Yorkie Potty Training Problems

Adorable and lively, Yorkshire Terriers are such loyal and invaluable companions. These features including their size can make you forget they are still terriers, very stubborn. So house training might be a daunting task. With a relatively small bladder, accidents can easily occur.  

Do not be alarmed if it is becoming increasingly difficult for you to take your  Yorkie in potty training. A your dog keeps going back to pee inside your home.

This habit is quite common with Yorkies than you can imagine. However, with your dedication and effort, it’s not going to be something you can’t handle.

The important thing for you to do as a dog owner is to identify why the potty training is difficult for your Yorkie. Then you and look for the proper fix.

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  • Loveable and energetic
  • Very easy to train
  • Less expensive for purchase
  • Require much attention during infancy
  • May damage household items

What To Note In Yorkie Potty Training

  • Yorkshire Terriers are known to be difficult to potty train.
  • They possess small bladders and they require more often housebreak than larger dog breeds. 
  • Accidents come easy to these smaller sized dogs because they cannot hold for long.
  • Yorkies prefer that you carry them outside than for them to go out on their own.
  •  Your Yorkshire Terrier may not alert you when he needs to eliminate. 
  • You have to be alert and be able to read the signs. This so that you can carry your dog outside when he is still a puppy.
  • If you don’t correct accidents, your Yorkie may see it as acceptable.  

When Should You Start Yorkie Potty Training?

The most appropriate thing to do is to begin potty training your Yorkshire Terrier immediately bring them home. Assuming you brought the dog from a pet store, prepare yourself to train him. Don’t let your Yorkie potty training problems surprise you. Reasons include, health, separation anxiety or where you bought your Yorkie from.

Even though it may be more difficult to potty train Yorkies, they will get it right with time and effort. Such dogs that you buy rom pet stores mostly live inside cages. They use to the habit of eliminating inside their cages they can’t go outside on their own.  You should potty train your Yorkshire Terrier early so that you can stop this habit faster. However, getting a puppy from trusted breeders reduces your task.

A good breeder would sell their puppies when they are over 7 to 8 weeks old. This means your dog has a complete potty training.

How To Potty Train Your Yorkshire Terrier

Start with a dog crate, you can make sure that your Yorkshire Terrier easily gets used to the housetraining faster. Crate training will engage the psychological restraints of your dog to the environment that they live in. This will also prevent your puppy from walking around the house. Therefore, can’t find a place within whereby they can pee and poop indoors.

Ensure that you monitor your Yorkie so that it will be eliminated inside the crate. Also, you should get a crate that does not leave much extra space for your dog when they are inside. Too much space may cause them to pee and poop inside their crate.

How To Deal With Yorkie Potty Training Problems 

1. You must understand potty training regressions

Imagine that your Yorkie is a little child. Even though you may have adequately potty trained them, your Yorkie will have an occasional accident indoors. This is not abnormal especially if you have cut down on the number of times they go for potty breaks. 

Also, young Yorkie puppies tend to take a longer time in remembering their potty spot. While stress, anxiety, fear, and some medical conditions may as well lead to a regression in potty training. 

2 Don’t Rule Out The Possibility Of Medical Issues

Yorkie owners may think that their Yorkie has a behavior problem because they still eliminate in the house. But this is not true because it may be a serious reason that is a matter of urgency. 

Puppies are less likely to have severe health problems, wrongful urination in Yorkies should be a concern. So, contact your veterinarian to confirm the possibility of an ailment. 

3. Watch  Out For Stress And Anxiety

If your Yorkie is not sick, then potty training problems could be a result of stress and anxiety. 

In situations where your dog is scared, nervous, or anxious, it may be difficult for them to hold their bladder. They may not give you a sign that the situation is urgent.  

Fireworks, explosions, lightning, and thunder, including other loud sounds, can scare a petite dog like a Yorkie. It drives them nuts that they may hide in a corner and empty their bladder there.  

Separation anxiety due to the close companionship that Yorkies share with their owners may cause them distress when you are nowhere to be found.  

Eliminating the cause of their fear and conquering separation anxiety should help you change this bad habit.

4. Reevaluate Your Yorkie’s Daily Routine

If you’re experiencing difficulties with your Yorkie potty training, and you are wondering how to solve these problems. ou can start by reevaluating your dog’s daily activities.

Perhaps you ignoring it for some weeks or you made recent adjustments to it.  

Note that frequent visits to their potty spot are a must for your Yorkie, no matter their age. Don’t expect your Yorkie to hold their bladder for long hours without messing up your carpet.

Maintain the basics of potty training

  • Give your dog food and water at the same time. So that it is easy for you to predict the time your Yorkie will have to go for a potty break.  
  • Make sure that you don’t serve your dog any food or water, within two hours of bedtime.  
  • Watch out for any signs that indicate your Yorkie needs their bathroom break. If you ignore these signs, you may have only yourself to blame.
  • Use crates or playpens to assist you in how to teach your Yorkie on how to hold their bladder.
  • Set realistic expectations for your dog. Yorkie puppies especially, have small bladders and often need to go to the bathroom.

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