repellent for dogs based on a natural approach is the citronella oil. This is actually a very popular mosquito repellent in natural form. In fact, most lotions, sprays, and candles contain citronella oil.

*Fennel Oil

One research study in Seoul Korea found out that mosquito repellent spray having 5% concentration of fennel oil offer more than 80% effect after 90 minutes of using it over the dog. Moreover, cream form of mosquito repellent that contains 8% fennel oil take 70% effect later after 90 minutes.


Compared to the other natural mosquito repellent that usually comes in oil form, this one tends to be given and fed to the dog. Once the dog eats garlic, he then cannot attract any insects including mosquitoes. You do not actually need to worry about giving garlic to your pooch as it is very safe for dog’s consumption, especially in moderate amount.

So, if garlic is the answer on “what is the best mosquito repellent for dogs”, how should it be applied to your pooch?

It is better if you use a whole clove of garlic that is fresh and organic. The recommended dosage of garlic that you can give to your pooch is about 1/4 clove of garlic to dogs weighing ten pounds. Make sure that the garlic is in regular size. Meanwhile, you may consider cutting the 1/4 clove of garlic in half and give the 1/8 portion to the dog if their weight is less than ten pounds.

Right prior to feeding garlic, take off the skin and chop it for 15 minutes time. Afterwards, incorporate it into your dog’s food. Moreover, it is generally recommended to begin feeding garlic to dogs a month before mosquito season takes place.

*Neem Oil

Still, looking at what is the best mosquito repellent for dogs based on the natural approach? If yes, neem oil would be one on the list. This effective and safe dog mosquito repellent contains insecticidal substances known as the azadirachtins. Aside from that, other features of neem oil are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral effects. One study of the National Research Council of Canada shows that neem oil is highly effective for around 200 plus species of insects such as the following:

  • Biting flies
  • Mosquitoes
  • Sand fleas
  • Ticks

In order to take effect, place one drop of this oil in different parts of the dog’s body which include the top of the head, shoulder blades, and base of the tails. Moreover, you can also put neem oil on the dog’s back and flanks and behind the dog’s ears. During mosquito season, you can put neem oil to your pooch every day.

*Thyme Oil

Thyme oil is another essential oil on the list of the natural approach to deter mosquitoes and insects. But, how they become an answer to “what is the best mosquito repellent for dogs”? Actually, it has carvacrol and alpha-terpinene which elicit strong repellency compared to DEET.

Moreover, the 2% concentration of alpha terpinene on mosquito repellent spray is an effective natural repellent. But be very cautious as thyme oil is not recommended in making homemade thyme oil repellent. Keep in mind that this oil is very irritating and has a very strong odor at more than 25% which is said to be the effective concentration.  

Frequently Asked Questions


A: Generally, once your dog had been bitten by mosquitoes, the itch that it creates makes them really annoyed. Dog’s fur may be thick that usually acts to protect their body, but pests and insects can still penetrate within the fur to bite them. The end results would be very harmful to the dog and mosquito bites can lead to irritation of the dog’s skin, allergic reactions, and disease transmission.


A: Actually, another natural mosquito repellent for dogs is vinegar. In case you want to consider the natural treatment for dogs to get rid of mosquitoes and you are having a hard time finding the above-mentioned natural repellent, you can use vinegar. Just simply combine it with an equal amount of vinegar and water inside a spray bottle. Afterwards, spray the mixture over the different body parts of the dog such as the tail, coat, neck, and torso.


A: Basically, the answer to this is a big NO. Always keep in mind not to use insect repellent that is intended for a human to your furry buddy. The major components of OFF are DEET and Picaridin. These two chemical substances may lead to irritation, vomiting, and seizures in canines. Knowing this, you also need to avoid your dog from licking you if you apply OFF to your skin.

Final Thoughts

Many pet owners are asking what is the best mosquito repellent for dogs. There is actually a wide range of commercial and natural methods of mosquito repellents that you can apply to your dog. Moreover, when it comes to buying this kind of dog product, there are some factors that you must have to consider. These factors include the mode of application, active ingredients, duration of effects, weight of the dog, and other features that may come with it.

What do you think of the dog’s mosquito repellent we reviewed here? Well, regardless of the type of mosquito repellent you opt to use, keep in mind that the safety of your pooch is always the most important aspect to take into account. Do you prefer the commercially-made repellent or the natural approach of deterring insects? Please share your thoughts with us!

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