What Is The Best Probiotic For Dogs? And More!

Your dog deserves a healthy digestive system also. They needed the right amount of probiotics to maintain a healthy digestive system that absorbs nutrients and distributes them all over their body. That is why your dog needs to give them probiotics. In case you are wondering about what is the BEST probiotic for dogs out in the market, I have reviewed some products for you to save time. So that after reading this, you already know what to buy and not to buy and also be aware of how to properly maintain their healthy digestive.

It is not only the external appearance that we should take care i.e., proper grooming, smell, body build, flea and tick free, but also their internal condition as well. Most notably their digestive system.

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What Is A Probiotic?

Just like in the human digestive system, A probiotic is a beneficial bacteria living inside your dog’s tummy. Literally, probiotics mean “life promoting”, they are there to balance the dog’s body as well as to balance the bad bacteria to keep things in order. A probiotics aids digestion helps boost the immune system, and extracts the vitamins and minerals from your dog’s food, and distribute them all over the body accordingly. They are also responsible for other health concerns like strengthening bones, reinforcing the immune system, and making teeth stronger.

When your dog has an unstable digestive system, you will notice they are experiencing some tummy issues such as belching, grumbling stomach even after mealtime, diarrhea, to name a few. These are signs that your dog might have an unhealthy digestive system. This is the reason why your dog will need the help of probiotics supplement to balance their bowel irregularity

No only Probiotic but also Prebiotic

Probiotics may not be enough to secure your dog’s healthy digestive system. And this is where prebiotics comes into play. A prebiotic is a form of fiber coming from food support the healthy growth of intestinal bacteria and they help also help balance the harmful bacteria just like probiotics’ purpose. When prebiotics are fermented in the large intestine, this will become a source of food of probiotics and this is where probiotics will take action and make the dog’s stomach are in good shape.

…And below are the benefits of prebiotic

We can say that prebiotics is tougher than probiotics the fact that they can reach the large intestine without any harm. From there, they will start to work their fermenting power for smooth digestion.

Boost the body to absorb more nutrients – From being fermented, prebiotics spreads to the stomach of your pets and aid the digestive system. Prebiotics break down each food and the more they are able to break down the food the more nutrients the dog is getting.

It Restores Intestinal Orders – Prebiotics are also responsible for restoring intestinal orders and your dog’s overall gut health. They help normalize the stomach issues and they correct all digestive issues for nutrients to be absorbed at maximum potential.

Compelling Reasons to Give Your Dog Probiotics

There are many reasons why you should give your dog probiotics and all of them are with good intentions. It is not enough to give him excellent kibble food, it is best to give him probiotics also. These are some of the reasons to help you convince that probiotics are perfectly safe and recommended for all dogs out there.

A Tendency to Strengthen Bones

There is an ongoing study about the correlation between prebiotics and bone density. A study revealed that prebiotics may help absorb calcium from a given diet and supplements. The study suggests that the more it absorb calcium, the more possibility of bone and density to increase.

Affects Dog’s Behavior

An unhealthy digestive system can also target emotional health. Your dog might not feel well and you are starting to notice that there is a behavioral change that can be alarming to them. These behavioral changes include obsessive compulsive actions like excessive licking. This is mainly due to gastrointestinal issues. With the support of probiotics, they might improve your dog’s behavior because of a well-functioning digestive system.

It Eases Your Dog’s Chronic Gastrointestinal Distress

Give your dog a premium quality probiotic with added nutrients and with prebiotics who suffer from chronic tummy issues. Giving this on a regular basis will help soothe the pain and will fight off the dab bacteria that causes your dog to have Chronic Gastrointestinal Distress.

You Senior Dog Will Thank You

Senior dogs are more prone to disease and chronic illnesses. Older dogs have weakened immune systems and one of them is their digestive system. So, with the help of giving your old dog probiotics, their digestive system will be strengthened and it can also become a key factor for your dog’s prolonged lifespan.

It Decreases the Side Effects of Anti Biotics

As much as antibiotics fight infections and bad bacteria, they can also kill good bacteria in their digestive system. When your dog takes antibiotics, there is a tendency that they will end up having diarrhea, stomach upset, bloating.

To help decrease the side effects of antibiotics, have your dog take quality probiotics ahead of your dog’s scheduled antibiotic for a week. Much better if it is symbiotic (combination prebiotics and probiotics) This is to strengthen the good bacteria in your pooch’s digestive system.

Helps Dogs with Constipation

There will always be a moment where your dog will be experiencing constipation. Dogs with constipation can become lethargic and may vomit at times. Dogs who are experiencing this must be given plenty of water, body conditioning (exercise), more importantly, give them probiotics. This will probably alleviate the dog’s constipation.

For Healthy Teeth

It is a proven fact that probiotics can even make dog’s teeth healthier. They slow the bacteria buildup of bad bacteria growing the dog’s teeth. If bad bacteria successfully build up, dogs might end up having a common periodontal disease like halitosis (unusual bad breath). Probiotics and even prebiotics are also good for dental care to dogs.

To know more about healthier teeth and maintenance check this.

What to Choose When Buying the Best Probiotic for Dogs

When choosing the best product, you must be careful and knowledgeable to distinguish between substandard quality versus standards with the highest quality. There are thousands of probiotics products out there but only a handful of them has possessed the excellent caliber for maximum support of the dog’s digestive tract.

A few of those handful excellent products have made it to my list in which I have reviewed just to save your precious time. But first, I am going to breakdown some of the qualities of choosing the best probiotics for dogs.

Look for various bacterial strains listed in the ingredient

Usually, premium quality products have a lot to offer in their products, especially probiotics. Probiotics products for dogs must contain several beneficial bacteria. Each bacteria have a different function. The more it contains bacteria on the ingredient, the better for the dog’s overall health.

Determine the number of colony forming units (CFU) contains in the product

For the probiotic to become highly effective, there must be a sufficient number of colony forming units (CFU) contains in the probiotic supplement. The dog’s acidity level is high. Much better if there are at least 3 billion CFU. Some products offer less than this but do yourself a favor for your dog. Choose the recommended amount of CFUs so your dog’s health is in good shape.

Consider the format

Probiotics have various options to choose from, they are powdered and soft chews. Soft chews are great for dog treats because it is palatable and they think that it is normal food. While it seems palatable for them, once the package is open, there is a tendency where the probiotic’s potency may lose. Compared to powder that it is ideal because some of the products come with odorless and tastelessness.

Choose a product that has also prebiotics

It is because they are a great tandem for warding off bad bacteria and normalizing the digestive issue of the dog. Without prebiotics, the effectivity rate may not be as high when prebiotics is included. Prebiotics act as a booster for probiotics and for a better digestive system also. So, with the inclusion of prebiotic, guaranteed that the product is great for your dog.

When there is digestive enzyme in the label

The best way to ensure the probiotic product is one of the best is that there must include a digestive enzyme. This agent is also beneficial for the dog’s digestive system. They are the ones who do the balance for a better gastrointestinal tract. This is an actually ideal ingredient for dogs. Most often dog food lacks digestive enzymes. So, be sure that the digestive enzyme is also included for the dog to properly digest and absorb all the nutrients it needs.

Natural probiotic for my dog

If you are out on the budget, you can try some natural probiotic for your dog. It may not be highly effective than the probiotic food supplements above, but they can naturally work for your dog. There are plenty of them and you might even own some of them. Honey, leeks, banana, Jerusalem artichokes, and kefir. These can be your go to natural probiotic for your canine. For more suggestions, you are always welcome to discuss this matter to your veterinarian for a better nutritional diet plan for a better gut health of your adorable furry friend.

OUR TOP PICK: Purina FortiFlora Dog Probiotic

Product Name: Purina FortiFlora Dog Probiotic

Product Description: Toping on my list, this is my favorite probiotic for dogs. Generally, this is a suitable companion if your dog is following a pro plan brand. Purina FortiFlora Dog Probiotic actually is one of the most recognizable probiotics for dogs in the market. They are very accessible at every pet store I came across and also this brand is recommended by veterinarians across the United States because of how effective they are and really nutritious for the dogs. This is a chewable tablet. There is also a powder format for this one. Both of them work perfectly great. I have used this chewable tablet because my dog thinks of it as kibble food. Sometimes I mixed the tablet in their food. For the powder form, it is good if your pet food is a wet food kind as it can easily be mixed in their meals. I like this product because it is easy for dogs to chew and they can get used to it so easily.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Effectiveness
  • Flavor
  • Value for Money


Overall, my dog loves it and I have not experienced any side effects during the initial stage of giving this to him. It is actually flavorful as I can see with my dog’s reaction while chomping this.

Until now, my dog is at low risk of digestive conditions. They are perfectly well and healthy. Really thanks to this all-time favorite brand and supplement for my dog.


Reputable Brand

Highly Effective


No Bad Reviews


VetriScience Dog Probiotic

Coming up with my number 2 runner-up selection, VetriScience Laboratories Vetri Mega Probiotic. This is the perfect alternative for my dog if ever there is are no stock available. The price is not bad and it is also for multi-pet use. Even my cats take one of these and they are also in perfect condition as well as my dog’s. Guaranteed that your dog will be going to like this. Another factor is, you can include this in your dog’s diet meal plan. It will enable him to digest the food well and absorb all the nutrients in the kibble food in order to maximize the overall well being of your dog.

The label promised that the sources came from 5 different non-dairy sources. In short, dogs who experience allergic reactions to dairy foods can opt to take this instead. This is carefully researched before it reaches the market. I am very well aware that this is actually great for my dogs and this product can normalize any digestive issue my dog is experiencing.

Overall, not bad at all. I use this as an alternative to my top choice because they are extremely useful to me and my dog’s healthy digestive system as well. Be sure to check this one out and see it for yourself.

  • Good for dogs who have an allergic reaction to dairy products
  • Effective Product
  • None so far

Doggie Dailies Dog Probiotic

Does your dog love peanut butter? Then this is perfect for your dog. Doggie Dailies probiotic has a flavor of peanut butter. This is easy to administer and really delicious for your dog. This can be a perfect supplement treat for your pooch. The flavor is good and the contents are excellent for them. This contains glucosamine which is good for maintaining good joints and chondroitin for healthier tissues surrounding the joints.

Dog Dailies offers probiotics and prebiotics which is a good combination for a better and stronger digestive system. Not only it is beneficial for their stomach, but it also has healthy bacteria that can fight bad bacterias and prevents GI (gastrointestinal issues). I also love the fact that this also promotes the overall health of the dog such as healthy skin and coat and even great energy booster. Moreover, this probiotic supplement suits any ages, sizes, the gender of dogs.

All in all, I have no trouble using this one either. They are great plus it is peanut butter flavored and when I tested it on my dogs, they surely munch this and eat it as if it is a pet kibble. Just be sure to give this to digs according to the preferred serving guide.

  • Peanut butter flavor Good for dog’s joint
  • May suffer from diarrhea or vomiting for the first days of intake

Pet Ultimates Dog Probiotic

This probiotic has a lot more to offer than the products above. This supplement provides 22 species of good bacteria able enough to maintain a healthy digestive system. Not only that, it is good for absorbing the nutrients and even vitamins and minerals for more healthy living.

Pet Ultimates is a powdered supplement and dogs will not find out this if you put it into picky eater dogs. This is actually also a popular brand in America because of its trusted brand and quality product suited for dog’s overall health and prevents GI issues as well.

The product is great and so far there are no side effects to my dog. Check the serving suggestion for every dog. Much better if you consult it first with your veterinarian for more insight and knowledge regarding this product in order to maximize the usage.

  • Very effective
  • No soy, wheat, and sugar
  • Great customer service
  • None so far

Pet Ultimates Dog Probiotic

I have bought this product twice. Lo and behold, I am actually quite impressed by the result. Zesty Paws Probiotic is one of the ultimate probiotic products in the market.

This is also in soft chews tablet form so you can simply put this on your dog food and voila! The beneficial bacteria will help regulate your dog’s digestive system. This has six strain blended in the probiotic adding more sufficient good bacteria for better stomach

Zesty Paws Probiotic are proudly made in America ensuring the ingredients are fresh and natural. The label says they exclude grain, soy, and corn. There are also no artificial flavors and no fillers. Their customer support after sales is also great. Plus, they guarantee that their products are genuine and highly effective for dogs with the digestive system and help normalize it.

Overall, this product works extremely well. This also great for combating skin allergies and helps dog coats to grow healthy. My dog’s metabolism has become stable. Now he eats more than in previous days. The dog’s stool became normal also. From semi-loose with mucus, now it is normal solid all the time. Pet Ultimate helped my dog at certain times. That is why this product made it to my list.

  • Well received reviews
  • No soy, grain, soy, and corn
  • None so far

NUSENTIA Dog Probiotic

NUSENTIA Probiotic Miracle Dog. This is actually my second best pick for my dog probiotic supplements. However, all of the products are here are simply great and effective. But this fellow here is one of the highest, premium quality probiotic supplements.

This excellent product will help remove your dog’s bad breath, restores healthy skin, and yeasty eyes. The product is tried and tested and it also has well-received reviews from thousands of reviewers on Amazon.

The NUSENTIA Probiotic Miracle guarantees that there is no rice, non-GMO and that all of the ingredients included are natural. This is perfect for dogs who have sensitive stomach and allergies that wants some probiotics for a better health condition and digestive health system with no tummy issues.

  • Good for dogs and cats
  • Odorless and Tasteless
  • Pets might get lumpy

Nom Nom Dog Probiotic

Nom Nom is quite popular in dog food delivery food service. They assured that their products are safe and they offer two kinds of blends that have been specifically designed for GI issues. Their formula was carefully examined and studies by a team of microbiologists and vet nutritionists. You can never go wrong with this product. The fact that this product is analyzed carefully and has a specific design for GI issues for both cats and dogs.

Although they are a bit pricey, what this offers is accurate research to attain the optimum needs of the dog’s digestive system. But they are worth buying that is why I included this in the list because it is a premium quality, carefully made by a team of experts and this has contained a strong nutritional formula that dogs will find simply irresistible.

  • No dairy, rice, soy, wheat, and any fillers and additives Carefully tested for better results
  • Pricey but it is worth every dime you have No money back guarantee

Pet Vitality Dog Probiotic

Pet Vitality PRO probiotics. Another fantastic product I swear. Many vets prescribed this when dogs suffer from vomiting, constipation, bad breath, and diarrhea. My other friends who have dog owners have been recommended by their vet to try this. And it is actually working for them.

I have also tried one of these just to find. Only to find out it is actually a good supplement for my dogs. The probiotic has a high potency blend. It also contains digestive enzymes for healthy digestive as well as this product has 4 billion CFUs ensuring the gut health of the dogs is well taken care of by good bacteria.

The product is available in jars of 60 and 150 flavored (duck flavor) soft chews. Dogs will absolutely love this and munch it in an instant.

Overall, this is a well-made product suited for dogs who are in need of probiotics in aiding their digestive system smoothly and balance the bacteria inside the GI tract. This is a highly effective product and most of the dog owners I know and also myself are a testament to this. The dog poop becomes solid and natural, the gas and bloating issues are reduced impressively.

  • Tackle digestive issues
  • Tasty enough to be fed as treats
  • No Bad Reviews

Dr. Mercola Complete Dog Probiotic

Mercola Complete is a wonderful product and it is worth a try. Each scoop of this probiotic contains about 58 billion good bacteria that help your dog’s digestive system to run smoothly preventing any issues to come. This is good in keeping your dog’s poop healthy – without any strains or mucus and with regular bowel movements.

This is actually important for dogs with skin allergies and sensitivity issues. Mercola Complete probiotics responded to those conditions as well. The fact that it has 14 strains of beneficial bacteria added, will help fight GI issues from the dog’s stomach and overall wellbeing. Overall, this product is a must-have. Dogs who took this have become healthier as they tend to eat more and their furry has been replenished. Ideally, this is good for older dogs as they are more prone to digestive issues because of the weakening of the immune system.

  • Each scoop contains 58 billion beneficial bacteria
  • For cats and dogs
  • Pricey but very effective
  • Can cause stomach upset to other dogs (temporary)

Vetrinex Labs Dog Probiotic

Last but definitely not least, Vetrinex Labs Probiotics. Although this is the least popular brand, do not be alarmed by its popularity. This a premium-grade probiotic for cats and dogs. It has 3 billion CFU enough to maintain your pooch’s digestive system. This also fights infections, allergies, gas, stomach upset, and even bad breath.

Vetrinex Labs make sure that your pet’s digestive system and overall health can be improved in just two weeks. As a result, your dog can exhibit more energy, more appetite, a shinier coat, healthy skin, among others that can be improved. It is tasteless and odorless; dogs will not detect any hint of smell or taste. This brand has a well-received from amazon reviewers, meaning they attained the level of high trust and quality from the customers who bought this. Most of the reviewers have testified by the effectiveness and benefits. Their dogs have no longer ill digestive health but reinforced gut health and healthy digestive health. Pros Mood enhancer Fixes bad breath

  • Good for oral care also
  • No bad reviews so far

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I give probiotics for humans for my dogs?

Although there is no specific research or known studies regarding whether giving probiotics meant for humans is beneficial or not, it is a safe bet that you can. However, the efficacy rates of probiotics for humans and dogs are different.

However, it is recommended that you should administer probiotics that are suitable for dogs because they are designed for the dog’s digestive system and while probiotics for a human might become ineffective to your dog because there are some physiological differences to consider and dog’s acidity in the stomach is higher than humans. In short, yes but it is much more suitable if your give probiotics meant for dogs.

What are the side effects of probiotics for dogs?

As much as probiotics are helping the digestive system when regularly maintained, for starters, dogs might experience occasional side effects. These side effects include bloating, gas, diarrhea, and constipation. However, these are temporary because the dog is adjusting to food that is new to them especially if you change their diet plan with a probiotic supplement. The dog’s change in appetite is only a temporal issue before it improves for the long term depending on the usage of probiotic supplements.

Can My Puppy Take Probiotics?

Absolutely. It is much better if your puppy takes probiotics as early a possible. This will help your pup to develop their digestive system as they grow. It is better to keep them with enough probiotics during puppy days so their stomach will be flooded by good bacteria and they can build up there so by the time your puppy is matured, he is more immune and has a stronger digestive system. With regular intake of probiotics, your puppy has a low risk of gastrointestinal issues.

How Can I Include Them in my Dog’s Diet?

You must know the right supplement for your dog first and slowly introduce the supplement to your dog’s diet. If your dog loves to eat some of these, you can incorporate the probiotics supplement in the following food:

  • Oatmeal
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Sliced Apples
  • Flaxseed meal

Final Thoughts

It is amazing how extremely helpful probiotics to dogs. Both holistic and traditional vets agreed to its useful function in the dog’s digestive system in the last decade. Back then, there was no knowledge about what it can do to dogs. But with years of studies and research, luckily enough, it is very helpful to a dog’s digestive system and it extended its benefits also to others else such as promoting good skin condition. With the proper nutritious diet plan and probiotics for dogs, you cannot simply ask for more. Even dogs will thank you that they are having the greatest care of their life.

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